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There are two different types of Hosting options available: Linux Hosting and Windows hosting. In simple words Linux hosting refers to shared web hosting, one of the most popular and widely used hosting option available. In reality numerous of websites are these days hosted Linux based server due to its affordable pricing and security features. One of the biggest advantage of Linux website hosting is its compatibility with PHP and MySQL and it supports popular scripts like WordPress, Zen Cart, PHPBB. Whereas Windows web hosting make use of Microsoft Windows related technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, MSSQL Databases.

Here in this article we are going to take a look at the differences between, Linux Hosting VS Windows hosting and the factors such as security, pricing ad stability. Here we have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of these two hosting operating systems as well as which one you should opt for? Once you go through this detailed comparison of Linux and Windows Hosting, you will be having clear idea of which one you should choose for your website and which is the best hosting company to host your website.


If you ask any server expert to tell the biggest difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting, the first and foremost thing they will tell is stability. Linux server based hosting is more secure and stable then Windows based hosting.

Linux servers are hardly ever require to restarted because most of the server configuration or updation changes completed without reboot, Whereas Windows servers can get more unstable and unreliable when loaded with multiple databases, file servers etc. Albeit you begin including separate applications and bunches of planned tasks, the issues have a tendency to deteriorate. While a lot of work has gone into easing these kind of issues, it is as yet an issue with which server executives wrestle. On the off chance that you expected your solution will be called upon to have close to 100% uptime, running with a Linux server will probably be your most ideal option.

It ought to be said that the learning curve of administering a Linux based server is undoubtedly elevated. If one have little time and skills, this will not be a big issue. For those not having it skills might find administering this kind of server difficult task. Most of the task related to Windows can be found user friendly by beginners because most of the common problems can be solved online. If you are looking for simple to use solution, Windows is the ideal option for you to choose.

Conclusively, one of the biggest question you should ask yourself is What kind of software and applications I am going to run? If you are planning to use Microsoft Exchange server or Microsoft Sharepoint site then Windows server is the ideal option for you. Are you planning to planning to use a CMS platform like Joomla, WordPress or Magento via cPanel then you need to go with Linux based hosting platform. Below we are going to share some factors about the basic differences between Windows hosting and Linux hosting.


One of the major difference between Windows Hosting and Linux hosting is the support for operating system that runs of the web server. The users of Windows based hosting moving to Linux can find it more complicated using command line. The commands and syntax available in Linux servers are not as easy as Windows based server. At the same time Linux user can select from numerous GUI’s (graphical user interfaces), I would highly recommend going for a Windows Servers rather than if you wish to get across with the OS virtually rather than utilizing a tool as an illustration cPanel (Control panel) to perform most of the tasks such as Install software, Update applications, create databases, administer email accounts on server.

As described before the stability and security of Linux server is much better than Windows server If you are planning to run complex and mission critical application then Linux server is highly recommended to you.

Another OS based factor need to consider is compatibility with hardware and software. Windows Server, being a licensed based and regularly updated OS (operating system) makes it ideal for way to go for users running a complex IT infrastructure with variety of applications and databases running on Windows servers specially. Hiring system admin knowledgeable about OS configuration means less training for you and at the same time excellent in-house support, an element should not be taken lightly


Undoubtedly the most common reason someone need a server is to have a personal website, Business website, eCommerce website, online store or just a portfolio. Shared server hosting mainly on Linux server is usually an ideal solution for this type of users. These days all shared Linux web hosting services come furnished with amazing tools such as easy to use cPanel tool, that enable users an easy and effortless interface to install CMS platform, blogging platforms and create databases as well as create and configure email accounts and if permitted by hosting companies it will automatically administrator required packages such MySQL, PHP, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Apache. All the mentioned features are particularly helpful for novices.

Whereas Windows Server are mostly used by large enterprises and corporates websites. You will definitely need Windows server if you are planning to use Microsoft based applications. Linux server is best option for professional web developers and coders who have knowledge to configure Apache or NGINX web servers as well as the web developers who utilize Perl/PHP/Python to expand with a MYSQL based database. All these tools are well-popular among developers and used with Linux from a long time comes with amazing support system.

Most of the heritage applications and scripts make use of VBScript and if you are going to work in a corporate or enterprise environment, this option is made for you. Web pages developed using Microsoft ASP.NET, Access or MSSQL based technologies must need Windows servers. Having consultation with your web developer is highly recommended before selecting a web hosting service.


Being a user of cPanel based hosting we highly recommend using cPanel when administering multiple website domain names on single hosting account cPanel control panel. By using cPanel based hosting one can easily allocate required resources based on the need of website. MySQL database has gained huge popularity as standard tool for web developers globally, but if you belong to corporate background the most suitable option for you to use is MSSQL.

The real factor is that the numerous of best web hosting companies worldwide are making use of Linux server because it enable then to help you in managing multiple domains via cPanel control panel. Most of the great web based applications such as content management tools are effortlessly deployed via a pre-engineered MySQL server making use of cPanel tool. Most of the web developers prefer going with cPanel because it comes with many easy to use tools.


A best web hosting company you select for your website must be able to secure your website from all the threats, malware and viruses. Recent study shows that Windows servers are more unprotected that Linux servers.

Reliability as discussed in above paragraph, is one of the biggest strength of Linux server hosting. There are linux based web server available there that have not been restarted in years, whereas it is hard to find Windows based server with same situation.

One more security related component bear in mind is on the database, application and software package measure. Being a owner of website you are somewhat accountable for your website security and protection because the convenient point to criticize for any kind of system can be get noticed in the person who manage and utilize it. Having a tough passwords for administering access and deploying all the required patches is essential to protect a website, although as said before, being an owner of this website and running it for few years I am a huge fan of cpanel’s expertise to keep any kind of web applications as well software packages updated with latest version without having any communication from the user.

Another important factor is technical support and it will totally depend on the web hosting company you choose to host your website. If you are going to host your corporate website on a server, it is recommended to discuss about SLAs with your IT staff. Once you know your needs related to SLA, you should discuss those needs with technical support representative of hosting company you are going to choose and make sure they are going to provide you with the level of support you wish.


Pricing is another factor need to determine while comparing these two options available for hosting a website. Linux is a clear winner from the cost prospective. Numerous Linux servers running on precisely the same on which they were arranged more that 10 years prior. The very slight speed of reform in the framework and cost-effective nature of the OS (operating system) indicate that you don’t really need to regularly upgrade any unwanted features.

Did I say Linux is free to use? Although there are numerous of paid distros, for example Red Hat an open source solutions, a large number free and fully working distros are too available. You can easily hire someone to manage your Linux based server by paying little bit of money anyhow Windows servers are not that much cheap to manage and cost for having licenses and performing hardware upgradation cab cost more as compare to Linux servers. Many top web hosting companies in India offers low-cost hosting options for the beginner with all the necessary features you need to create your website.


Linux is many times considered as one of the best operating system as a web hosting server. Due to it’s amazing features such as reliability, stability, efficiency and quality Linux established itself as a best operating system. If you are planning to use PHP, Perl, PYTHON and MySQL, Linux is the ideal option for you because it supports all the CMS platforms, blogs, community forums and online stores.


By opting for Windows server you will have be having access to execute interpretation frameworks such as .NET or Sharepoint framework. If you are planning to use Windows or Microsoft based application to your website Windows hosting is the best choice for you to use. Few of the popular applications of Microsoft corp are ASP (Active Server Pages), NET framework, VB and MS SQL databases, MS Access.

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