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4 Reasons Why Single Page Web Design is Better Than Traditional Design

4 Reasons Why Single Page Web Design is Better Than Traditional Design

New trends emerge as time goes by, bringing (mostly) better and greater options. Single page web design is the latest UX enhancement in this continuous flow.

Single page web design, also known as parallax web design, is a thing of beauty.

Not to be confused with a single static web page, the single page web design in a dynamic, interactive resource of wonder.

When it came to limelight, it completely astonished first-time viewers. It was something very unlike the conventional web designs we were used to.

And in a lot of aspects, it is also better than conventional design.

Traditionally, the contents of a website are distributed among multiple pages, but single page web design has condensed all of it into a single page.

A study in 2014 has shown that instead of navigating through multiple pages, people prefer to scroll and stay on a single page.

Since then, the popularity of single page web design has risen.

And why wouldn’t it?

There is numerous benefit of using a single page design over traditional means. It benefits both from the consumer’s viewpoint and also from a business viewpoint.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

1.  It Greatly Enhances The User’s Experience

Single page web design- User Experience

88% of users are less likely to return if there they had a bad experience with the site.

Singe page web design is great for countering it.

The very first argument in support of it is that it is a great asset for injecting a more pleasant User Experience.

This is done in several layers.


By condensing the contents and information of several pages into one, this type of design creates a much simpler website.

The lack of space at first glance might seem disadvantageous but it is a blessing in disguise.

Due to condensed space, words that are specific and direct need to be used.

This triggers you to convey your message in a more effective way and remove what is unnecessary.

This kind of design is also perfect for those that want to provide some very particular information before the visitor move on.

Easy Navigation

Countless times we have faced issues like losing the track of useful information while browsing a site.

This is especially true for e-commerce sites.

These sites have a lot of products that are displayed on numerous pages.

Single page web design eliminates this problem by showing all products on an individual page.

Infinite scrolling is much easier than navigating through a sea of different pages.

There is a reason why Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc. integrated it into their website.

By integrating products and information on a single page, they reduce a whole lot of hassle for viewers.


The interactive element of single page web design allows the designers to tell a story.

It takes the Visitors on a journey instead of passive experience.

Whereas in the traditional design, the visitor would just move through pages; here, they are exposed to the aesthetically complex platform and engages with it.

Each element of the design is tweaked to tell a specific part of a greater story.

This is much more ‘fun’ for visitors than conventional web design and encourages them to take part in the website itself.

It epitomizes distinct personality for that website.

2.  It’s Better Performance-wise

Single page web design- performance

In my opinion, the measurement of performance depends on the goal you have set for it.

In a single page web design, the condensed attribute forces the designer and/or developer to put everything that is needed on one page.

This can create a slow performing web design if not done by a competent designer.

However, it also can be a detrimental component for creating a flawless and responsive web design.

And at the end of the day, a single page web design will perform at a greater rate if tweaked properly.

Rich Media

To tell a great story, you need an even greater atmosphere.

The elements used in single page web design provide that atmosphere. With their varied use of high-quality images and animations, they establish the perfect setting to tell a tale.

This utilization of rich media can turn on the designer if not optimized properly.

The use of optimized images and light animation engines are the perfect elements to be used.


Faster, is what your website will be if the designer has the proper knowledge and skills to create a good and optimized single page web design.

Since this design uses less space than traditional website design, it houses more products or information in less space.

And with infinite scrolling ability, this can lead to increased loading time.

But not if the elements of the page are properly tweaked. A compressed and optimized image will be much lighter, yet hold the same high quality.

This will result in rapid loading in comparison to navigating different pages.

On the consumer/visitor side, the same feature allows them to stay on one page and save time.

“Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds enjoyed the peak mobile conversation rate of 1.9% in a Soasta study”.

Mobile Friendly

Single page web designs are also more mobile friendly than the traditional web design we are familiar with.

Single page websites offer more enjoyable and easy experience for the users.

Navigating pages on the phone can be a hassle sometimes. You’d have to click just right to engage the right button.

However, with the ability to scroll endlessly with the thumb is a neat feature to have.

And, the layout is perfect for functioning in smaller devices.

3.   Designers Can Show Their True Skill

Single page web design- designer

Designing a website is a different form of art.

Instead of brushes and canvas, designers use computers and software to create beautiful web designs.

This is the outlet of the skill they have amassed.

Sadly, a web designer doesn’t always have the opportunity to show what they are truly capable of. A lot of restrictions may appear.

But in creating a single page web design is one of the few times when a designer can really shine.

Creativity In Design

For some, designing a parallax website is a difficult task.

This is an unorthodox and uncharted area for many.

Since not many businesses or clients have an idea about single page web design and how it can be beneficial for them, there are fewer requests for making them.

They challenge the designer to compress a whole site, with multiple pages and areas, to a single page.

Those who are able to do it properly use all their knowledge and go into creative overdrive.

When designers are able to tap into this source, some truly amazing results can be brought into the world.


When it comes to single page web design, there are 2 ways to go.

The first is to get you a single page template that is available on the market.

And the second one, that I personally prefer, is to commission a web designer to create one for you.

If someone wants to take the easy, cost-effective way, then getting a template is the best solution. However, they are a dime a dozen. You will most likely have a site that is similar to some others.

There is nothing wrong with that. But if someone wants their business to be truly set apart from others, then hiring a designer is the way to go.

They will produce and create for you a web design that is unlike any other, a spectacular and unique website.

4.  Better For Business

Single page web design-business

A web design isn’t created just for the aesthetic purpose, but also for business purpose.

When a client hires a designer in order to create a web design, the question that revolves around his/her mind is ‘how will it help my business?’

The goal of single page web design or even traditional design is to make the website and the business alluring to visitors.

It needs to be best for business.

Attract More Visitors

One of the most, if not the most, powerful tool for attracting visitors to a website is the design and functionality of it.

And none does it better than single page web design.

They are still something of a wonder in the world of designing. Since this type of design is applied to a specific niche website when people come across they are amazed by it.

The single page web design tells a story that is not present in conventional designs. Also, the eye-catching elements of the design charm people highly.

These characteristics sway the visitors to be both impressed by the website and the company.

As a result, the company and its website garner more and more admirers & visitors

This type of design, if done properly, is a surefire way to attract a whole lot of people.

Higher Conversion Rate

A lot of studies have suggested that single page websites have higher conversion rate than its traditional counterpart.

A study done by 37signals found that single page leads to 37.5% more sign-ups.

The ability to show all necessary information or products on a single page, where visitors don’t have to stumble from page to page, is a big factor for higher conversion.

People want to find what they are looking for in a single place. They don’t mind scrolling for a while to do that; in fact, they welcome it.

Business-wise, this is a superior approach to converting more clients.

Every dollar that is spent UX and web design brings in up to $100.

And at the end of the day, this is one of the most important aspects that is counted toward success.

Wrapping Up

Most trends today have the goal of improving the UI and the UX of the website.

The UX not only depends on the functionality of the design but also on how the user perceives it.

94% of web users get their first impression from the design of the site.

Since the inception of single page web design, the field has changed.

This design has shown that in many ways, not just these four, it is the better option than conventional design.

The design of the website establishes credibility for the viewers.

Even though it can’t be incorporated into every website, when it can be used, it awes the visitors.

Luckily, this type of web design is compatible with every CMS available today.

At the end of the day, it depends on the individual and the business if a single page web design is the right one for you.

But they indeed present a strong argument for it.

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4 Reasons Why Single Page Web Design is Better Than Traditional Design


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