| TNN | Updated: Jan 28, 2018, 12:45 IST
In a country deeply divided on caste and religious identities, popular author Amish said on Saturday he chose only to use his first name on book covers because he wanted to be judged for his ‘karma’ and not his caste identity.
A Brahmin by birth, and an atheist for over a decade until he became a devout followed of Lord Shiva, Amish, while speaking at the launch of a new series of books that he calls the Ramayana series, said, “Don‘t judge me for my surname; judge me for my karma. That is why I decided to only keep my first name on the covers of the book I write.”
Amish said present day India had much to learn from the ancient Indian texts and contexts, and there was a need now to mine them to regain the wisdom they offered. “Unlike in the present times, the ancient traditions promoted skepticism. People are taught to always question. Imagine, for instance, that there was no word in Vedic Sanskrit for ‘blasphemy’,” Amish said.


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