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How To Reduce Electric Bill In Summer Days: The Definite Guide

How To Reduce Electric Bill? This question is frighting many people. As summer day comes, we feel more heat not from sun but from electricity bill. In summer days, electricity consumption skyrocket. In these days we use fans, air conditioners, room cooler and many more gizmos. First three gizmos takes more electricity to operate.

How To Reduce Electric Bill

If you are also facing the problem of high electricity bills specially in summer, you must follow this article. Many people think, there is no way to reduce power consumption, but they all are wrong. You need a proper management of all electricity appliances. There are some worthy tips by which you can control your electricity bills in summer.

Tips To Reduce Electric Bill This Summer

1. Keep Sun Rays In Room Softer

How To Reduce Electric Bill

First of all if your doesn’t have curtains, get a pair for that. It will soften the sun rays in room, also make room look better. I have seen many of us keeps the curtain not properly closed or kept open. This will surely lead to harden the impact of sun rays in room, causing more heat. It will make you to switch on your air conditioner rather than fan. Also if if curtains are open, fan will give hot air rather than cool air. Even AC will not properly cool the room, if sun rays are there. There are certain types of special paper, which repels the light out of windows. You can also use them. Also painting the house with a light color can give some cooling in room. Use lights at minimum, because it causes more heating.

2. Say No To Air Conditioner

In summer days, there is no need to use AC all the time. We should use AC only when its too hot. Otherwise its more comfortable and power efficient to use Fan. Never use air conditioner in morning, because there is already some cooling in morning. Just make the room cool with AC , off the AC and switch on the fan. You should learn to use AC at minimum. Using AC too much is also bad for health.

3. Maintain All Electricity Appliances Properly

You should maintain all electricity appliances properly. So that they run at their highest efficiency. For this you just need to make a call to call center of and get ready for annual maintenance for your appliances.

4. Using Energy Efficient Appliances

How To Reduce Electric Bill

Before purchasing any electric appliance, make sure it follow all energy efficiency standards. It certifies from any reputed agency like BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) in India. If you wants to purchase an AC, make sure it is 5 star rated. It signifies that, that the AC is maximum energy efficient. Even a laptop can be energy efficient, like my Asus laptop is Energy Star certified. All other major appliance like Refrigerator and Washing Machine should be maximum energy efficient. Because these appliances consumes maximum electricity.

5. Install An Exhaust Fan In Kitchen

It is recommended to install an exhaust fan in kitchen. So that it through out hot air out of kitchen. If your kitchen is open, hotness produced in kitchen can spread in other rooms and increase the temperature of all adjacent rooms. Increase in temperature of room force you to switch on fans or AC. It will cause more power consumption thus increase in electricity bill. Also installing an exhaust fan is very cheap.

6. Use Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Now its the time to replace light bulbs. A single incandescent light bulbs take same cost to operate as with 8-10 CFL Bulbs. These fluorescent bulbs are some what expensive but worth it. Because it also operates 10 times more than normal incandescent bulbs. One more benefits of these CFL’s are they gives coolness rather than hotness. Incandescent bulbs produce more heat and make room hotter thus more power consumption definitely.

7. Keep Your House Ventilated

It is also recommended to keep your house properly ventilated. Good ventilation in house bring fresh air in home. It produces some coolness in room. Sometimes it make us to switch off fans and AC. Because its already cool because of fresh air. So proper ventilation is a good criteria to keep electricity bills in control.

8. Plant Trees

Though growing a plant and becoming tree takes time, but its worth it. Because trees can shade the house and provide coolness. keeping some plant pots in home or in veranda can also helps your home to keep cool.

9. Switch Off Appliances When Not In Use

You should switch off the electricity appliances properly, when you not use them. Many times After watching Television, people just switch it off with remote, not from electric outlet. This will cause TV to consume electricity, because power is still in TV. For preventing this, you just have to switch off the TV from its outlet. This will apply to all appliances. Remember to switch off the gizmo  from its outlet.

10. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Remember to switch off fans, TV, Computer and other gizmos when not using them.
  • Do not open the refrigerator door frequently, it will reduce it coolness and refrigerator compressor will have to work more.
  • Control the fan speed according to your need. If there is less heating, make it to work at lower speed. It will save energy.
  • Its summer days. You can go to beach or any cool places like hill stations to visit. Before going make sure all appliances are unplugged. You should also switch off from electric meter.
  • When you go outside in summer, wear light color clothes. Like white color repel all sun rays and Block absorbs, which cause to feel more hot.
  • Your Bed sheet should be smooth and of light color. Some people use thick bed sheets of dark color even in summer days. This cause the much feeling of hotness.
  • Take bath two time in summer days to feel cool.
  • Install Google Chrome in your Windows OS or Mac. Chrome is said to be more energy efficient while playing videos.
  • Replace your too old appliances, because they will perform at much efficiency as when they were new.
  • Wash the clothes with washing machine one time in a week
  • Don’t use dryer of washing machine every time. Use only when it is rainy out there.
  • Don’t run fan or AC in rainy days because there is no need.
  • Go for a walk in evening or after taking dinner. It also good for health and saves electricity if all appliances or unplugged.


Reducing electric bill is not a daunting task. Its just a matter of how efficiently we manages our appliances. Above are some of the best tips on How to reduce electric bill specially in summer days. Some of these tips even can be applied in winter days. Though in winter days, electric bill is already low but we should try to keep it at minimum.

If you have any other advice to save electric bill, please say that in comment section.

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How To Reduce Electric Bill In Summer Days: The Definite Guide


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