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194 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions In Chrome Store

Google Chomre Extensions

Google Chrome  is worldwide most used browser due to its speed, security, lovely interface  and compatibility with other devices. It is one of the best gift given by Google. Already google chrome has lots of in built functionality, but adding google chrome extensions or apps gives chrome superpowers.

There are tons of Google Chrome extensions or Google Chrome apps are available in Chrome Store but  it is bit difficult to choose which ones is useful, that’s why i decided to solve your problem in this article by sorting out most useful google chrome extensions.

Hold your breath, this article is really length that is why i sort out extensions based on different categories so that you can directly go the category of your interest.

Save your time and directly click on the Category/ Topic/ Domain  of your interest to find out useful Google Chrome extensions.

Category List

  • Productivity / Bookmarks / Task Manager / Business Tools / Daily Use
  • Designer / Web Developer / Programmers
  • SEO / WebMasters / Website Analysis
  • Security
  • Education /Students/ Teachers
  • Photographers/ Creativity / Image Optimization / HomeStyler /Animation
  • Shopping /Online Booking
  • Finance / Money
  • Content Curators / Writers / Readers / Bloggers
  • Email / Utilities
  • Painting / Color Mixers /Art
  • Social Media /Communication / Downloaders
  • TeamWork /Project Team Work / Flowcharts Diagrams
  • Languages
  • Music /Videos/Entertainment
  • Sports/News
  • Cloud Apps/MS Office
  • Weather
  • Compressor/Convertors/File Transfer
  • Food /Travel/Fitness

List of 194 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions In Chrome Store  

Productivity/Bookmarks/Task Manager/Business Tools /Daily Use


1. Wunderlist for Chrome : Simple and beautiful to-do app helps millions of people to capture their ideas, prepare grocery list, places to visit , project planning , things to do and many more which you can share with your loved ones and syncs across phone tablet and computer.

Usage : Free version which will cover all your needs, but for more advanced features upgrade to Wunderlist Pro.

Download Wunderlist App

2. Pushbullet : Pushbullet chrome extension helps you send and receive SMS from your computer, lets you use social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook messenger, kik and more to communicate with your family and friends , get all your phone notification on your computer and  send or share links or files between your devices.

Usage : Free, but  you can upgrade to pushbullet pro plans.

Download Pushbullet Extension

3. The Great Suspender : Automatically unloads or suspends unused chrome tab to free up system resources. You can restored  it again by clicking anywhere inside page.

Usage : Free

Download The Great Suspender Extension

4. Xmarks Bookmarks Sync : One of the best chrome bookmarks extensions to back and sync your bookmarks as well as open tabs across computers and browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

Usage : Free

Download Xmarks Bookmarks Sync Extension

5. Search By Image : Do Google search using any image on the web.

Usage : Free

Download Search by Image Extension

6. Google Keep : Google keep lets you capture your thoughts, organize them with different labels which define priority, sync them across all your devices, speak up and google keep will transcribe for you and easily shareable with your friends and family.

Usage : Free

Download Google Keep App

7. Session Buddy : Session buddy helps you to manage your browser sessions like see all open tabs at one place , Recover open tabs after a browser or system crash , save open tabs and restore them later , Export link sets in a variety of text formats for use in email messages, documents, spreadsheets, and online posts, manages links by topic and more .

Usage : Free

Download Session Buddy Extension

8. Evernote Web Clipper : Evernote web clipper helps you to clip the whole web page or selection (along with its URL). It also synchronizes all saved clips to evernote account so that you can access it on any device.

Usage : Free basic features , upgrade to premium plans to use full power of evernote web clipper

Download Evernote Web Clipper Extension

9. TinEye Reverse Image Search : Find out where the image came from, how it’s used, or find higher resolution versions.

Usage : Free

Download TinEye reverse Image Search Extension

10. Todoist  : Simple and powerful to do list and task manager which keeps you focused, organized and more productive. Managing tasks of millions of people around the world.

Watch this video to learn more:

Usage : Free for basic functionalities, if you want more you need to upgrade to Todoist premium

Download Todoist App

11. One Tab :  One tab converts all your chrome tabs into list and saves up to 95% memory because it reduces the number of open tabs in chrome .You can restore them selectively or all at once.

Usage : Free

Download One Tab Extension

12. Workflowy : It’s a notepad with super powers which is simple enough to make shopping list and powerful enough to run a company.

Watch this video to learn more:

Usage : Free

Download Workflowy App

13. Better History : Manage your browser history with good interface, useful filters and better searching option.

Usage : Free

Download Better History Extension  

14. Word Count Tool : Count the number of words and characters in selected text.

Usage : Free

Download Word Count Tool Extension

15. Google Forms : Create simple and in–depth online forms and surveys and get results in spreadsheets, stored in Google drive.

Usage : Free

Download Google Forms App

16. U block Origin : U block origin is best ad blocker chrome extension and also blocks unwanted content from while web browsing . Apart from that the usage of CPU and memory is less for Ublock as compared to other ad blocker, yet can load and enforce thousands filters for better browsing experience.

Usage : Free

Download U Block Origin Extension

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17. Kickass Resume : Kickass Resume helps you to create exceptional resume, CV or cover letters in minutes and professional editors check your grammar.

Usage : Free for basic functionalities, but you can upgrade to Kickass resume premium plan.

Download Kickass Resume App

18. AutoPagerize : Google chrome extension for auto loading of paginated web pages for efficient browsing.

Usage : Free

Download AutoPagerize  Extension

19. Awesome Screenshot : Great extension to capture all or part of any web page comes with the ability to comment, annotate, blur sensitive information and share with one-click uploads as well as desktop capture.

Usage : Free

Download Awesome Screenshot Extension

20. Momentum : Convert new chrome tab into personal dashboard featuring to-do list, weather, quotes to inspire and  daily goal to get good feeling and get things done.

Usage : Free

Download Momentum Extension

21. Tab Cloud : Sync Google Chrome tabs across multiple computers. Save tab sessions and restore it later on another computer.

Usage :  Free

Download Tab Cloud Extension

22. Shortener : URL shortener helps you to shorten current website URL quickly by clicking toolbar icon .Provides option to share on social media platform, copy to clipboard, QR code, keyboard shortcut to generate shorten URL and many more features.

Usage : Free

Downlaod Shortner Extension

23. Knew Tab – New Tab Page : Simple yet powerful new tab extension for chrome, whenever you open new tab get access to your unread emails, facebook notifications, notepad , photo of the day , weather and many other important news from the day.

Usage : Free

Download Knew Tab Extension

24. Google Calendar : Google calendar is useful extension to manage your day to day activities . You can check all your tasks and upcoming events without leaving your page . If you are on website that have special events encoded, you can click on button and add it to your calendar. The “Add Event” sign in Google Calendar icon turns orange whenever there are events  on web page you are viewing that can be added to your calendar.

Usage : Free

Download Google Calendar Extension

25. Google Input Tools : Google input tools helps you to type in language of your choice .It supports over 70 languages from which you can choose.

Watch this video to learn more :

Usage : Free

Download Google Input Tools

26. AdblocK Plus : Adblock Plus helps you to block all annoying ads, malware and tracking . Ads blocked by extensions are all annoying ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads , Tracking and malware. It is one of best ad blocker for chrome.

Usage : Free

Download Adblock Plus Extension

27. Save to Pocket : Save articles, videos and more as you browse the web. Pocket syncs saved data across all devices like tablet, phone and computer, which you can access, offline also.

Usage : Free for lots of features, but if you are looking for more features Go Premium.

Download Save to Pocket Extension

28. Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension : Displays google bookmarks in tree structure , with additional support of nested labels, searching ,sorting , creating and managing google bookmarks.

Usage : Free

Download Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension

29. Do It (Tomorrow ) : Fast to do app for procrastinators with virtual notebook experience, gives you reminders for today but makes it really easy to push tasks for tomorrow.

Usage : Free for android, iphone and everyday notes , not free for ipad($4.99)

Download Do It (Tomorrow) App

30. Chrome to Mobile : Send web pages from chrome on your computer to chrome on your android or tablet or your iphone /ipad.

Usage : Free

Download Chrome to Mobile Extension

31. Just Not Sorry :  Gmail Plug-in warns you when you write emails using words/phrases which undermine the message.

just not sorry google chrome extensions

Usage : Free

Download Just Not Sorry Extension

32. Sidenotes : Simple way to take notes without switching the tabs, pausing the video or swapping apps. Just click on sidenotes icon and start taking notes which will immediately sync with dropbox datastores.

sidenotes google chrome extensions

Usage : Free

Download Sidenotes Extension

33. Panic Button : Hide your all chrome tabs by clicking on panic button icon and restores them later by clicking on icon again.

Usage : Free

Download Panic Button Extension

34. Hover Zoom+ : Enlarge images on your favorite website like Facebook, Amazon, Reddit , Flickr ,Wikipedia and many more  by hovering mouse over an image.

Usage : Free

Download Hover Zoom+ Extension

35. Google Similar Pages : Explore Web Pages similar to web page you are currently browsing.

Usage : Free

Download Google Similar Pages Extension

36. Strict Workflow : Enforces 25Min/5Min workflow model, means 25 min of distraction free work followed by 5 min of break, repeat according to your needs.

Usage : Free

Download Strict Workflow Extension

37. Too Many Tabs : Manage your tabs and improve your browsing using too many tabs extension.

Watch this video to learn more :

Usage : Free

Download Too Many Tabs Extension

38. Journey(Diary , Journal) : Journey brings back to you joy of journal writing by capturing your life moments, from everyday thoughts to useful travel logs and presents your life beautifully in calendar, photos and atlas view, allowing you to revisit the greatest moments of your journey anytime, anywhere.

Usage :  Free for all needful features, but if you want more Go Premium.

Download Journey (Diary, Journal) App

39. Clear Cache : Clear your browser cache and browsing data by just one click without any confirmation pop up.

Usage : Free

Download Clear Cache Extension

Designer / Web Developer / Programmers


40. PostMan : Speed up your building, document and testing process of API’s. It is useful chrome app for developers. Not only it keeps your data safe but also sync among all your devices.

# Key Features

History of sent request // Create request quickly // Replay and Organize // Robust Testing Framework // Switch Context Quickly //Customize with Scripts // Built-in Authentication Helpers //Automate Collections

Usage : Most of the features are free and for some advanced features you can upgrade for $9.99

Download Postman App     

41. Web Developer : This chrome extension adds a toolbar button in google chrome browser which provides useful web development tools. It is available for Firefox and Opera as well and will run on any platform that these browsers support including Windows, OS X and Linux.

Usage : Free

Download Web Developer Extension  

42. IE Tab : Use internet explorer inside google chrome and test your web pages with different version of IE(IE6 , IE7, IE8 or IE9) without hassling of browser switching. IE tab emulates Internet explorer by using IE rendering engine with chrome. You can run legacy apps which are in SharePoint, ActiveX, Java or Silverlight, IE tab runs them all in chrome. It is one of the top chrome extensions since 2009.

Usage : Free

Download IE Tab Extension

43. Nitrous : Nitrous makes setup development environment and code in cloud real easy without any installation. It allows developers to collaborate on their projects in real time and deploy to production servers easily. You can develop software in Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP and many more languages; also you will have full access to Linux environment in browser which will allow you to run powerful command line tools.

Note: If you are seeing “Nitrous Lite” after launching the app, please remove and reinstall this app.

Usage : Free for 1 Project , 1 collaborator, 1GM Memory and 5 GB SSD storage. Rest plans are paid.

Download Nitrous App

44. PHP Ninja Manual : Quickly look up any PHP methods and classes in a popup. PHP Ninja Manual chrome application lets you use PHP 5.5 documentation in 8 languages right in your browser. Useful chrome addon especially for PHP developers.

Usage : Free

Download PHP Ninja Manual Extension

45. Python Shell : Python shell lets you test python code, to test regular expressions or use as calculator. A sweet python shell for your chrome browser. Python shell makes use of two open source project( Project 1 and Project 2)

Usage : Paid

Download Python Shell Extension

46. Code Cola : Edit CSS style sheet of online pages and see change results immediately with the help of Code Cola chrome extension.

Usage : Free

Download Code Cola Extension

47. CSS Viewer : It is useful to check CSS properties of any element on web page. In order to use, just click on CSS viewer tool bar icon and hover on element which you want to inspect in current page.

Usage : Free

Download CSS Viewer Extension

48. JSONView : Useful chrome plugin to validate and view JSON document. JSON view will show you JSON data in tree format which will be easy to read and understand. JSON is validated by client side JavaScript implementation of JSONLint

Usage : Free

Download JSON View

49. PHP Console : PHP Console helps you to handle PHP errors/exceptions and debug data in Google Chrome console as well as notification pop ups. It also helps you to execute PHP code remotely with the help of server side library.

You can see live demo of this plugin. You need to install plugin first to see demo.

Watch this video to learn more :

Usage : Free

Download PHP Console Extension

50. Jquery Injector : Useful google chrome extension to inject jquery in the context of current web page. You can check successful inject by running “$().jquery” command in the JavaScript console. This might not work on some websites such as Chrome Store.

Usage : Free

Download Jquery Injector Extension

51. Resolution Test : This chrome extension helps developers to preview their websites in different screen resolution by changing the size of browser window. It also provides option to define your own resolution.

Usage : Free

Download Resolution Test Extension

52. Stylebot : Stylebot lets you change the appearance of any website instantly with custom CSS. You can select an element and chose changes from editor you want to apply. You can write CSS manually or install and preview styles created by other users. This google chrome extension is useful mainly for CSS developers.

Watch this video to learn more : 

Usage : Free

Download Stylebot Extension

53. Window Resizer : It helps you to resize browser window to different screen resolution and helps web developers or web designers to test website layout in different screen resolutions. This chrome extension has feature to set customize screen resolution or manage the existing ones. Also gives option to export your setting and later import it on other computer. It’s a good alternative to Resolution Test.

Usage : Free

Download Window Resizer Extension

54. Web Developer Checklist : Essential extension for web developers to analyze any web page for violation of best practices. It helps you to easily figure out problem areas in your website and make sure to follow always best practices.

Usage : Free

Download Web Developer Checklist Extension  

55. Scrapper : Scrapper helps you to get any web page data into spreadsheet. Useful Chrome addon while you are doing any online research and need data in spreadsheet.

Watch this video to learn more : 

Usage : Free

Download Scrapper Extension  

56. 3D Tin : Create 3D models right in your browser. You can save sketches in cloud and export them in standard 3D file format –STL, OBJ and Collada. Good chrome app for beginners to learn 3D designs.

Note : In order to get good user experience make sure you have WebGL enabled in your browser and for WebGL to work you should have decent graphic card. If you are still facing any issue you can click here.

Watch this video to learn more :

Usage : Free

Download 3D Tin App

57. Responsive Web Design Tester : Chrome extension to test responsive websites for mobile devices. Responsive web design tester helps you to test your responsive websites at the dimension they will be seen on mobile devices. If you don’t find your device in presets provided by extension, you can add your device as well.

Usage : Free

Download Responsive Web Design Extension Tester  

58. Usersnap : Usersnap helps you to take screenshot of current browser content and allows you to put visual comments to track bugs easily or highlight important points in screenshot, which can be shared with customers, developers and everyone involved in the web project. You can also integrate existing project management or bug tracking system with Usersnap.

Watch this video to learn more: 

Usage : Free trial for 15 days only.

Download Usersnap Extension       

59. Chrome Sniffer Plus : Detects Web Framework (like WordPress , Drupal etc), Web API(Blogger , Google Analytics etc), Web Servers (like Apache ,IIS etc) and JavaScript libraries running on any website.

Usage : Free

Download Google Sniffer Plus Extension

60. Project Naptha : Project Naptha helps you to highlight, copy, edit and translate text from any image on the web. It applies state-of-art computer vision algorithm on every image you see while browsing. You don’t see any icon of this extension, just go to any website, check for text image and select text which you want to copy or highlight.

Usage : Free

Download Project Naptha Extension

SEO / Webmasters / Website Analysis


61. Mozbar : SEO toolbar provided by Moz’s is really good chrome extension to access all SEO metrics  while you surf the web all in one line in your browser.

#Key Features

Create custom search by search engines , country , region  or city.

Social Metrics for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

See how difficult to rank for given keyword.

Validate authorship, and other markup inside browser.

Quickly expose page elements

Usage : Above mentioned basic Features are free and to get advanced features use Moz Premium.

Download Mozbar Extension

62. Open SEO Stats : Formerly known as Pagerank Status, most useful google chrome extension for SEO metrics  which comes with loads of features like showing Google Page Rank (PR), Alexa Rank , Compete rank , Quantcast rank , information about Backlinks, cached pages , indexed pages, social , whois ,geoip location and many more.

Usage : Free

Download Open SEO Stats Extension  

63. Google Publisher Toolbar : Google publisher tool helps you to view data from Google AdSense, Ad Exchange or Doubleclick for publishers accounts  and block unsuitable ads from your site, all you can do while browsing your own website.

As soon as you click on Google Publisher Tool icon in browser:

  1. i) It displays a pop up with helpful summary like estimated account earnings for today, yesterday, current month and last month.
  2. ii) Top 5 channels or top 5 website in descending order of revenue for today, yesterday, 7 days, current month and last month.

iii) Extension adds overlay to each of your Google ads which provides some basic information like size, display URL and advertiser name. Clicking on overlay generates an ad detail popup with more detail data.

Usage : Free

Download Google Publisher Tool Extension

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64. Woorank-SEO and Website Analysis : Really powerful chrome app which gives you deep SEO metrics with detailed website analysis report which will help you to analyze competitors website and optimize your website to rank better in search results .It shows details info on below points on just one click on icon :

Visitors/ Traffic  Social Monitoring, Mobile optimization, SEO basics, SEO keywords, SEO Link, SEO Content, SEO authority, SEO Backlinks, Usability, Security, Technologies used on website.

Usage : Free

Download WooRank SEO and Website Analysis Extension

65. Alexa Traffic Rank : It helps you to see alexa traffic rank and site information as you browse through web. Features provided by this extension includes site ranking, site linking in , reviews rating, how site is being found on search using Alexa search analytics, check how the site look like in past using alexa wayback machine, average load time of site with comparison with other websites and related websites info.

Note : As you use this extension while browsing, you are contributing to traffic information that alexa provides and helping web to make a better place.

Usage : Free

Download Alexa Traffic Rank Extension

66. Wappalyzer : It is useful google chrome extension to detect the technologies used on any website. It detects content management, ecommerce platform, Web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and more. Helpful to know info about the technologies your competitors are using.

Usage : Free

Download Wappalyzer Extension

67. BuiltWith Technology Profiler : Gives you full profile of websites you visit on web. This extension list out all technologies it can find on web page. It helps designer, marketers and researchers to know what technologies web pages are using so that they implement themselves.

It gives technology information related to Widgets, analytics tool (such as Google Analytics), Frameworks(.Net ,Java) , Publishing (WordPress, Bloggers) , Advertising(Like Adsense, Doubleclick ), CDN’s(Amazon S3, Limelight), hosting softwares (Apache, IIS, Debian )  and standards(XHTML , RSS). It is an alternative to Wappalyzer.

Usage : Free for all necessary info, but if you want to dig deep in information, you will need to subscribe.

Download BuiltWith Technology Profiler Extension

68. Check My Links : Check my links crawls through web page and highlight the broken links as well as valid links. It makes really easy to figure out broken links on website which can impact your website ranking on search results.

Usage : Free

Download  Check My Links Extension

69. Data Saver : Reduces the usage of data while browsing using google servers. Chrome will compress the pages you visit before downloading those using google servers. You can get details of data usage of each website you visit; it helps you to make decisions regarding data usage based on connection you are using. You can enable data saver in mobile chrome from settings menu.

Usage : Free

Download Data Saver Extension

70. YSlow : YSlow analyzes web pages and suggest ways to improve their performance based on predefined set of rule for high performance web pages. This extension provides suggestion to improve web pages performance, describe page components in detail and shows statistics about page.  You can also check an alternative chrome plugin Page Speed Insight

Usage : Free

Download YSlow Extension

71. SEOQuake : SEOQuake is another useful chrome extension helps you to find out SEO parameters as you browse any web page. SEO parameters like Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Keyword Density, highlight nofollow links, Yahoo links, Google Index, check and compare URL’s and many more.

Usage : Free

Download SEOQuake



72. Hasher :It is used to calculate cryptographic hashes(SHA-1 , SHA-2, MDS , Base64 , URL decode, IP/Subnet and many more) and basic conversion. Entirely built in JavaScript and all computations are performed on client side.

Usage : Free

Download Hasher Extension

73. Disconnect : It is most useful google chrome extension when it comes to online security, helps you to visualize the invisible connection when you visit any websites and block them to track your search activity and browsing history.

Usage : Free

Download Disconnect Extension  

74. TunnelBear VPN : Tunnelbear helps you to browse web securely by getting around blocked websites, reduce the ability of advertiser and websites to track you and secure your browser data from public Wi-Fi networks. Tunnelbear for chrome only encrypts your browser traffic while tunnelbear VPN for windows/OSX tunnels all your data.

Usage : Free

Download TunnelBear VPN Extension from Chrome Web Store

75. Ghostery : Ghostery gives you faster, secure and cleaner browsing experience. It gives you control to  make informed decisions about the personal data you share with the trackers on the sites you visit, remove the page clutter so that you can focus on content you want, gives you the tools needed to understand the different types of trackers and how they may impact your overall browsing experience, putting the power directly in your hands and more.

Note – Also read, how ghostery makes money.

Usage : Free

Download Ghostery Extension

76. LastPass : LastPass is best password manager extension which helps you to save your multiple passwords for different websites, provides secure and auto login to your sites as well as sync your passwords everywhere when you need them. You have to remember only one password which requires you to login in LastPass extension.

Usage : Free version will complete your needs, but if you want to unlimited usage of LastPass , go premium.

Download LastPass Extension

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77. Click and Clean : It helps to increase protection for private data which can be vulnerable once leaked outside. It provides services like to delete browsing history when chrome closes , prevent others to track your online activities, scan PC for malware, free up space on your hard drive and speed up your computer and many more features.

Usage : Free

Download Click and Clean App

78. Tampermonkey : Useful userscript manager for Google Chrome.

Usage : Free

Download Tampermonkey Extension

79. WOT ( Web of Trust ) : WOT is a website reputation rating tool , which helps you to make informed decision whether website is trustworthy or not while searching , shopping and  browsing online.

Usage : Free

Download WOT Extension

80. Personal Block List (By Google) : It helps you to block domains/hosts from appearing in your Google search results.

Usage : Free

Download Personal Block List (By Google) Extension

81. Secure Shell : Secure Shell is an xterm compatible terminal emulator  and stand alone SSH client for google chrome. It uses native client to connect directly to SSH servers without the need of external proxies. It is still in beta release and has known bugs but overall is great chrome application.

Usage : Free

Download Secure Shell Application

82. Chrome Remote Desktop : This google chrome app allows users to remotely access computer or let other users access your computer securely over the internet. Chrome remote desktop is fully cross platform provide remote assistance to Windows , Mac and Linux users  or access your windows (XP and above) and Mac (OS X 10.6 and above) desktops at any time, all from the chrome browser on virtually any device , including Chromebook.

Usage : Free

Download Chrome Remote Desktop App

83. Hacker Web : A simple chrome app to read Ycombinator hacker news site in your browser with ease of browsing and reading comments.

Usage : Free

Download Hacker Web App

84. HTTPS Everywhere : This extension automatically switches thousands of websites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS.  It will protect you from many forms of surveillance , account hacking and some form of censorship. If you want to protect your confidential data over internet , this will be useful extension for that.

Usage : Free

Download HTTPS Everywhere Extension

85. Blur : Blur is online protection extension cum password manager. It helps you to generate tough passwords even for the site for which you already have, secure payments while purchasing online , prevents you from get tracked by thousands of websites and protects your vulnerable data . Apart from that, all password and relevant data is stored by AES-256 encryption.

Usage : Free most features and unlimited, but you will get more with premium which will cost $2 to $5 per month based on length of subscription.

Download Blur Extension

86. Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker : It helps you to instantly scan web pages and files downloaded from the Internet, and block website attempts to monitor user activity and display advertisements. It also auto scans Facebook , and Google Plus links.

Usage : Free

Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker Extension

Education /Students/Teachers /Web Researchers


87. Daum Equation Editor : It lets you create or edit beautiful formulas in chrome browser. It uses LaTex input editor and allows you to save your work as image.

Watch this video to learn more: 

Usage : Free

Download Daum Equation Editor App

88. Google Classroom : Google Classroom helps teachers to create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently and communicate with their classes easily .It also helps students to organize their work in Google Drive, complete and submit, ability to directly communicate  with their teachers and peers. It also creates separate drive folder for each assignment and for each student, so that students can see what is pending on their assignment page.

Watch this video to learn more : 

Usage : Free

Download Google Classroom App

89. Google Dictionary : Improve your vocabulary/knowledge while browsing the web. Google dictionary helps you to see definition of words as you browse, just double click on any word on web page and a pop up will display definition. Foreign words are automatically translated into language of your choice (Supported limited languages). It can also store the history of looked up words and their definition, for that you have to make changes in settings of this extension.

Usage : Free

Download Google Dictionary Extension

90. Magoosh Vocabulary : Build your vocabulary each time you open a new tab in chrome browser. Magoosh vocabulary chrome app displays a new word and definition to make your vocabulary strong or prepare for exams as soon as you open a new tab in chrome. Words come from Magoosh’s  list of 1000 important word for GRE. Magoosh helps students in preparation of exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT or SAT.

Usage : Free

Download Magoosh Vocabulary Extension

91. Chem Reference : Chem reference is great chrome app for detailed periodic table of elements  and chemistry reference tool with fast workflow. Quick links to wikipedia, wolfram|Alpha and web elements to get further details about elements. Must have chrome add-on for chemistry lovers.

Usage : Free

Download Chem Reference App

92. BioDigital Human : It helps you to explore the human body in 3D. Biodigital human is a free 3D extension, which simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. It also provides the comprehensive set of 3D anatomy and health models with detailed medical description. Interactive visualization with medical description helps you to easily grasp knowledge about human body.

Watch this video to lean more :

Usage : Free for learning  and understanding human bodies. For business purpose, you will have to subscribe for plans.

Download BioDigital Human App

93. Voice Note II : Makes typing easy with your voice and speech recognition. Voice Note II is useful speech to text chrome app, it writes as you speak.

Usage : Free

Download Voice Note II App

94. 3D Solar System Web :  Explore the solar system in 3D, right in your chrome browser. It gives information about planets as well as approximate location in solar system at different time.

Usage : Free

Download 3D Solar System Web App

95. Planetarium : Planetarium gives you interactive sky map to learn about stars and planets. It shows you over 1500 stars, every start up to the magnitude of “+5”, which means these are brightest stars which you can see through naked eyes on dark nights. You can adjust your viewing location and time to see sky from any point around the world. It’s a great chrome app for beginners to learn about sky.

Usage : Free

Download Planetarium App

96. Google Scholar Button : Use of extension makes easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. If you find any text on web page while browsing, select that text and click on Google scholar icon in browser to find it. Or type in any search query in search engines, just click on google scholar icon, it will transfer that query and search for it on google scholar.

Note : To search the US case law, click the gear icon at the bottom of the popup, and configure your preferred collection in Google Scholar Settings.

Usage : Free

Download Google Scholar Button Extension

97. GeoGebra : GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education which makes learning , teaching and evaluation of geometry, algebra, graphing, statistics, spreadsheets, calculus and 3D math really easy and interactive. It is award winning Google Chrome app and supports STEM education and innovation in worldwide teaching and learning. (URL for STEM)

Watch this video to learn more: 

Usage : Free

Download GeoGebra App

98. Desmos Graphing Calculator : Explore math in interactive and beautiful way. Desmos calculator uses fast math engine which can plot any equation, from lines and parabolas up through derivatives and Fourier series. Slider functionality makes easy to demonstrate function transformation and many more functionality which makes mathematics enjoyable.

Usage : Free

Download Desmos Graphing Calculator App

99. Cite This For Me :Just browse to the page you wish to cite and cite this for me automatically creates website citation in APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard referencing style at the click of the button.

Usage : Free

Download Cite This For Me Extension

100. Wolfram|Alpha : It helps you to query Wolfram|Alpha from any page or tab quickly. Wolfram|Alpha is the most definitive source of expert and computable knowledge across thousands of domains like food, finance, programming, spacecraft or medicine almost any domain which you can think of.

Usage : Free

Download Wolfram|Alpha Extension

101. Time Maps : The most comprehensive world history atlas from 3500BC to 2005AD with the ability to easily navigate to any time and place in history.

Watch this video to learn more: 

Usage : Free

Download Time Maps App

102. Quizlet : Quizlet gives you simple tools which let you study anything, anywhere. It provides over 50 million free study sets, 6 Study modes like Flashcards, Scatter, Speller, Learn, Test, and Space Race and audio in 18 languages. It’s great learning resources used worldwide by millions of people.

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Photographers/ Creativity /Image Optimization /Home Styler /Animation


103. Theme Creator : Create and share google chrome themes online using Theme Creator chrome app.

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104. Autodesk Home Styler : Autodesk home styler lets you do inte

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194 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions In Chrome Store


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