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Do you need all social media channels at the beginning and why not?

Each product is sold because of its quality, in every sense.
Suppose you invested a lot of energy to produce a quality product, but what if no one sees it?
There will be no sales.

social media channels

It’s clear that you need to step into the swamp full of crocodiles, called advertising. Here you’ll encounter three major areas that have to be covered, and they are:
Brand promotion , self-promotion , and battle with crocodiles , also known as competition.

That battle implies monitoring their work (what, where and how they advertise), possible cooperation or sabotage. Self-promotion means the promotion of the brand creators through a personal blog/website, Social networks, offline marketing etc. The same situation is with brand promotion except you can have more brands that you promote. You can also promote the brand through self-promotion which is even preferred, as a reflection of your work.

Brand promotion and self-promotion can be made in many ways, but on start, most will use one way – social media marketing. One of the main reasons is because it can be free and everyone thinks they know how to do it.  According to Brandwatch, the internet has 3.17 billion users, and there are 2.3 billion active social media users.

The basic mistake that some people make in the beginning of social media marketing is that they use as many Social Networks as they can make accounts for.

No one is able to have the same quality on all possible networks, so you’ll only get quantity.

Also, people become attached to the colors, images, style in general, it would be very good to have continuity in it through all Social Media Channels. That way, people should be able to recognize your brand without seeing the name of the company.

So if you have 15 open accounts on different social networks, you will hardly be able to keep them all updated.

You need to spend time on one thing – introducing your audience.

This is very important because people have more trust in brands that are similar to them, speak the same “language”, like the same things etc. So you’ll have to learn slang and certain rules of social networks, also to learn what people want to hear from you.

To reduce the number of social networks where you’ll promote your brand, first you need to target your audience ie. to see where, potentially, has the most people who are interested in your brand.

Some of the most popular networks that you’ll use or already using are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

popular networks

On Facebook, you need to find an audience for your content

If you plan to promote for free on Facebook, you will spend most of your time on finding the audience. You’ll do nothing if you just post something on your wall.
The most effective way is to find a certain facebook group in the same niche and then promote your brand there. Most likely you will not be allowed to directly promote your product, but through discussions, you can forward some links, images, promotional material…

Since there is no longer possible to use facebook as a facebook page, you need to have a good, relevant profile. In facebook groups, you will only be able to comment and write new content in your personal name, from your profile.

Also, if you decide to promote your facebook page here, be prepared to answer the messages on time. On your page, users can see how fast you answer on messages, so the bad result can affect your reputation.

On Twitter, your content will find its audience.

As you can see, here is a different situation. Most of the time you will spend on the content/tweet creation. That implies exploring what is the best to share in that moment. On Twitter, everything is happening quickly, as says there are 6000 tweets in every second.

The point is to create a good tweet which will be pointed out compared to the other, people will achieve greater interaction with such tweet and at the end, Twitter will better position that tweet.

Characteristic for Twitter is the fact that your followers will leave you quickly if you’re not active. Minimum of your activity should be one tweet per day.
Very important thing when creating a tweet is finding of the popular hashtags. If you want to promote locally, trendsmap will show you which are the most popular hashtags in relation to geographic location.

Currently popular global hashtags can be explored at

Instagram works the same as Twitter only with images.

Of course, image says more than a thousand words, this is the basic advantage of Instagram. Also, Instagram is a social network channel where you can get very close relationship with your followers, by posting some pictures “behind the scenes”, a little more private stuff. As on Twitter there are hashtags, and top-hashtags gives you the most popular of them.

Instagram won’t take much time unless you want to edit photos, add some effects, filters, text etc. The only “problem” is that no one will want to follow you, if you don’t add images regularly, simply your account will be boring, so keep in mind that you need to returns to Instagram from time to time.

In the end, if you want even more to improve your Instagram business strategy read my post exactly about that: Let’s start using Instagram for business like we are supposed to

Linkedin doesn’t forgive but gives a good audience

At the beginning, you’ll have to spend most of the time building your personal profile. LinkedIn is all about connection with other business people, and your profile is the first thing they see when they found you.

Your profile is something like your business biography with your previous jobs and projects, with your skills, your education, something you would bring to a job interview. Take the time to always keep your profile updated and completely filled.

So why LinkedIn gives a good audience? Keep in mind that LinkedIn users won’t forgive you if you share something that isn’t related to the business, so you have to spend a little more time on that. The users want relevant content, good quality. But, on the other hand, if you have a good profile and a good content, LinkedIn will bring a lot of people interested in the same business as yours.

LinkedIn has another option and that is to make a company page. There are no special differences compared to creating a page on Facebook, but there is an additional option and this is creating of showcase pages . This enables you to create a page for aspects of your business with their own messages and audience segments to share with.

All in all, at the very beginning of your appearance on social networks, it’s good to share link of your brand everywhere, but if you decide to have your profile on some social network, keep in mind that a lot of people can see that profile and you’ll have to take some time to keep that profile updated with same quality and content around all popular networks.

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Do you need all social media channels at the beginning and why not?


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