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From Hubble telescope

Look at this picture taken from Hubble Telescope. Looking at the first sight, it will look like this is a spiral-shaped Galaxy. But below this galaxy.

What is this strange green object?

This is Henney’s Voorwerp! Click on the picture and look at it in a big way … now you will ask what is this warfarepe? It is the word of the Dutch language which means ‘object’ thing ? But what is this giant object in space?

Honey Van Archel had discovered this warfare and the interesting thing is that Henney is not astronomer. Hannah was reading the Dutch empress’s guitarist ‘Brian May’, which is also an astronomer. In that blog, Bryan wrote about a project ‘Galaxy Xu’, in this project, you can classify the galaxy on your computer. Henny opened this project and started looking at the galaxies. Somehow he saw this strange Green Color object. He asked astronomers about this object. Now the astronomers took note of this and took a bizarre picture from Hubble telescope, and this picture is in front of you.

what is this ? Green color indicates that it is the cloud of a large gas, and the green color is getting it from peripheral oxygen. But this cloud has no means of light, it will be receiving light from the nearby galaxy. This green windy gourd gas is equal to our galaxy, the entire 100,000 light-years-wide!

It is believed that there is a ‘Super Massive Black Hole’ in the middle of this galaxy named IC 24 9 7. It is being consumed by a long interval of this dark matter. Before swallowing a substance in a black hole, the event horizon becomes a saucer around a black hole. The saucer is hot with the friction and gravity of the substance in the Shyamvivar, and by being active in different booids, it starts releasing the energy and the jet of matter in two opposite directions.

At the same time, the cloud of thousands of light-years-wide gas outside the galaxy was in a calm state. Suddenly the stream of energy and matter emitted by the Shyam Vivar of IC 24 97, collided with this cloud, this stream published it, and this cloud appeared like a ninetylite (literally oxygen light).

At some point, about 200,000 years ago, the material was stopped in the dark air of IC 24 9 7. Perhaps the substance ended around the Shyam Vivar, causing the emission of energy and substance to stop its exhaust from its saucer. But the warrweep is yet to appear because it takes a long time for the gas to lose its brightness, but at one time it will stop the warrwerpe and it will disappear from our eyes.

This is an extraordinary body for scientists. It has not been seen before, so every information about it is new.

All these are instresting facts we need to know about them. Cigar Galaxy (M82) is getting bright? The M82 is an irregular shape galaxy. Recently, this giant screwed galaxy has passed through the M81, due to which the galaxy has been very stirred. But this bustle is also unable to explain the reason for the expansion of the gas rising out of red in the red color. According to recent certification, this gas is formed by the gas of many particles emitted by the stars and making a galaxy-shaped Maha-gas. The red color of this picture is due to the ionized hydrogen gas, which is showing the shining fibers of this gas. This red-colored fiber is 10,000 light-years wide. This cigar shaped galaxy, 120 million light-years away, is the brightest galaxy in the infrared rays. It can be seen by the small binoculars in the colors of ordinary light near the Saptrishi constellation.

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From Hubble telescope


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