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2023-09-24 12:52
My nav station is below and I would prefer not to have a phone in the cockpit to control PyPilot.  What I would like are three waterproof momentary buttons in the cockpit: Standby, Port… Read More
2023-09-24 01:07
Hi all, sorry , a bit off subjet.. I have a rpi 4 I have several HAT , pypilot, RS485 and more, that use UART. I did not know UART pins cant't be shared, and since there is more than one UAR… Read More
2023-09-23 21:35
Having errors every week now where details of charts are corrupt and OCPN freezes.  A couple of reboots in Safe mode will help for awhile.  SSD is in a USB enclosure to Pi4 8g. I t… Read More
2023-09-23 01:00
How do I assign a Signal K Path to a GPIO Input pin???? I want SK to know when the GPIO pin turns HIGH for use in Node Red  GPIO.JPG (Size: 41.87 KB / Downloads: 10) I'm strugglin… Read More
2023-09-22 23:20
I am using a Pi 4B+ and have been successfully tethering my previous Android phone and successfully sharing its internet to the Pi. I now have a Samsung Galaxy A04s.  It USB tethers to… Read More
2023-09-22 12:45
Hi Sorry if this has been asked before. Is there any plugin or addon that will enable you to enter the route and it calculate the best time to leave based on Tides and Winds? I use SavvyNavv… Read More
2023-09-22 11:54
I have a laptop where I installed RaspberryPi OS as a clean install. I have followed the instructions to install Openplotter (installed settings 3.6.6 etc). Using OpenCPN Installer 3.3.0 fai… Read More
2023-09-22 05:58
I'm missing something with a connection to my Pi4 (64) OP3 GPIO pin. I had a PIR sensor connected in OP2 but now I cannot get it to work. I am trying to configure a Microwave Presence sensor… Read More
2023-09-19 23:54
Hi,  finally managed to get some 5110 displays which are working (well sort of). Is this likely a problem with the display or the software? Here is the video… Read More
2023-09-19 07:03
Hello,I currently have Seatalk 1 devices (sensor and autopilot). I have implemented a Seatalk1-to-SeatalkNG converter, so I have a Nmea2000 B&G screen where I see my data.Having said tha… Read More
2023-09-18 08:07
Hi all. I'm investigating an issue that I'm experiencing with my TinyPilot. When tacking in compass mode, everything works really good. The parameters for tack rate and threshold are set to… Read More
2023-09-17 13:31
after bit of a hiatus i am back.. in 2020 i moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver island. this included a purchase of a Alberg 37. after a lot of work i am now ready to start a new openplotter bu… Read More
2023-09-16 21:26
As I mentioned in another thread (link), I am working on controlling my PyPilot with a Raymarine ST7002 control head. I've got the necessary SeaTalk communication ready and working on the Ar… Read More
2023-09-15 22:08
i found this on the web looks interesting. the modem a little over $100 subscription $5 month. more info.… Read More
2023-09-14 16:39
Hey all, First, apologies for spam - this is a commercial message, to a degree! But I promise it is very, very relevant to OpenPlotter users! I am Matti Airas, the Mad Hatter of Hat Labs, a… Read More
2023-09-14 15:59
Hi!    I love KIP! I am adding more functionalities and I faced the issue where I have two SK paths named " courseOverGroundTrue ", one sourced from GPS and other from .   &nb&hell…Read More
2023-09-14 15:56
Hi!    I love KIP! I am adding more functionalities and I faced the issue where I have two SK paths named " courseOverGroundTrue ", one sourced from GPS and other from .   &nb&hell…Read More
2023-09-14 06:26
I have a Vesper XB8000 that has a wifi AP.  The documents for this device is at  I've also included the installation man… Read More
2023-09-13 20:06
Hello, My setup is a Signalk server installed on a raspberry with GPS and IMU connected on the USB port. It's working well and I can monitor my sensor with KIP plugin. On a different  d… Read More
2023-09-13 06:18
I'm super excited by this project.  The store is down and it looks like it may have been that way for a while. Will it be opening again? I have a 30 foot sa… Read More
2023-09-12 19:59
Hi  I installed almost a year ago standard raspberry PI image 64 bit and after that installed openplotter.   Using instructions:… Read More
2023-09-12 16:32
Hey! I'm super excited to discover this project. I'm concerned the store is down. Is that temporary? I have a 30 foot Catalina sailboat. I have an old autohelm 4… Read More
2023-09-10 07:16
So having rebuilt my system after the Signal K update issues/failures, I cannot get Grafana to install. Grafana is one of the main uses of the system to show me all the boat data in one loca… Read More
2023-09-08 10:41
I recently purchased  an RTL-SDR usb dongle from RTL-SDR Blog to use as an AIS receiver with OpenPlotter.  It's a version 4 (V4) model.  The RTL-SDR Blog website User Guide fo… Read More
2023-09-07 07:11
I noticed that in the APB sentence we are using field number 13: Heading to steer to destination waypoint. Should it not be more logic to use field number 11 Bearing, present position to des… Read More
2023-09-03 10:19
I am having some trouble with RDP on my new Pi 4B. RDP wont connect to the default pi user, apparently for security reasons. No problem I thought, set up another user and use that, I thought… Read More
2023-09-03 07:48
Hello to everyone, After a hard restart of my RPI3B+ OP3 OC5.8.4, signalk became unreachable. I was trying to download a plugin in a non good network environnement. Then I fully reinstalled… Read More
2023-09-01 10:15
Okay, hello everyone.  After (reluctantly) selling my beloved boat due to health issues and also due to age (I was no longer able to use it), I find myself with a few pieces lying aroun… Read More
2023-09-01 08:32
Hi all, After updating Signal K to the latest version I'm getting errors as detailed in this thread: Are there any solutions or do I need… Read More
2023-08-30 10:54
I have recently bought an old Raymarine ST7002 SmartPilot controller very cheap, which I would like to use as the control for PyPilot, either because I like to have a nice control box for in… Read More
2023-08-28 18:40
Hello, I have a project - a catamaran with two engines that is controlled by a differential steering. So, I want to create an autopilot for it. I hope someone has had such an experience and… Read More
2023-08-28 18:20
Hello after a delay and first setting things up in an office environment, we are now at sea and experience some challenges regarding AIS/GPS It's now months ago, but I believe we received GP… Read More
2023-08-27 20:18
I'm sure it's something i've done, but i'm not sure what that can be, so i would like advice to diagnose what could be wrong. Using MacArthuir hat, I have a 1W temp sensor conneccted to it's… Read More
2023-08-27 00:26
Openplotter 3 Openplotter-i2c 3.3.12 Rasp pi 4 ADS1015 Openplotter-i2c recognizes the ADS1015 and brings up settings. After adding signalk key and ok the signalk data for that key is "null"… Read More
2023-08-26 11:50
Hi everybody new here first post. I use Ocpn 5.8.4 with Open plotter on a RPI 4 and it has worked for a long time but now the OpenGL is gone. The square where it should be activated is… Read More
2023-08-25 20:38
Hi All, I am working on hooking up an ADS1015s to the I2C bus in Openplotter 3. The I2C app finds it just fine. Permission is granted for Signalk so that is all good. When I go to the setup… Read More
2023-08-25 18:10
Hello everyone, I am facing some difficulties to install Grafana from the Dashboards 3.0.12. The error is "FAILED: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'grafana-cli'" it seems to be related… Read More
2023-08-24 22:22
Hi! I have a websocket up and running on Raspberry Pico W in MicroPython. Pico is connected to an anemomiter and the pico is calculating wind speed correct on the pico.  All delta… Read More
2023-08-21 03:51
Hello all,  Take a look at my build, and let me know what you think. I’m a hobby fisherman out of Rhode Island on a 22’ Center Console, and so my experience it a bit differe… Read More
2023-08-16 17:51
Hi, after rebooting I have the issue, that the start menu and all application windows are really small and in one corner. Some of them are resizable, but some stay too small to work with the… Read More
2023-08-15 18:17
Hello, I need help... I have created a DataBase with influxdDB. However I dont know how to initiate Telegraf service, so it start sending data from signalk to influx.... I saw that each tim… Read More
2023-08-15 14:57
Ok guys, unfortunately I sold the boat for health and age reasons. I couldn't go out alone anymore. Now, during the time of the coronavirus, I've been playing around with DIY electronics a b… Read More
2023-08-15 09:39
Hi. I am (still) trying to build pypilot on my Raspberry pi Zero (standard version). It works perfectly using the image (tinypilot_2021_11_16.img.xz), but when downloading and copying the la… Read More
2023-08-12 11:09
I have a DST800 Triducer (NMEA 0183) that I'm trying to connect to my OP V2 using a USB to RS422 adapter. I have correctly connected the wires (R+ and R-), and the Receive LED flashes RED. T… Read More
2023-08-09 19:45
What with all the faff of trying to find a suitable Linear Actuator for pypilot, I decided to make one instead.   The motor is an RS 550. The ball screw is an inexpensive one from Amazo… Read More
2023-08-09 11:41
I have had problems getting pypilot connecting to the motor controller. It worked two days ago but sorting other problem may have lef to this one. When I enable all 5 uarts with the serial 3… Read More
2023-08-08 17:32
Okay, just so I don't make myself crazy trying to fix something that isn't broke, I have a fairly basic question: If I configure a port that only has outgoing traffic (either NMEA0183 or NME… Read More
2023-08-07 13:52
Hi all, I'm busy getting my boat ready to cross the Atlantic in December.  We are a 2017 40ft Nautitech catamaran, with a standard B&G setup. However, I want to have the redundancy… Read More
2023-08-05 19:27
Hi, I am new to PyPilot. I am trying to build the system. I have successfully connected the ICM-20948 IMU to the Raspberri Pi and that is working fine. My next step is to connect the Nokia 5… Read More
2023-08-04 07:52
Hello, Can you add the module ? Thanks What are the modules 1WIRE recognized by openplotter ? Thanks Read More
2023-07-30 13:07
Since migrating to OP3, my saillogger plug-in does not seem to work reliably any longer.   It seems to work ok for short trips but some longer races are not being reported correctl… Read More
2023-07-30 02:47
The latest RNC charts are in some cases extremely low resolution. Is there an archive for RMC charts so that we can at least use the old ones that had a much higher resolution? For instance… Read More
2023-07-29 11:01
After update to the last version, signal k not work. I try to reinstall signal k and this is the log error:Code:Looking in indexes:, R… Read More
DS2438 Sur 1 Wire
2023-07-28 14:34
Bonjour, J'ai installé sur mon moteur 2 capteurs de températures ds18b20 qui fonctionne très bien. aujourd'hui j'essai d'insérer un ds2438 sur le réseau 1… Read More
2023-07-28 05:45
Is this anything to worry about, in the server log after rebooting SK: "(node:37436) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 delta listeners added to [Ful… Read More
2023-07-28 00:23
Hello! i have a Raspberry pi 3 B with openplotter (i have tried openplotter 2 and 3) and i cannot get it to connect to my house wifi to test it, upgrade, etc. it makes the openplotter networ… Read More
2023-07-27 01:14
Hello! i have a Raspberry pi 3 B with openplotter (i have tried openplotter 2 and 3) and i cannot get it to connect to my house wifi to test it, upgrade, etc. it makes the openplotter networ… Read More
2023-07-26 09:34
I have a hifiberry amp+ used to listen to audio through a Pi3 running openplotter. This means the i2c bus 1 on pins 3 & 5 are unavailable for any other i2c devices.Code:pi@openplotter:~… Read More
2023-07-25 13:54
Hello you great boater community  please could someone tell me which kind of USB device i do need to connect 16 years old NMEA0183 Airmar transducers (unfortunately no model type is vi… Read More
2023-07-25 12:34
Hello, Installed SignalK 2.0.0 on RPi4 OP3/64bit. Now the Instrumentpanel continuously shows alert: A new version (2.1.0) of the server is available. How can I get rid of this alert for good… Read More
2023-07-24 18:23
Noob question: I am not seeing any data appear in OpenCPN although the NMEA debugger shows a continuous stream of data that appears to be correct. (See screenshot) I've also tried getting th… Read More
2023-07-21 22:18
My RasPi 3, running bullseye and OpenPlotter v3.x alpha with a Pican-M Canbus is not showing any connection activity in SignalK. The data is available by running candump can0 in terminal, bu… Read More
2023-07-20 20:03
Hi, I finally managed to get the 64 bit openCPN installed and working via openplotter.  Thanks!   It works but the openplotter system check yields 2s warnings when it checks o… Read More
2023-07-20 20:02
Hi all. I'm running tinypilot on a pi zero, with a motor controller based on Sean's plans. I don't have an LCD display, I'm just accessing it through my iPad. Is there any way to find out ho… Read More
2023-07-19 17:01
Hi, From now on me and my wife will live aboard one or two nights a week, all year around.  We normally keep the boat in the water during winter but living aboard requires more than the… Read More
2023-07-18 08:42
I just updated the Signal K Installer from the Settings app and a Node in Node-Red I was using has been disabled:  node-red-contrib-easybotics-ina219-sensor ERR_DLOPEN_FAILED 2023… Read More
2023-07-17 03:04
Earlier today I moved a stainless steel knife on the other side of a bulkhead from the pypilot compass sensors and caused the boat to jibe and knock me upside the head with plenty of blood a… Read More
2023-07-16 14:01
Hi everybody,  i am trying to set up a Pi Zero2, and it almost works for me. I installed a vanilla raspbian image and added the openplotter repo to it. One thing i am struggling with is… Read More
2023-07-15 17:00
I am currently using a ShipModule Miniplex to get data from my NMEA 2000 network to SignalK.   Is there a way to establish 2 way communication?   I have all of my wather/fuel tank… Read More
2023-07-14 20:12
Hi All,  Longshot I know. I have access to a Pypilot HAT but no motor controller now that Sean has stopped selling them on his store. If anyone has one of his motor controllers for sale… Read More
2023-07-13 15:14
Greetings, Here's a dumb thing: I'm trying to set up a new SK server at home and need to use Node Red to insert navigation coordinates, as I don't have a GPS set up yet. However, I can't get… Read More
2023-07-13 08:59
I have a MacArthur HAT with the following connections:ICM20948 IMU attached directly to the GPIO I2C pins BMP280 temperature/pressure sensor attached to the MacArthur IMU I2C pins DS18B20 te… Read More
2023-07-12 20:29
Does anybody knows how and where I can find the Pypilot-pi interface plugin for OpenCPN on an Android tablet (Samsung sm-x205)? In the website I read that there is also a version… Read More
2023-07-12 12:24
Hi there, I am trying to get the mhat working with openplotter v3. I am running openplotter on a rpi4b with mhat. Somehow the serial connection stopped working and I cannot find why. I repla… Read More

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