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2 Factor Authentication Is Must For A Strong Online Security

Hello friends we welcome you to our online content platform HkGoodkH. Our aim is to provide you good information regarding digital Security. Online safety is vital in order to enjoy the best of what the internet has to offer. 
Last time we discussed about one of the 2 backbones of online security known as OTP. Today we are going to discuss about the second backbone. It is 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA also called 2 step verification very important aspect of security.

What Is 2 FA

Friends 2 FA simply means that to login to your online Account you would require 2 things. First is something you know guess what yes we are talking about password. Second would be something you have for example your phone or a security key. Now this something you have is what defines 2 Factor Authentication.

Why You Need 2 FA

Well friends 2 FA adds one more security layer to your account. Even if the hacker manages to somehow crack your password layer it would be impossible for him to get access to your account.2 FA stands for a very strong security. Hence you must enable it.

How To Enable 2 FA 

  • Friends for this you have to go into settings part of your online account
  • After that you could easily find the option of 2 step verification.
  • Typically all trusted sites such as Gmail would require you to enter your password.
  • Then for enabling 2FA you would be asked to enter your mobile number
  • You would be sent OTP in form of text message or voice calls for verification to this number based on your preference
  • Enter the number submit the OTP received in the website and you are done. 
  • You have successfully enabled 2 Factor Authentication.

Alternative Options Of 2 Factor Authentications 

Friends most of trusted and popular websites offer plenty of alternative options to setup 2 step verification. If due to some technical glitch there is delay or failure in receiving OTP either through text or call, these alternatives could turn boon for you. HkGoodkH highly recommends you to setup these options to enjoy instant and secure access to your online account.
Let’s have a look at these options.
OTP From Authentication App

Highly secure, highly popular and the ability to generate OTP even offline is what makes Authentication app such a powerful security tool. No need to wait for OTP arrival. Simply install this app and you are done. Plus a host of services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Password Managers support it.


One Time Back Up Code In Case Of Absence Of Device 

"Oh i lost my phone.Oh God now how can i login?”. Well friends if you fear that you might come across such situation, do not worry. We have good news and that is One Time Back-up Code. Simply go to your account settings and set it up. One time codes would be automatically generated. You could either take a printout of these codes or store them somewhere safely as per your liking. Now the next time you are travelling without your phone you could sign in with a big smile.


Back Up Phone Alternative 

If you ever wondered how to sign-in in case you ever lose your phone, simply enable this option. Just add a recovery backup phone.

Prompt Sign In Notification 

If you enable this option you would receive a prompt on your device. To login just tap on the YES option.


Get A Security Key

Yes friends trusted service providers such as Google offer security key as an alternative option. It is a physical device that is small in size. You could use it to login to your account. This device can be easily plugged into the USB port of computer. So you can try this option.

Directly Connect To The Customer Service 

You can also call the customer support to get access to your online account if you have upgraded to pro account. If you have created a free account first check the website to make sure that the customer service supports free account.

So friends that is all we have for this post. How was it? Do let us know your feedback by filling in the comment box.
And make sure that from now on you enable 2 Factor Authentication for all your online accounts. After all your account deserves the best online protection. Isn't it.


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2 Factor Authentication Is Must For A Strong Online Security


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