| Jan 28, 2018, 00:56 IST
Jaipur: Narayan Das Maharaj and Maharao Raghuveer Singh from Rajasthan have been awarded Padma Shri on January 26. Maharaj from Jaipur and Singh from Sirohi have been nominated for the award for excellence in social work and history, respectively.
Maharao Raghuveer Singh
Seventy-five-year old Maharao Raghuveer Singh from Sirohi was awarded Padma Shri for his contribution in the field of History on January 26. Singh devoted his life to bring out the aspect that India was on the fore of all scientific, social and philosophical fields. “My research of dating existence of Lord Ram’s period to 35 lakh years old has been stamped by NASA when they approved that the age of Ram Setu is almost 35 years,” said Singh who is confident as per the ancient history the existence of homo sapiens is dating back to 2.97 lakh crore years ago will soon be validated scientifically. Singh has also dated the Vedic period to be one crore years old. Singh is a gold medalist in History from Rajasthan University. “I am planning to write my first book on history to document all my research work,” said Singh. He presented speeches in the US, Europe and in India.
Narayan Das Maharaj
Ninety-two-year old Narayan Das Maharaj lives at Triveni Dham near Chimanpura village in Jaipur is known for social work in the field of education, cow protection and feeding the poor. He was among the two recipients from the state to receive Padma Shri on January 26. The Dham has three gau shalas with 1,300 cows. According to his disciple, Puran Mal Sharma, Dham has made several educational institutes including sponsoring of Sanskrit University in Jaipur along with some colleges and schools. “Maharaj’s father had left him at Bhagwan Dar Maharaj to learn the sense of service and attain spiritual masterhood. He has transformed the lives of lakhs of people making him sages of the sage,” said Sharma. Legend says that when Pandavas were in exile they came in the mountains of Triveni Dham making it the place of religious importance.


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