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How to Rebrand a Coming Soon Page Plugin for WordPress

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So, your site is almost finished, there are just a couple of little things that need to be polished up and added to your site and you are open for business. A smart thing to do before you actually launch your site is to set up a coming soon page.

A coming soon page is a great way of creating hype and gathering future visitors to your site even before you have actually published its final version.

Then again, you must be wondering why you would want to set up a coming soon page thinking that it will take away precious time from finalizing your site. The thing is that creating a coming soon page will take you a sum total of 5 minutes if you are going to be using a simple and effective Plugin.

The best plugin thus far for creating a simple and beautiful coming soon page is Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WebFactory Ltd.

Coming soon and maintenance modeThe plugin is really the best option for creating such pages and the fact that it has been recently updated with new features makes it an even better choice for businesses and people who want to rebrand the plugin to make it seen as if it were owned by your own company.

Before I get into all of the new awesome and handy new features of this plugin, I will just make a quick rundown of what the plugin is all about in general.

What is the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin

It is essentially a plugin that allows you to create, in under 5 minutes, a coming soon page or an under maintenance page for your site. As I have already stated, a coming soon page is used when you want to create hype around your site's launch and start accumulating subscribers and adding them to your mailing list long before your site has actually been published.

Coming soon page builderOn the other side, we have the under maintenance page.This is used when you have to make some changes to your site like changing up the order of things, if you are doing a lot of redirects, if God forbid something went wrong with your servers or something got messed up.

Basically, it is used when your site is going to be out of order, so instead of having a blank page for the duration of the repairing phase you simply add an under maintenance page. This will assure your visitors that the site will be operational soon and that you haven’t gone out of business.

Themes galleryI have talked about this plugin before and I still use it on most of my sites and my clients' sites as well, but the reason why I am writing about it once again is that the plugin has been updated.

The developers have added a couple of new features that allow you to even further customize the pages that you are creating and there have been some additional quality of life improvements implemented as well.

New Features

1. Rebranding

The newly introduced redbranding feature is a really nice addition to an already great plugin. Why? Well, have you ever wanted to redesign (rebrand) a plugin that you have downloaded and installed on your WordPress site? With this new feature you can do just that.

Some plugins are the direct opposite in color and design from the set of colors that you use for your site and your brand. In this case, the plugin uses red as its brand color while your brand uses let’s say blue. So, when you install this plugin and then go through your site, it really could feel kind of weird since you have become accustomed to the blue-colored design and not the opposite.

Rebranding color changeThe plugin also has a white labeling feature which was a solution for situations when certain companies/clients did not want the icon and color scheme of another plugin being displayed on their site when they are using this plugin.

But now you can simply, without any fuss, change the colors, the name of the plugin itself, and the logo that is being used to represent the plugin, making it feel more custom made and personally connected to your own brand.

This is very handy when you are creating a site for a client and you want them to have the feeling as if everything was custom made for them, even the dashboard of the plugin.

As I have already stated, you can rebrand the entire plugin in record time (it took me 2-3 minutes). If you want to add some “Custom Admin CSS”, well then you are looking at something like 10-15 minutes, but once you have it done you don’t have to touch it ever again.

List of things that you can rebrand:

  • The Name of the Plugin – Here you can change the actual name of the plugin which is going to be displayed. It can be anything you desire but it is recommended that you keep it under 40 characters to ensure that it does not look weird when it is displayed.
  • The Plugins Short Name – An abbreviation which is going to be displayed in menus where there is not enough space for the plugin's full-length name. The limit for this is 10 characters.
  • Plugin Site URL – Here you can link the rebranded plugin to your site if you wish.
  • The Company Name – Here you can type in your company’s name. That will be shown on a number of locations within the plugin, just try to keep it up to 30 characters long.
  • Company Site URL – Here you add your site's URL if you wish.
  • Note – This note is only visible in your dashboard and servers as an organizational aid if you need such a thing to make your life easier.

2. Remote Control

Remote controlThe remote control feature basically allows you to use the dashboard to simply enable or disable the coming soon page on all of your sites that have this plugin installed. So there is no need for you to go and log in to each site separately and do it one by one.

3. Depositphotos Integration

DepositphotosYou can now search for images on Depositphotos directly through your dashboard. Before the plugin was only integrated with Unsplash but now you can also use this source!

4. Divider

DividerThe divider is quite useful if you have a couple of elements on your coming soon or under maintenance page. What it does is basically draw a line that will separate two segments of a page.

5. Two-Column Content

2 column dividerThis addition is the same thing as Content Column but, with 2 Column Content, you are able to add two columns, one on the left and one on the right side.

Final Thoughts

This plugin is not only limited to the few things that I have mentioned. It also has a nice SEO and analytical system implemented alongside a whole bunch of additional features. So go and check out the plugin for yourselves to get more details.

But the best new feature is still by far the rebranding feature. It really gives you/your clients a sense of actually owning every inch of a site by filling it up with your company logo and your company’s colors.

The plugin has really come a long way and the developers are working hard at maintaining and updating it so that it keeps the status of the best coming soon page plugin out there.

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How to Rebrand a Coming Soon Page Plugin for WordPress


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