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2022-07-29 15:24
Cups – Water Sort Puzzle is a fun puzzle game where you sort colored liquids into glass cups. Sort all the colors neatly together to move to the next level! Play Cups – Water Sor… Read More
2022-07-28 21:09
Pinturillo 2 is a free online drawing game inspired by Pictionary. In the game, you draw a picture based on a given word, or you guess what the other player is drawing. Draw your best to giv… Read More
2022-07-26 18:03
Stacky Bird is a hyper-casual arcade game where you stack eggs to avoid obstacles. Lay egg towers and dash to avoid crashing your bird. Progress through the colorful levels, fly to new world… Read More
2022-07-25 15:53
Tap-Tap Shots is an addictive endless basketball game where you tap the ball to make it jump. Time your taps perfectly to score before the timer runs out. Keep going for as long as you can!… Read More
2022-07-21 16:27
Sushi Party is a cute .io game where you play as a snake hungry for Japanese food. You’re playing in an online arena with other snakes and your goal is to eat sushi, grow bigger, and s… Read More
2022-05-27 15:37
Sharkosaurus Rampage is a 2D platformer where you play as a shark-dinosaur hybrid and tear things up. Run through each level decimating people and property to earn max points. Play Sharkosau… Read More
2022-05-24 16:14
Pop it Master is a Pop It fidget game you can play for free in your web browser. This online Pop It fidget toy is the ultimate stress reliever and features 140 different designs to pop your… Read More
2022-05-23 16:03
Ships 3D is an online naval warfare game featuring frantic frigate battles and chaotic smash-ups at sea. Join your friends in thrilling multiplayer ship wars featuring up to 20 players. Play… Read More
2022-05-10 14:08
Escape or Die is an escape room puzzle game. You have 10 minutes to evacuate the room before the bomb explodes. The chances are slim, but if you think fast, you might survive! Play Escape or… Read More
2022-05-05 14:01
Idle Gun is an idle clicker game where you earn coins for each shot discharged from a gun. You unlock more guns and various upgrades to speed up your earnings as you level up. Play Idle Gun… Read More
2022-05-03 13:52
Candy Clicker 2 is an incremental clicker game in which you make candies. You can upgrade your candy production equipment with the candies you make. Become the best candy maker in the world… Read More
2022-04-29 18:02
Duck Life 4 is a duck racing game set after the ban on genetically modified ducks. A year has passed since the ban on genetically modified ducks and now it’s up to you to defeat t… Read More
2022-04-28 16:52
Duck Life is the first game in the Duck Life series. A tornado has struck your farm and destroyed everything. All that remains is a single duck egg. Train this duckling to peak athletic form… Read More
2022-04-27 13:23
Fields of Fury is a free online FPS game featuring capture the flag on a WW2-themed battleground. Choose a class and fight to capture the enemy’s flag while defending your own. Play Fi… Read More
2022-04-26 15:59
Riot Escape is an action game where you play as part of an escapee mob or a cop. Escapees must reach the end of the map without being stopped by the police. If you’re a cop, then you s… Read More
2022-04-25 14:51
Pixel Warfare is a superb multiplayer FPS game featuring blocky graphics and 8-bit music. The gameplay is classic and tactical, featuring various weapons and maps. Choose a game in the menu… Read More
2022-04-22 15:43
Funny Battle Simulator 2 is a battle-simulation game to attack and destroy all of the enemy units and become the best army general! Play Funny Battle Simulator 2 on Crazygames.Continue Readi… Read More
2022-04-21 13:13
Slashy Camp is an arcade runner-style game where you hunt and terrorize campers to earn points. Wreak havoc on the camping grounds while avoiding traps and rack up your highest score! Play S… Read More
2022-04-20 14:30
Wood Farmer is a simulation game where you must collect materials such as woods, rocks, sand, and rare minerals to build some buildings on the explorable island. Get yourself ready and creat… Read More
2022-04-19 08:48
Enter the world of REPULS, a multiplayer .io FPS game with various advanced and powerful weapons. Play REPULS on Crazygames.Continue Reading about REPULS Read More
2022-04-11 16:47
Rocket Bot Royale is an online multiplayer battle royale game to blast away other tanks. Battle against other players and NPCs in real-time from around the world. Collect coins to spend on n… Read More
2022-04-08 16:33
Time Shooter 3: SWAT is a first-person shooter where your movement affects time. It is the sequel to Time Shooter 2 and takes inspiration from the game SuperHot. Dodge enemy attacks and… Read More
2022-04-08 12:09
Time Shooter 2 is a first-person shooter where time stands still until you move. Plan your shots and moves carefully. Dodge enemy fire in epic slo-mo combat and make your way around the map… Read More
2022-03-28 15:54
TrackMania Blitz is an adrenaline-pumping auto-accelerating 2D multiplayer car racing game based on the classic Ubisoft franchise, Trackmania, in which players are engaged in high-speed elim… Read More
2022-03-21 14:41
Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is back with another puzzling platformer. Climb your way up the tower once more to save Pineapple. Featuring the original tower and new obstacles! Play Big Tower Tiny… Read More
2022-03-14 13:19
Wormate is a .io game inspired by popular multiplayer games like Set in a large arena, you must slither around consuming food and power-ups to grow your worm larger. Once you gro… Read More
2022-03-08 15:25
Highway Racer is an improved version of the exciting Highway Racing Online. In this title, you must drive your vehicle along an extremely busy highway and try to avoid taking damage fro… Read More
2022-03-02 14:59
Circle the Cat is a puzzle game where you draw circles around a cat in an attempt to trap it. Click the dots and stop the cat from escaping! This is the original trap the cat game that was m… Read More
2022-02-28 10:37
Mole Heist is a fun casual arcade game where you help a friendly mole dig tunnels and find treasure. You can then use the treasure to help the mole buy new furniture for his little mole hous… Read More
2022-02-22 17:28
Planet Clicker 2 is the sequel to the popular idle/clicker game Planet Clicker. Increase your energy production and buy new planets. Conquer the solar system! Play Planet Clicker 2.Continue… Read More
2022-02-22 17:26
Cause total carnage in the streets in this action-packed car combat game. Burnin’ Rubber Crash n’ Burn has you driving around the streets completing various destructive quests an… Read More
2022-02-22 17:24 is a fun online racing game where you can make your own tracks and share them with other players! Race on community-made tracks, rate them, and compete with players from around… Read More
2022-02-22 17:22
Catch various types of fish in Fisherman Life and sell them for profit. This super-addictive casual game will have you floating around and catching all kinds of fish. You can sell them on th… Read More
2022-02-22 17:20
Find the kids hiding around the house in this classic Hide N’ Seek game! Your objective in this game is to search the house for the hiding kids. The further you get, the more you have… Read More
2021-12-21 17:12
See how far you can shoot in GunSpin. Keep the momentum high by continually shooting bullets until you have none left. Use your score to buy upgrades and unlock more powerful weapons by reac… Read More
2021-12-21 17:08
Defuse a variety of explosive threats in Defuse the Bomb 3D. Each bomb has a unique set of defusal instructions. Dismantle each successfully to earn money and expand your bomb disarming busi… Read More
2021-12-21 17:05
Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero is an addictive archery game where you battle other wizards. Aim your staff and shoot your magical foes into oblivion. There are various upgrades and stylish… Read More
2021-12-21 17:02
Tropical Merge is a casual merge game where you get to build your own slice of paradise. Simply merge 3 or more items together to create new ones. There are hundreds of new items you can cre… Read More
2021-12-21 16:58
Motherload is an addictive web game originally released in Flash back in 2004. You can now play the game in web using Ruffle emulation. In Motherload, you dig down to find minerals to bring… Read More
2021-11-24 16:41
Pou is an original digital pet game similar to the legendary Tamagotchi. It was originally a mobile game, but you can now play it for free in your web browser. Clean, dress, and play various… Read More
2021-11-24 16:37
Squid Game Online is one of the best Squid Game spin-offs you can play in your web browser. This free online game features rooms with up to 30 players and 7 thrilling but deadly challenges… Read More
2021-11-24 16:34
Adventure Miner is a 3D idle clicker game where you mine various rare ores and sell them for profit. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your axe and ore factory! Play Adventure Miner… Read More
2021-11-24 16:31
Mahjongg Solitaire is one of many mahjong games you’ll find online. It’s a fairly challenging game as there is a 10-minute timer and there is no shuffle feature. However, you do… Read More
2021-10-22 15:56
My Shark Show is a fun arcade game where you play as a shark. Perform tricks for the crowd to earn money. There are various cool tricks you can do, like jumping through fiery hoops and bashi… Read More
2021-10-22 15:53
Fight endless waves of violent chickens in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. Load up your cannons and combine the same type together to upgrade them. This game is chaotic and the chickens will… Read More
2021-10-22 12:24
Fireboy and Watergirl 6 features the famous duo in a range of new challenges featuring fairies. There are elements from all the other games included. It’s a very challenging cooperativ… Read More
2021-10-22 12:21
Vex 6 is the latest platformer in the Vex games series. Dodge various deadly obstacles and get to the end of each level. Vex 6 features unlockable skins, a daily bonus level, and achievement… Read More
2021-09-21 16:16
CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots is a side-scrolling sci-fi action game. Play as a cyborg dinosaur and destroy robots picking up loot. After each round, you can craft new items and upgrade your st… Read More
2021-09-21 16:09
Protect your crops from endless hordes of hungry farm animals in Machine Gun Gardener. It’s your mission to protect the fields from ravenous animals using a plethora of weapons. See ho… Read More
2021-09-21 16:05
  Papa’s Burgeria is a fun, free web game where you have to manage a burger restaurant. It was originally released in 2014 as a Flash web game, but you can now play it for free wi… Read More
2021-09-21 16:02
Papa’s Pizzeria is an addictive cooking and restaurant management game that was originally released using Flash technology in 2010. You can now play Papa’s Pizzeria once again wi… Read More
2021-09-21 15:58
War Lands is an action-packed ARPG game that you can play in your web browser for free. Journey through several stages battling reanimated skeletons, orcs, and goblins. Pick up gear and ench… Read More
2021-08-16 13:52
  Free the butterflies and watch them fly away in Butterfly Kyodai. This mahjong game uses butterflies as mahjong tiles, and when you successfully match the same type, they fly away tog… Read More
2021-08-16 13:49
Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a 3D puzzle game that tests your mahjong skills. Instead of a traditional board, your moves are confined to a cube or stack of mahjong blocks, and you must think f… Read More
2021-08-16 13:42
Become an alchemist of mahjong tile-matching in Mahjong Alchemy. This tricky mahjong game features a 3D stack of mahjong tiles with a completely different arrangement with every game you pla… Read More
2021-08-16 13:39
Match the traditional mahjong tiles and finish the board in this classic mahjong title. Mahjong Connect features a full mahjong board with all the traditional pieces, and you have to clear t… Read More
2021-08-16 13:34 is a funny IO racing game where you play as a rubber duck on a mission to reach the bathtub before the others. Slide, boost and collide with your opponents to get ahead and becom… Read More
2021-07-14 12:01
Kill, grow, and eat your way through the competition in Hungry Shark Arena. Join a multiplayer online battle where the only way to win is by eating your opponents and growing bigger, until y… Read More
2021-07-07 11:17
Become the ultimate non-renewable resource hog and earn big money in Idle Mining Empire. Start from scratch to mine resources and deliver them to the warehouse for sale. Keep upgrading and o… Read More
2021-07-07 11:13
Soccer Skills: Euro Cup 2021 puts the latest European football league at your fingertips as you control your teammates around a 3D soccer field. Play as any European team and work your way t… Read More
2021-07-07 11:10
Speed your way through the city streets in Top Speed Racing 3D. With fully customizable supercars, a full city to explore, and events to take part in – there’s no shortage of thi… Read More
2021-07-07 10:58
Stickman Supreme Duelist 2 is a ragdoll action game featuring stickmen characters. Flail your arms and legs awkwardly while conveniently holding weapons that obliterate your opponents. You c… Read More
2021-07-07 10:54
Mergest Kingdom lets you continually merge to upgrade your resources and build a magical kingdom! As you progress, you can expand your influence over the land and build a happy civilization… Read More
2021-06-09 19:38
Stickman World War is a 2D strategy game with a rich campaign, plenty of action, and an online mode! Play through the campaign to earn gold and buff the stats on your units and tower. Play S… Read More
2021-06-09 19:35
Chainsaw dance is a fan-made rhythm game based on the manga series Chainsaw Man. The game has a retro pixelated art style and several original tracks. See if you can bust enough moves to kee… Read More
2021-06-09 19:32 is a fun social IO game where students misbehave and teachers have to sentence them to detention. It’s a great twist on titles like Among Us! Play SchoolBreak now!Contin… Read More
2021-06-09 19:29
StarBlast is an online IO game set in space. Join teams of other players in multiplayer battles, mine asteroids to earn gems, and use them to upgrade your spaceship. Play!Contin… Read More
2021-06-09 19:25
Tower Swap is an excellent game that combines match-3 and tower defense mechanics. This adds an element of strategy to the game that makes it unlike other match-3 titles. Move the resources… Read More
2021-05-07 14:49
Help your grandparents clear out their dusty old house in Home Makeover: Hidden Object. Sell off their old items to keen buyers by finding them in cluttered rooms. Then use the money to reno… Read More
2021-05-07 14:46
Jump, slide, and dash your way through obstacle courses in this free-running parkour game. Play Parkour Go!Continue Reading about Parkour Go Read More
2021-05-07 14:43
Match two or more blocks to clear them in SameGame, the classic 1985 hit puzzle game!  Play SameGame!Continue Reading about SameGame Read More
2021-05-07 14:36
Control a chorus of operatic blobs in Blob Opera. No music training required! Just drag the blobs to make them sing beautiful melodies together. This is a machine learning experiment designe… Read More
2021-05-07 14:30
Live the farm life you always dreamed about in Farmerama. Cultivate fields, feed your livestock, and do business to grow your farming empire. This social farming game offers a utopia far awa… Read More
2021-04-07 14:20
8 Ball Billiards Classic is an online pool game you can play in your web browser. Compete against the AI or go against other Billiards enthusiasts in online multiplayer. Line up your shots a… Read More
2021-04-07 14:16
See if you can Boss these corners without falling off the ledge! Keep going to earn higher scores, collect coins, and get upgrades! Play Drift Boss!Continue Reading about Drift Boss Read More
2021-04-07 14:12
See how long you can drift in Drift Hunters! There are ten unique locations to explore and an array of cars that you can tune and tweak to perform epic drifts. Play Drift Hunters!Continue Re… Read More
2021-04-07 14:10
We Become What We Behold is a 5-minute game exploring the cyclical relationship between the media and human behavior. Play We Become What We Behold!Continue Reading about We Become What We B… Read More
2021-04-07 14:07
Enjoy battling endless hordes of warriors in Endless Siege, a thrilling new tower defense game! Buy and place various turrets tactically around the map, upgrade them, and watch the action un… Read More
2021-03-26 14:29
Friday Night Funkin’ is the hottest new rhythm game you can play in your web browser. Embark on musical a journey as the aptly named ‘Boyfriend’ and outdo a range of oppone… Read More
2021-03-09 14:15
Stop the trains from crashing and deliver passengers safely to the station by controlling the traffic carefully! This is a great puzzle game developed by Northplay for desktop and mobile. Pl… Read More
2021-02-25 15:00
Reoda: Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of Pixelkobo‘s adventure series. Find clues and navigate around the beautiful locations to complete your mission. Have fun!Continue Reading about… Read More
2021-02-19 15:00
Mahjong Classic is a puzzle board game that resembles the classic style of Mahjong. Match the identical tiles to clear the board and win the game. Have fun!Continue Reading about Mahjong Cla… Read More
2021-01-22 15:00
Parrot Simulator is one of the episodes of the animal simulator games from CyberGoldfinch. This time, you play as a parrot and can freely roam around the beautiful island. Have fun!Continue… Read More
2021-01-07 15:00
IKOA Escape is a well-polished 3D room escape game from Nijiiro Kurome. Can you find a way to escape successfully? Have fun!Continue Reading about IKOA Escape Read More
2020-12-24 15:00
5Room is a cute and lovely room escape game from Rinnogogo in which you need to find the escaped mice. Have fun!Continue Reading about 5Rooms Read More
2020-12-18 15:00
Chummy Chum Chums: Match is a tile-matching puzzle game with cute pets in which you can put cute accessories and decorate its home. Have fun!Continue Reading about Chummy Chum Chums: Match Read More
2020-12-05 15:00
Heart and Christmas is a room escape game from Ichima Coffeedo with a relaxing Christmas theme. Have fun!Continue Reading about Heart and Christmas Read More
2020-11-27 15:00
My Room is a cute 2D room escape game from Kii in which you need to distract the cat guarding the door and escape. Have fun!Continue Reading about My Room Read More
2020-11-21 15:00
Vex 5 is the fifth episode of the Vex series, a stickman obstacle-avoiding platformer game. Besides more interesting levels to beat, now you can play the Challenge Room to complete a series… Read More
2020-11-18 15:00
Escape Challenge 121: Room with Edamame is another objects-finding room escape game from tomoLaSido. This time you need to find the hidden soybeans and the key parts. Have fun!Continue Readi… Read More
2020-10-22 14:00
Escape from The Log House is another beautifully-crafted room escape game from Neat Escape. You have been invited by your friend to a log house, but apparently, it is a special house designe… Read More
2020-10-16 15:00
Basketball Legends 2020 is a fantastic 2-player basketball game and the prequel of Basketball Stars from Madpuffers. Choose your favorite basketball team and show your skill. Have fun!Contin… Read More
2020-10-02 14:00
Amajeto Hotel Escape is a room escape game from Amajeto, which takes place in a hotel with autumn season scenery. Have fun!Continue Reading about Amajeto Hotel Escape: Autumn Read More
2020-09-26 14:00
Let’s Make Breakfast! is a cooking-themed room escape game from Amajeto. You need to navigate around the house and solve tricky puzzles to make your delicious breakfast successfully be… Read More
2020-09-17 14:00
House of Hazards is a fun and interesting multiplayer game from New Eich Games. You have to compete against your friends to avoid various hazards around the house and complete the given task… Read More
2020-09-11 15:48
Escape Game Teatime is another 3D room escape game from Nicolet. A bear has fallen outside the mice’s house and blocking the door. Help the mice to find a way to open the door and esca… Read More
2020-08-21 14:00
Merc.Zone is a 3D multiplayer FPS game from the same makers of, Blue Wizard Digital. Hop into the battlefield and prove your abilities. Have fun!Continue Reading about Merc… Read More

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