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5 Best VPN Software for Year 2016 Facilitating Ease of Use

VPN Software and Ease of Use

I think you’ll agree when I say: ‘It’s really hard to find the best VPN software from all the options you have available at your disposal.’

Or is it?

According to a research by a private marketing agency, on average a general internet user makes up his mind about buying the best VPN software in less than 10 seconds. While the results may surprise you, we think it is justified why users do so. Imagine going out on shopping to buy some new clothes. What will be your first priority? You would want to buy the most attractive clothes, right?

The thinking pattern of online customers is no different, when it comes to buying services and products. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to focus on finding the right VPN provider that meets all your privacy and security needs. With our guidelines and the factors you should look for in the best Vpn Software, you can easily find the most suitable VPN of your choice.

We are going to discuss some of the features in detail so as to explain the values of real best VPN Software. Make sure to go through each and every heading in detail to learn more about how the VPN services work.

Top 5 VPN Providers

A VPN fulfills diverse needs and requirements. It provides you the best online security and eliminates all vulnerabilities with respect to data theft. In addition, a VPN allows you to breakthrough all geo-restrictions and promotes your online freedom. A VPN can also solve your latency related issues and helps you get connected to distant servers without any hassle.

Since all aforementioned benefits of a VPN can be easily availed by using VPN service, we present you the service providers with the best software. In the table given below, there are 5 VPN service providers that are ranked as per the customized options and features integrated in their VPN software along with the ease of use.

Not every VPN user is a tech-savvy; hence, this ranking will help you decide and choose a service provider as per your convenience.

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PureVPN is on the top of the list when it comes to best VPN software. PureVPN is not only ease to use but it is also enriched with diverse features and functions. With one-click features made available to you, using a sophisticated tool like a VPN is nothing but a piece of cake.

With PureVPN’s software, you can select your desired protocol and server location at the time of connecting a VPN. Not only this, PureVPN’s software has a unique feature. It allows you to select a region with respect to your purpose of using a VPN.

Whether you are currently using a VPN for streaming or unblocking websites and social media or you require improved security or better speed; PureVPN’s software would prescribe location as per your preferences.

Unlike many other VPN service providers, PureVPN gives you one-click split tunneling feature in its software. You can access settings and configuration from software enabling you to change security and encryption preferences, traffic options and so on.

You get all the billing and package information without even logging in to their website. All this information is made available to you via PureVPN’s software. Nevertheless, one of the most significant features of them all is being able to contact customer and tech support. Yes! You can contact PureVPN’s support team 24/7 by using their software.

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IPVanish’s VPN software is simple and easy to use. Not many features though; yet, it can easily fulfill all your privacy and security requirements. In addition, it gives you access to IPVanish’s geographically dispersed server network, allowing you to evade all possible geo-restrictions.

If you wish to connect IPVanish via its VPN software, all you need to do it enter your username and password. You can save it if you don’t wish to type it every time you wish to connect IPVanish. After that, you need to select a server you want to connect. IPVanish’s software gives you complete information about the server network along with the response time.

Once you’re through with that, all you need to do is select a tunneling protocol as per your preferences. Now, simply click connect and you’re good to go.

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Just like IPVanish, Express VPN’s software is pretty simple and basic. Express VPN’s software is easy to use and you will love it if you’re a first time VPN user. It only requires basic information from you and enables you to embrace the true meaning of online freedom and security.

All you need to do is enter your username and password. Tunneling protocols are selected as per your preference as well. Afterwards, the only thing you need to do is click connect. You can connect to any Express VPN server with just one click, thanks to Express VPN’s convenient software.

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Number second on the list is HideMyAss. HideMyAss also provides you user friendly VPN software with a lot of options and features. HideMyAss enables you to establish one-click VPN connection.

Not only this, HideMyAss has integrated a detailed geographic map on its VPN software. This map facilitates users to detect locations where HideMyAss servers are installed. You can select and connect any server from different options provided in country selection section with an ease.

HideMyAss allows you configure IP address settings as per your preferences. In addition, HideMyAss enables you to confine specific applications to work only when a VPN is connected. Yes! Through HideMyAss’s secure IP bind feature you can restrict applications to work only if you have connected a VPN on your device.

This feature ensures maximized security and protection from all unwanted threats. With HideMyAss speed guide you get clear idea of VPN’s speed and performance which facilitates your decision to choose a particular server. Along with that, HideMyAss provides billing information and proxy settings section with its VPN software.

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Besides the services that it provides, Ironsocket is also known for its user-friendly VPN software. It provides various tabs to its users, all of which seem relatively easy to use. It provides you with the option of Login details as any other VPN software. You can enter your username and password and select your package, tunnel and server to establish a connection.

If you are a veteran VPN user, you can check the Settings and Ironsocket tab as well to see the Advanced form of Ivacy settings. If you wish to not to enter your login details again and again, you can check the Remember Me option as well.

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Top Features in the Best VPN Client

The increasing restrictions and online surveillance on internet have compelled many of the internet users to opt for services that could provide them online security and access to the blocked websites. However, it is a known fact that not everyone is a tech-geek and there exist people who are not familiar with the technicalities of the VPN software.

Therefore, many of the VPN providers have not only worked on their services, but they have also worked on their VPN clients to make it as user-friendly as they can. There are several features that you will find in the best VPN client, most of the times.

Note: All the features mentioned below may not be present in all the VPN providers in our list. The list may vary in accordance with the features.

(1) Internet Kill Switch

As weird as it may sound, but the best VPN software often features the “Internet Kill Switch” option. If your VPN gets disconnected unexpectedly, you can always rely on IKS that will halt your internet traffic to pass through without a secured tunnel of a VPN.

Once your VPN is ready to work, it automatically un-pauses all the data and re-routes your traffic through one of its secured protocols. This option works best if you are surfing or downloading anything on your device and your VPN stops working. If you are concerned more about your online safety, we recommend you to look for “Internet Kill Switch” in the VPN clients.

(2) Server Selection

You would have read about many VPN providers providing you with 100+ servers all across the world. But have you ever noticed that not all of them provide you with the option to choose your desired server. Ever wondered why? Well, because their claim is rhetorical!

The best software will always provide you with the server selection option to let you choose the server of your own choice. Although it may seem ridiculously comical to you, many of the VPN providers shy away when it comes to providing the tool of server selection. So the next time you encounter a VPN client that provides server selection tool, know this for a fact that their server count is real.

(3) Auto-login Feature

There are thousands of VPN providers out there that provide you with an alpha-numeric usernames that are, frankly speaking, hard to memorize. With the auto-login feature, you can always skip the hard part, i.e. to recall your username and password. The best VPN clients offer the auto-login feature to all their users in order to save their time and save them from the login credentials issues.

(4) DNS Leak Protection Feature

Some VPN providers give you extra protection and provide you with DNS Leak Protection tab in their VPN clients as well. You can always use it to protect the DNS requests from being routed to your ISPs that might expose your anonymity.

(5) Protocols Selection

People fancy the VPN clients that are not only easy-to-use but also provide them with various options to choose from. Ideally, the best VPN clients give you the right to choose your own desired server and protocol. Almost all the VPN providers in our list do the same; they provide you with various options so you can tunnel your traffic through PPTP, L2TP, SSTP or OpenVPN.

(6) Log Policy

It is very important to go through the privacy policy of a VPN provider. It might sound like a tedious task but if you are concerned about your privacy then this section can shed important light on the VPN software you are about to use.

The best VPN software should guarantee ultimate privacy and anonymity to its subscribers by offering ‘zero log policy’. Under such policy, the VPN service should not record the usage activities of its users, share personal information of subscribers to third parties, or sell users data to advertising agencies.

(7) Mobile & Desktop Apps

The ease-of-use of any VPN service will eventually make it a standout provider in the industry. And this ease-of-use can be judged by the range of apps offered by VPN service. The best VPN software will be those that have a neat design, user friendly interface, and don’t use massive resources from your device. Some VPN services offer exclusive apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices while others offer manual configurations. Select the service that is compatible on your preferred devices.

(8) Performance (Speeds)

Performance plays a key role in determining the greatest VPN software and it should be amongst the top KPI’s on your list. Therefore, it is important to test a VPN before making the final purchase decision, usually through free trial or during the money back guarantee period. The best VPNs will not compromise your internet speeds and will offer fast performance without any interruptions.

(9) Dedicated IP

Many experts suggest the use of shared IP addresses as it keeps you anonymous over the internet. However, dedicated IP has its own perks and offers benefits that cannot be availed through shared IP. Using a dedicated IP, you can have an IP that is exclusively yours and only you control it.

This is really useful in accessing different streaming services that block VPN users (such as Netflix or Hulu). Similarly, if you enjoy online gaming then having a dedicated IP allows you to route your gaming data packets through uncongested pathways. Hence, you should look for dedicated IP option in the best VPN software.

(10) Pricing

To many users, pricing is the most important indicator in selecting a VPN client. Some VPN services offer monthly, semiannual and annual pricing plans while others set their packages on the features or protocols they offer. When you are choosing a VPN software, the price should match the quality of service and performance offered.

Alternatives to Use a VPN Software

There are different ways through which a user can attain maximized security and online liberty facilitated by a VPN. You can get secure with a VPN by connecting it through customized software provided by your VPN service provider. This is the most convenient way to use a VPN.

Manual configuration is another alternative to consider though. No matter the tunneling protocols; PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP or OpenVPN, you can configure them all if your service provider and operating system support the tunneling protocols prescribed. However, a user would rarely prefer this alternative due to many reasons.

One of the most important reasons is amending and entering information about the servers you wish to connect. When configured manually, you have to enter server information at the time of VPN connection setup. Every time you wish to switch a server, you would be required to change that information or create an entirely new connection.

Same goes for the tunneling protocols. If you have setup a manual VPN connection using PPTP protocol, you won’t be able to avail the benefits of using L2TP/IPSec unless you have setup a completely new connection.

Sadly, not all VPN service providers offer VPN software. Some users are left with no option but to use an open source platform. Therefore, using a VPN via software is the most convenient option for users.

Wrapping Up

We have ranked the frequently preferred VPN service providers as per the features, functions and ease of use associated with their best VPN software. This would help users especially the new ones, who aren’t tech-savvy, to go for a VPN service provider as per their preference, convenience and ease of use.

We have also tried to give an in-depth analysis of how the VPN clients work by explaining their several features in detail to help the users with setting up their VPN clients. As of now, the ones we have mentioned in our list take the lead when it comes to providing their users with top performing VPN clients.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the post and will look forward to hearing from you about how this post helped you with your purchasing decision and setting up different features of the VPN service on your device.

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5 Best VPN Software for Year 2016 Facilitating Ease of Use


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