| Updated: Feb 9, 2018, 05:14 IST
NEW DELHI: The opposition attacked the government on Thursday over agrarian crisis, unemployment and on financial issues including the increase in indirect tax, with former finance minister leader P Chidambaram terming the economic policies as “betrayal” of the country.
He also alleged that all norms of fiscal prudence have been thrown out of the window.
Chidambaram posed a dozen questions to the finance minister saying that he wanted specific answers from him. He termed the three landmark schemes announced in the Budget – MSP for farmers, employment creation and the mega health insurance – as three “jumlas” (rhetoric). “We support the triple talaq Bill. But we don’t support these triple jumlas. You bring the triple talaq Bill. We will pass it. But don’t bring these jumlas.”
Chidambaram asked what the formula will be to arrive at the MSP. “You can announce MSP but not all farmers will get MSP. Many farmers are forced to sell in the market. Will you pay them the difference between MSP and market price? Have you made a provision regarding this in the Budget?”
He also said even if the government now gives the MSP, it will have an impact only for the kharif crop, “but by all accounts, you are going to hold an election even before the kharif comes. So, this is only an election jumla, a chunavi jumla .”
The former FM asked whether the government will suggest to the International Labour Organisation to include those selling pakodas in its definition for employment, though in a lighter vein.


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