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Voyager 1 is one of the most successful space campaigns of all time. This space station, launched in 1977, had traveled to Jupiter and Saturn, and sent such pictures which we never imagined. After this yatra and Saturn, this vehicle crossed the orbit of Uranus and Neptune. (Voyager 2 had traveled both of these planets.) In all these years, the Solar Wind was flowing along with this vehicle. Solar wind is made from nuclear particles (quarks, electrons, basins, etc.) which flows out of the sun at hundreds of kilometers per second. These solar wind flows at a much faster pace than the air voyager. But now in December 2010, 33 years later, there has been a change at 17 billion km. Voyager 1 has reached a place where the solar wind flow stopped. Now this solar wind is not on the wiener’s back.

The gas that exists between the stars is called an interstellar medium. The solar wind flows towards this space medium and slow down the speed of this space medium. Approximately one billion km wide, this area where the solar wind stops, remains in the form of a nearly circular shell around the solar system. This spherical armor is called heliosphere. To the extent beyond the heliosphere, there is an effect of both the space medium and the solar wind, this boundary is called hierolipase. The area between this heliosphere and the hillopause is called the Halisheath.

Voyager 1 has now reached the Hilisheath area. The fact is that Voyager 1 has been in Hiliesheath since last 6 months; The scientists saw the speed of solar wind in June 2010 till zero (zero) but it took a little time to check it. The scientists had to make sure that it was not by any fault of the device. Next to Voyager, there is now a quiet astronomical sea.

This vehicle is still going out of the solar system at a speed of 60,000 km / h. In a few years, he will leave Heliosheth backward. When this happens then this vehicle will be in real space, which is a wide and desolate place between stars. At present, this vehicle is the first man-made object in which to enter the infinite depth of the galaxy, crossing the boundary of the solar system.

Imagine, this vehicle was launched at that time when the computer was not everywhere, there was no mobile phone, nor was this intergalactic! Your computer is better multi-fold than your mobile voyager. But this vehicle had got speed with its rocket, by gravity of Jupiter and Saturn and by indomitable human mind! And after a few years, this vehicle will leave the nest of our solar system in its infinite journey!

This group of galactic galaxies is 45 million light-years away from Earth. The name of this galaxy group is Abell S0740. This photo taken by Hubble has a circular shape galaxy ESO 325-G004 in the middle. Apart from the galaxies in this picture, some stars are also visible from scattered scattered. The massive magnolith galaxy is approximately 100,000 light-years wide and has 100 billion stars, almost like our own galaxy Galaxy.

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