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Private Internet Access Review 2016 – Why should I use PIA VPN?

Every now and then we pick a VPN service provider. We analyze every feature associated with the service and test its promises via rigid scrutiny measures. We do this to facilitate the purchase decision of new users seeking a VPN.

Furthermore, through our reviews, we also provide alternatives to the users dissatisfied from their current VPN service provider. Today, we have selected Private Internet Access for review. We will analyze and test every promise made by Private Internet Access VPN against its performance.

The findings of our Pia Vpn review would be impartial and based only on the findings extracted.

 Private Internet Access Plans and Pricing

There are three basic package plans offered by PIA VPN service: monthly package plan, 6 month package plan and yearly package plan. An interesting thing that we acknowledged in package plans was the uniformity of features associated with each plan.

PIA with its no log policy represents feature-rich package plans offering unlimited bandwidth, multiple gateways, Wi-Fi encryption and P2P along with VoIP support.

The service supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols; furthermore, you can connect 5 devices simultaneously via PIA VPN. In addition, SOCKS5 proxy indeed is a cherry on the top.

After studying the pricing plans of the service for our Pia Vpn Review and concluded that you can subscribe to monthly package for just $6.95. Amazed already? But wait, there’s more. PIA offers 6 months package plan for just $5.99/month; in addition, if you decide to commit for an elongated period, you get the best value package as yearly package costs as low as $3.33/month.

pia review



There are many reasons that justify the need of a VPN. Number of servers offered by a VPN service provider serves as the key enforcer while making a purchase decision. VPN servers along with the geographic location of their presence allow users to access broad range of geo-restricted content. PIA VPN gives you access to more than 3,018 servers geographically scattered in different regions.

privateinternetaccess server location

Currently PIA has its servers located in more than 15 countries: U.S, Canada, U.K, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany, Romania, Isreal, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Hong Kong.

When you connect to a particular server, you will be assigned an IP of that respective region. Hence, you can access any geo-restricted content produced for the native eyes only.

pia server location according to different counteries
Private Internet Access Review

Update (July 14th 2016): PIA Decides To Close Services in Russia

A new data retention law has just been passed in Russia which mandates telecom companies and web-based services operating in Russia to store metadata, communications, and internet traffic history of their users.

In light of such events, Russian law enforcement authorities have seized PIA servers located in Russia without any notice. The VPN service announced that it has discontinued all its Russian Gateways and  will no longer be operating in Russia. It has ensured all its users that no information was compromised since the VPN service does not keep any logs.

For preventive measures, PIA has rotated all its certificates and has advised its users to update their VPN clients and apps from respective app stores. If anyone is using OpenVPN then they should download the new configuration files. PIA remains firm that it will not compromise on its subscribers privacy and will be evaluating policies of other countries as well.

Protocols and Encryption

Despite of all the value added features and benefits you can enjoy by connecting a VPN, encryption is one of the core ingredients that satisfy the most basic and important needs – privacy and security.

A VPN ensures your confidentiality through its diverse tunneling protocols. Furthermore, through its encryption protocols, a VPN encrypts your data which minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access and data abuse.

We studied the security features of the service for our PIA VPN review and concluded that the provider offers three tunneling protocols: PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is usually preferred by VPN users who want to access geo-restricted content.

In addition, it satisfies the needs associated with anonymity as your real IP is masked the moment you connect a VPN. PPTP has minimal affect on your Internet speed; but, it in return offers shallow security.

Those who are concerned about their security prefer L2TP instead. L2TP is a sophisticated protocol that offers absolute anonymity and competent security. OpenVPN is on the other hand is not always a preferable protocol to adopt. All three different protocols liberalize users’ freedom of choice along with diversity.

 Private Internet Access Compatibility

Device compatibility is another key aspect of a VPN service we would like to explore in this PIA VPN review.

Imagine a VPN service with feature-rich package plans offered in exchange of cheap price or a VPN service with 2000+ servers in 50 regions. But, you can connect this VPN on your PC only. All the features and tempting offers would go straight into the trash.

We live a busy lifestyle in a technologically advanced era. Life today is literally on the go. Device compatibility therefore is one of the most essential constituents you may consider before purchasing a VPN.

PIA VPN in this regard serves as a good alternative that you can consider. The service is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

Let’s talk about the security of your Smartphone now. Private Internet Access VPN is also compatible with Android which is one of the most readily adopted Smartphone platforms along with iOS. In addition, you can easily configure PIA VPN on your Boxee Box and it is also compatible with DD-WRT and TomatoRouter.

 Customer Support

After sales service is one of the key enforcers to retain your clients; especially, when you operate in a service industry. However, when it comes to a VPN, customer service becomes something more than just necessary.

Customer service representative is often a life saver when you are in middle of something and can’t get through. All these services add value to the service purchased and probably augment retention.

Customer and tech-support of PIA VPN is just extraordinary and the provider claims 24/7/365 live tech-support. To validate this claim, we tried to test their customer service. Below mentioned snapshot is the conversation between me and customer service representative.

For our PIA VPN review we explored company’s official website and found that the provider only supports PPTP protocol on DD-WRT Router. So, we decided to inquire about other supported protocols for DD-WRT Router, if any.

Here’s You can see the response we received from PIA representative – and yes it was very prompt (received within 10 seconds). On the basis of this short yet useful conversation, I would rate PIA VPN 4.5 out of 5 stars.
pia chat support format

Unique Selling Proposition

After in-depth analysis of Private Internet Access’s features and package plans in our PIA VPN review, we have concluded several characteristics that comprise unique selling proposition of Private Internet Access VPN such as variety of payment options, number of servers and device compatibility. However, all these features seem nothing compared to DNS leak protection.

When we connect a VPN on a preferred device – we ensure our privacy and security, no doubt about that. However, there are still some loopholes left to be filled. After a VPN is connected on our device, we become absolutely invisible to the digital universe.

However, our Internet service provider can still track our activities such as which platform or website we accessed; but, won’t be able to view our data. All this information is transferred through our DNS.

What leak protection does – you might be wondering? DNS Leak Protection even blinds our Internet service providers – making them monitor absolutely NOTHING. Private Internet Access VPN along with other lucrative offers provides DNS Leak Protection. This can indeed be reviewed as PIA’s unique selling proposition in this PIA VPN review.

PIA Review

Software and Tutorials Provided

 Private Internet Access offers FREE software for Windows and MacOS. The software facilitates you to connect to any desired server of PIA.
pia supported platforms
 The software is easy to use and configure. You can connect to any server of your choice by simply entering Username and Password. You will then be connected with default settings to the server of your choice.
pia vpn setting setup
 However, you can configure the settings easily by just clicking “Advanced” option. After clicking the prescribed option, you will be able to access the settings panel of the software allowing you to change Connection Type and configure Remote port. Furthermore, you can enable or disable Port Forwarding, VPN Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection and IPv6 Leak Protection.
pia IPv6 Leak Protection
 PIA VPN not only provides Free Software for Windows and MacOS but also offers Free OpenVPN Application for Android 4.0 or above.
pia vpn setting setup
 In order to configure PPTP or L2TP protocols on you device, you need to access detailed tutorials available on PIA’s official website. Furthermore, you can access PIA’s tutorials for manual configuration of VPN (PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN) on any device you prefer.

Payment Methods of Privae Internet Access

Diversity in payment methods offered by a VPN service provider is another key enforcer to a purchase decision. Diversity in payment options facilitates the transaction process liberalizing subscribers to choose a payment method as per their convenience.

Private Internet Access VPN currently accepts payments via Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon, Ripple, CashU and OKPay. Google Wallet is another option you may include in the list; however, it is currently inactive.
privateinternetaccess review of it's payment options

Log and Privacy Policy of Privae Internet Access

Unlike most VPN service providers, Private Internet Access VPN has a clearly illustrated log and privacy policy. The rationale for this fact can be viewed in the snapshot given below. The picture is taken from Private Internet Access’s official website. We examined the provider’s privacy policy for PIA VPN review and found their claim:

 “Private Internet Access does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy”.

This is something we witness once in a blue moon. A VPN service provider with a claim like that is definitely worth a shot; however, the only hurdle is the lack of free trial. Nevertheless, there is nothing more luxurious than privacy itself – is it? There might be several VPN service providers out there – offering FREE trials and cheap price.

However, most of these VPN service providers lack a clearly prescribed log and privacy policy. This means that they can supervise and monitor your traffic or even maintain history logs of anything you access online. Would you prefer such services? I guess not. Therefore, it can be stated that the discrepancy of not offering a FREE trial can be muddled through.

Log and Privacy Policy of Privae Internet Access

Free Trial of Private Internet Access

I know most of you would have tried to find this section the moment you accessed this article. However, I don’t have good news to offer here; because, Private Internet Access VPN does not offer a free trial. I know most of you would be shocked after reading our PIA VPN review. In fact, some of you might decide to turn down Private Internet Access VPN for this reason.

Nonetheless, there might be another aspect of this. A free trial is often offered to people so that they can try the services and purchase them if they’re satisfied. However, some VPN service providers show something and sell another. People often complain that connectivity, speed and privileges associated with a VPN at the time of trial are just not the same now.

The VPN service providers that do not offer a free trial often present a money back guarantee with their service. But, a FREE trial is an enforcer like no other; hence, it can be regarded as a loophole of Private Internet Access VPN.

 Private Internet Access Speed Test

No matter how much we research about Private Internet Access VPN, we can only hypothesize about its performance. In order to add valid rationale justifying PIA VPN’s performance, we conducted some speed tests to check reliability of the service in our PIA VPN review.

For this, we first tested our connection speed and then connected our device to different servers of PIA to compare the results. We are currently using a 100 Mbps connection and the results revealed by speed test are portrayed by the snapshot given below (Ping – 0 ms, Download Speed – 74.33 Mbps, Upload Speed – 4.49 Mbps).

speed test of pia
 We will now connect our device to PIA’s UK server to contrast the results extracted via speed test. After connection was successfully established with PIA VPN’s UK server, we tested PIA’s effect on ping, download and upload speed.
 The results revealed by speed test are portrayed by the snapshot given below. Ping has increased from 0 to 10 ms – which is actually not that bad. Download speed however was affected as it dropped from 74.33 Mbps to 49.48 Mbps. The good news is that upload speed wasn’t deteriorated much (4.49 Mbps – before connecting a VPN, 4.46 Mbps – after connecting a VPN).
pia speed test
 After testing PIA VPN’s UK server, we tested Switzerland in order to authenticate the results at much greater extent. The snapshot given below reveals the results of speed test after connecting to PIA’s Switzerland server. Ping enhanced a little bit more and the download speed was affected as well. However, upload speed improved as compared to the results extracted while being connected to a UK server.
Private internet Access Speed Tests
 The process doesn’t end here. We tested PIA VPN’s France server as well. The ping rose from 0 ms to 13 ms here. Download speed after connecting a VPN was 45.57 Mbps and upload speed was 4.36 Mbps.
pia upload speed test
 Wait! There’s more. We tested PIA’s Netherlands server also and the results were a little bit different than the previous ones. Ping was 13 ms, download speed was 44.15 Mbps and upload speed was 4.48 Mbps.
pia download speed test

After testing different servers of PIA, it can be deduced that download speed was significantly affected every time we connected a VPN. However, this is a widely accepted fact that a VPN affects your actual Internet speed. So, an approximate drop of Internet speed by 40-45% should really be a concern here – I guess.

The results derived for PIA VPN review worth notifying and include download speed, upload speed and ping statistics. PIA VPN’s servers don’t affect the upload speed much which is the good news for all those who love to share. Furthermore, the ping isn’t affected as well which is more than just good news for all gamers seeking a VPN.

PIA review


The rise of technology has made our security vulnerable. We currently are experiencing different threats directed to our privacy. It is almost impossible to acknowledge Internet liberty now; because, someone, somewhere is always monitoring our online activities. No matter who is behind the privacy threats we encounter – either it is the NSA vigilantes or the cyber-goons, absolute anonymity has become a myth.

A VPN in this regard serves as a great remedy. A VPN is an ultimate solution to all the concerns we encounter with respect to Internet security and online privacy. However, there are many VPN service providers trading in the market. Most of them have resembling package plans and often confuse new users with their tempting offers and promotions. We are here to help you in this regard.

After thorough analysis and testing of package plans and features representing Private Internet Access VPN, we can conclude that PIA offers feature-rich package plans at affordable price. Not only this, PIA has wide range of servers allowing you to break through divergent geo-restrictions. DNS Leak Protection in addition is a feature that adjoins more value to the package plans.

PIA VPN doesn’t depict much effect on either Internet speed or ping; hence, it can be considered as a viable alternative. Nonetheless, PIA doesn’t offer a FREE trial which will probably be a loophole hindering purchase decision of many. We therefore give 3/5 to the service in our PIA VPN review.

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Private Internet Access Review 2016 – Why should I use PIA VPN?


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