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CLICK – World’s SAFEST FASTEST Pro Camera Holster Holder Clip: 1-Hand 1-Second Release, Safe Top Load Camera Holstering, Mounts on Strap/Belt & Works in Tandem w/ Neck Strap


CLICK, World’s SAFEST FASTEST Pro Camera Holster Holder Clip




About this project

Click with 21 Compelling Functions

World’s Fastest & Safest Holster with 1 second release and complete security from accidental camera falls

A seamless execution of form and function with 21 astonishing features and mounting options.

Click is not just another Holster, it is extremely fast, safe and versatile. From its single-hand 1-second camera release, multi-angle funnel to fast and secure 3-Point Mount on belts and shoulder straps, Click’s modular design is highly adaptable for cameras, GoPros and iPhones. Tested for up to 200 lbs, Click also works in conjunction with neck/shoulder straps giving your complete security and peace of mind in protecting your valuable investment.


How does Click stack up against the competition? We took Click and the two top selling camera holsters for an extensive test drive. To see the comparison chart, please click on the link below.

Click Comparison Chart

For independent testing and review by one of industry’s most recognized camera reviewers Michael Andrew go to

First 100 Early Backers will get a free Lite Quick Release Plate for their 2nd camera


is the number one reason why photographers have not switched completely from neck/shoulder straps to holsters. A holsters takes away the weight off your shoulder but why aren’t photographers using them? Well, we all have heard horror stories about camera/lens accidentally dropped out of a holster and we don’t want that to ever happen to our valuable investment. Finally, the Click is the answer to not only unload the weight off you shoulder but also gives your camera total protection. Click was designed with safety in mind from the getgo, so it works seamlessly in conjunction with your neck strap. It is completely safe and your camera gets double protection being both strapped and locked in a holster.


Keeping it compact with just a Click on a belt or customizing a sophisticated Click setup with a complete line of Click Accessories, you can easily transition from casual shots to covering professional events. There is an endless selection of mounts and upgrades that targets specific functions or promotes comfort so you can stay focused.

Modular Design with Detachable Cushion Pad Mountable to your personal belt
  • Click Camera Holster, the perfect fit for small and large cameras
  • Click for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus
  • Adapts easily to GoPro with a Mount for GoPro
  • Tooless Mounting for a wide range of belt/strap width/thickness
  • Arca Swiss Compatible for easy transition to tripods
  • Use the Click Holster with your shoulder strap
  • Integrated Elastic/Travel/Pro Belts targeting different payloads
  • Expanded Funnel for no-look 3D holstering of bigger camera/lens
  • Mount Camera Cushion Pad for comfort and protection
  • Integrated Fail-Safe Strap to prevent disaster
  • Multi-Camera Setup for professional shoots


Click’s quick and easy Toolless 3-Point Mounting offers substantial advantages in both functionality and adaptability. When mounted sideways on a belt, the typical 2-point mounted holster or clip is forced into an undesirable side-loading orientation so gravity is working against alignment and safety. In contrast, a 3-Point Mount design enables the Click to retain the preferred top-loading orientation whether it’s attached to a horizontal element (i.e. waist belt or Pro Belt) or a vertical element (i.e. handbag or backpack).


While a security latch may prevent a camera from been accidentally bounced or pushed out of a holster, it also hinders and delays access on conventional camera holsters because you need to first look down to locate and release that security latch with both hands.

With Click, your natural hand position on the camera automatically guides your pinkie finger to the release trigger enabling your right hand without assistance of your left hand to deactivate that security and draw the camera with one smooth contiguous motion.For single-hand 1-second GoPro/iPhone release, Click frees your left hand to operate independently such as operating a flash or holding a ski pole so you will never miss the moment.

Single Hand Release Trigger


Click’s Built-in Funnel (All Click Packages) easily guides your camera into the holster.

Build-In Funnel for Easy Holstering


You can choose to further expand funneling by attaching the optional Expanded Funnel (Included with PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES) which facilitates faster guided no-look 3D holstering of cameras, especially in low light indoor shoots.


Click can work without a belt. The middle clamp locks into to the seam of your pants and prevents it from dislodging. It’s secure and designed for both men and women.

Click Works Without a Belt


Click’s guided tracks represents a crucial improvement over conventional steel pin holsters. Once funneled and secured into Click’s holstered position, a camera, even with long lenses, won’t swing and bounce as you walk. And for an extra level of safety and security when the camera is not active, you can twist Clicks built-in clamp to virtually lock and bind the camera to the holster.


Once adapted to your camera, the Clicks Arca Swiss-compatible Quick Release Plate (Optional Dual Arca Swiss/RC2 Compatible Quick Release Plate for Manfrotto is also available for purchase) enables you to effortlessly transition between the Click Holster and a tripod without any adapter or plate change. Other compatibleholsters sacrifice Arca Swisss build-in security catch that prevents your camera from accidentally dislodging from the tripod.

Click comes with Security Catch for tripod.

Each Click holster that we ship is paired with a Pro Quick Release Plate. For additional Quick Release Plates please see Click Accessories below.


Icam Design offers unprecedented versatility in instant tripod mounting. There are 3 types of mounting plates that works with the Click holster.

  • Pro Quick Release Plate is Arca Swiss compatible and it’s tapered edge provides easy NO-LOOK funneling for both large and small cameras. (Included with SPORT/DELUXE/PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES)
  • Lite Quick Release Plate is light and unobstrusive, a perfect fit for your second smaller DSLR camera. (Free to first 100 backers)
  • Dual Quick Release Plate for photographer who uses both the Manfrotto RC2 and the Arca Swiss quick release system. (Can be purchased separately as an option)
Convert any Quick Release Plate to Arca Swiss for Click


With its smart invertible feature, Click can easily double as a Lens Changing Station. Simply holster the camera face up and it’s locked in for lens changing.


Click’s open architecture allows you to simultaneously use your holster and your neck/shoulder strap. While Click Holster steadies and transfers the entire payload to your waist, yourneck/shoulder strap retains all its original functions and serves as a fail-safe. To accommodate your shoulder strap’s larger hooks to Click’s Quick Release Plate, you will need the Shoulder Strap Anchor and Tension Balancer (Included with ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES).

Works in Conjunction with Shoulder Strap


While a locking mechanism may prevent a camera from being accidentally knocked out of the holster, it’s also inherently obstructive. In order to streamline camera access without sacrificing security, Click designers developed an exclusive Single-Hand Release mechanism to unlock and draw your camera in one motion.


In lieu of using your neck/shoulder strap, you can instead choose to hook Click’s Fail-Safe Adjustable Strap between the Click Holster and its Quick Release Plate (mounted under your camera). If the camera is knocked out of your hand, the strap will catch the camera before it hits the ground.

Fail-Safe Strap


Help us spread the word about Click. There are 4 different ways to get a Free Fail-Safe Strap ($12 value) with your SPORT/DELUXE/PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES/CLICK FOR GOPRO

1. Share Click in your Facebook or Instagram and email us a link, print screen or photo of the computer screen of you sharing and LIKE our Turbo Ace Facebook page: within 12 hours after you have pledged.

2. Email us a photo of other brand camera holster you own, within 12 hours after you have pledged.

3. Sign up a friend to pledge one of the Click Packages and both you and your friend will get a free Fail-Safe strap. Email us you and your friends name after he/she has pledged.

4. Help us reach a total of 5,000 Click packages.

We will very much appreciate your participation in helping us promote Click. Please feel free to use any of the photos on this page and share them with the photography communities.


If you ever need to operate in the rain, underwater or simply in high humidity, we have included this waterproof, submersible and rust-resistant upgrade for all Kickstarter Click Packages.We went through the entire parts list of the Click to make sure it is rust proof. The main body is made of aluminum but due to strength requirement some parts have to be made of stainless steel and they are much more costly to produce than carbon steel used on many conventional holsters.



When you absolutely need to answer your call in ONE SECOND

Click’s Single-Hand Release also works independently with iPhone. It is the world’s quickest and surest way to never miss an important call again. Whether on a morning run or working on a construction project, your phone is safe, secure and instantly accessible. No more bouncy overstretched pockets, fumbling through purses or loosing your phone from unreliable clips and magnets. Look for the following Click packages for iPhones which include the Click Holster and a Phone Case with Quick Release Plate:

iPhone Case with Click Quick Release
  • Click for iPhone 6/6s Package
  • Click for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Package


Looking for the perfect way to carry your GoPro? You can easily adapt Click for your GoPro with Mount for GoPro which fits with Click’s Quick Release Plate.


To prevent bigger, heavier cameras from bumping against you, a Camera Cushioned Pad can be fitted between your belt and the holster.


The Mount Extender enables you to mount the Click Holster on thicker belts plus the additional thickness of a Camera Cushion Pad.


Although Click’s 3-Point mount is compatible with most waist belts, you can choose between a couple of 1 inch belt options for personalized applications. While our Elastic Belt is for lighter slim fitting Click setups suited to iPhone or pocket camera, the agile but more robust Travel Belt (Included with PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES) will easily support an average DSLR camera. However, for specialized professional applications we highly recommend you check out the Pro Belt.

Adjustable Travel Belt
Adjustable Elastic Belt


Help us spread the word about how to answer your important call in one second with the Click. There are 3 different ways to get an Elastic Belt with your

iPHONE 6/6s and 6/6s PLUS PACKAGES.

1. Share Click in your Facebook or Instagram and email us a link, print screen or photo of the computer screen of you sharing and LIKE our Turbo Ace Facebook page: within 12 hours after you have pledged.

2. Email us a photo of other brand camera holster you own, within 12 hours after you have pledged.

3. Help us reach a total of 5,000 Click packages. We will very much appreciate your participation in helping us promote Click. Please feel free to use any of the photos on this page and share them with the photography communities.


Professionally integrated with multiple elements, the Pro Belt is structured to comfortably support heavier combination of camera gear for longer duration. While typical one-size-fits-all designs don’t quite fit “all”, Pro Belt’s Dual-Adjustment truly provides the perfect cushion and fit for waists ranging from 24 to 46, a compelling advantage over common waist belts in both function and comfort. (Included with ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES)

Pro Belt
  • Dual Adjustments fit comfortably from 24-46
  • Secured Buckle Mechanism to prevent accidental releases
  • 2 Belt with 3 Padding to comfortably support heavier payloads
  • Multi-Holster Options to support multiple cameras/iPhone
  • Compatible with Cushioned Camera Pad


Need to use two cameras, three cameras (one on shoulder strap and two on the Pro Belt) or perhaps add an iPhone to the mix? You can easily mount multiple Click Holsters onto your waist belt and/or neck/shoulder strap. As you transition to heavier professional cameras/lenses, the best multi-holster/camera setup starts with our highly recommended Pro Belt for extra comfort and support.

There are two types of Camera Cushion Pads: a standard Camera Cushion Pad (Included with DELUXE/PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES) for the primary holster and a different Camera Cushion Pad with Velcro & Belt Clip (Included with ULTIMATE PACKAGES) to mount additional holsters on the Pro Belt.


  • Dimensions: 3.8″ width x 2.8″ height x 0.7″ thick (97mm x 71mm x 18mm)
  • Weight: 0.36 lb (163g)
  • Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Anodized Black
  • Thumb Wheel Diameter: 18mm
  • Quick Release Plat: Compatible with Arca Swiss (38mm plate width) standard on many tripods.
  • Mounting Belt Width: 42.4mm (1.67″) Maximum
  • Mounting Belt Width using Pad with Velcro Straps & Belt Clasp: 53.3mm (2.1″) Maximum
  • Mounting Belt and Pad Thickness: 4mm Belt + 5mm Pad, Total 9mm
  • Mounting Belt and Pad Thickness using Mount Extender: 2.5mm Minimum to 6.5mm Belt + 5mm Pad, Total 11.5mm
  • Mounting Vertical Strap Thickness: 10mm Maximum
  • Vertical Payload: 200 lbs
  • Funnel Shift Tolerance: 16mm (8mm on each side)
  • Funnel Angle Tolerance with Build-in Funnel: 5-45
  • Funnel Angle Tolerance with Expanded No-Look Funnel: 22-75


Optional Click accessories below can only be purchased after this campaign ends. Go to the link below to order your accessories. To combine your Kickstarter package with these accessories so they can be shipped together without additional shipping cost, please enter your Kickstarter Backer Number in the Company Name Field when you enter your shipping address.

  • Camera Cushion Pad fits on Travel Belt ($19)
  • Camera Cushion Pad with Velcro & Belt Clip for 2nd camera, fits on Pro Belt ($29)
  • Pro Quick Release Plate (Arca Swiss Compatible) ($19)
  • Lite Quick Release Plate (Arca Swiss Compatiblel) ($15)
  • Dual Quick Release Plate (RC2 and Arca Swiss Compatible) ($29)
  • Fail-Safe Strap ($12)
  • Expanded No-Look Funnel ($19)
  • Elastic Belt ($19)
  • Travel Belt ($19)
  • Pro Belt ($29)
  • Mount Extender for Thicker Belt/Pad ($12)
  • Anchor & Tension Balancer to work with Shoulder Strap. Your shoulder/neck strap must be able to extend below your waist in order to work in conjunction with the Click ($19)
  • Mount for GoPro ($9)
  • Case with Quick Release Plate for iPhone 6/6s ($28)
  • Case with Quick Release Plate for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus ($29)
  • Waterproof Upgrade ($20 Value free with SPORT/DELUXE/PREMIUM/ELITE/ULTIMATE PACKAGES ONLY)
  • Dual Manfrotto RC2 and Arca Swiss Compatible Click Quick Release Plate ($29)
Click KS Package Chart


For packages shipped to California Addresses, please add 8% sales tax to your totalpledge before shipping charges. Otherwise your California orders will not be shipped.


  • April – Jun 2015: Click Holster Concept & Research
  • Jun – Aug 2015: Initial Click Holster Design & 3D Modeling
  • Aug – Sep 2015: Holster Prototype #1 & Evaluation of Single-Hand Release mechanism
  • Sep 2015: Holster Prototype #2 & Evaluation of mounting mechanism options and refinements
  • Oct 2015: Extension Funnel Prototype #1 with optimization of shift and angle tolerance
  • Nov 2015: Holster Prototype #3 to refine; Extension Funnel Prototype #2 & #3
  • Dec 2016: Holster Prototype #4; Click Field Testing
  • Jan 2016: Holster Prototype #5 with 3rd Party Testing & Evaluation; Pro Belt Concept & Design & Integration; More 3rd Party Testing & Evaluation, More Field Testing
  • Feb 2016: Holster Prototype #6 with integration of shoulder strap & R-strap; Pro Belt Prototype #1 & #2; Filming for Kickstarter starts; More 3rd Party Testing & Evaluation; More Field Testing
  • Mar 2016: Holster Prototype #7 & #8; Pro Belt Prototype #3; Start of Procurement, Launch Click Kickstarter Campaign; More Field Testing
  • April 2016: Completion of procurement and set up assembly line
  • May 2016: Click production begins; Click Kickstarter Campaign ends
  • June – Aug 2016: Click production
  • Sep 2016: Shipment of Click Packages to backers (Premium/Elite/Ultimate Packages)
  • Oct 2016: Shipment of Click Packages to backers (Sport/Deluxe/Click for iPhone Packages)

Risks and challenges

Developing the worlds best camera holster system requires a unique set of industry-specific knowledge, experience and manufacturing resources. There is no other entity more qualified that iCam Design, a division of Turbo Ace, a leading U.S. drone and camera gear developer since 2008.

In developing Click, our vision is to innovate and craft a highly adaptable system worthy of the finest cameras. To meet this unprecedented challenge, iCam Design assembled a collective effort to push performance, increase functionality, refine aesthetics, implement adaptability and improve user experience. Its truly an evolution based on an exhaustive cycle of innovation, prototyping, field testing and evaluation.

As we near the final phase of this journey and continue to receive feedback from professional camera equipment reviewers, there is an increasing sense of urgency and excitement. To ensure on-time delivery, iCam Design must now simultaneously start procurement and setup assembly. With your support, we will bring the Click Camera Holster to full production. Having successfully completed and fulfilled 3 previous Kickstarter campaigns, we have every confidence that Click will exceed your highest expectations.

SAFETY is the primary reason why most photographers have yet to switch away from dangling heavy cameras on neck/shoulder straps. While camera holsters are made to transfer payloads to your body and neutralize swings and bounces, we have heard so many horror stories about dropped cameras and lenses. Hence from the get-go, our mission is to create not just a holster of convenience but a comprehensive fail-safe system that is crucial in securing your valuable investment.
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CLICK – World’s SAFEST FASTEST Pro Camera Holster Holder Clip: 1-Hand 1-Second Release, Safe Top Load Camera Holstering, Mounts on Strap/Belt & Works in Tandem w/ Neck Strap


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