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An Information Security Blog created to assist general users on Computer Security.
2022-03-28 19:14
The Skoda Kodiaq seven-seater SUV just had its mid-life update that includes a newly-designed petrol RS range-topper, replacing the diesel model that is now in the past. Although n… Read More
2022 Mazda CX-5 Review
2022-03-28 19:07
Mazda continues working on its CX-5 SUV. It was launched in 2017, and has already been updated with an even more efficient turbocharged engine, updated infotainment syste… Read More
2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport Review
2022-03-28 19:00
Its Genesis G70 remains under a variety of radars despite its relatively recent redesign that is so complex it practically gave it a brand new design identity, grafting the new Gen… Read More
2022 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Review
2022-03-28 07:31
Our team was completely blown off when we realized that we had discovered that the Porshe Taycan was the third highest-selling electric vehicle in the US, just after that of the&nb&hell…Read More
2022-03-27 20:58
Dual-cab utes have come quite a far from their humble beginnings as the simplest of work vehicles. It’s nowhere more apparent than in the brand new Ford Ranger, which will provide a hu… Read More
2021-12-11 17:15
Ever since the first car was made, Drivers were trying to reach crazy speeds. That is how drag racing was born. As cars got better, they could go faster. Drivers also became more experienced… Read More
2021-12-10 17:00
It is surprising that a company is known for making comfortable luxury cars, Cadillac also makes less expensive vehicles. Some of the best performance cars are made by this company. Cadillac… Read More
2021-12-08 16:44
Sometimes it’s better to lease a house. For example, many people don’t want the responsibility of owning a home. This is true for most people. Most of us are better off leasing t… Read More
2021-12-07 16:46
Manufactured to be as fast as a Ferrari. The GT went on to win many races at Le Mans. Today, it is still redefining American supercars. Imagine if all of the best cars ever made were in one… Read More
2021-12-06 16:49
For most of us, the most important thing about a car is how fast it goes. The fastest cars are supercars. They have a different style than other cars. For example, they might be designed dif… Read More
2021-12-06 15:43
Some people are saying that in the UK, we should stop using cars that use gas and diesel. People want us to buy electric cars. Which ones should we buy? The number of electric car sales in t… Read More
2021-12-06 07:32
If you are ready to buy an electric car, you are in the right place. Our editors have driven nearly every new electric car that is sold. We would love to help steer you in the right directio… Read More
2021-12-06 06:54
Usually, there are two or three cars that rival each other in the supercar category. But I can think of at least six different cars that could be supercars. So, Ferrari replaced the 458 with… Read More
2021-12-06 06:29
Koenigsegg The One:1 The only car that can beat a Koenigsegg is another Koenigsegg. The world was wowed by the Koenigsegg Agera R but when they saw the One:1, it blew them away even more. Th… Read More
2021-12-05 16:36
The heady rev of a high-powered motor. The breathtaking vacuum a supercar leaves behind as it zips around a corner. The strength you need to drive the world’s fastest cars of 2021. It… Read More
I Was Driving To The Dacha On A Dirt Road
2021-09-04 07:20
I am sharing my impressions of the KIA Optima 2.4 Prestige. I have been driving a car for a little more than seven months and I think that during this time you can learn about the main dis… Read More
Top 5 Longest Production Suvs In The World
2021-09-04 01:48
Not so long ago, the Japanese presented the updated Nissan Patrol with gigantic dimensions over two meters wide and five meters long. However, there are more gigantic SUVs in the world, co… Read More
2021-09-04 01:39
Volkswagen has introduced the Atlas Cross Sport crossover, which is a shorter, lower and more stylish version of the regular version of the Atlas model (sold as Teramont in Russia). In term… Read More
Relevant And Desirable Even Today
2021-09-04 01:27
As you know, earlier the sun was shining brighter and the grass was greener. And the machines were not only powerful and fast, but also reliable. Not like now – I skated for five ye… Read More
Why Is It Worth 60 Million Rubles
2021-09-04 01:23
Previously, the luxury sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII received a special version called “Tranquility”, while the British announced that they will produce only 25 such cars. Now… Read More
Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid 2020
2021-09-03 13:54
At the end of November two thousand nineteen, the French declassified the first rechargeable hybrid of the Citroen brand. It turned out to be the C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid crossover, whic… Read More
Will Such A Record Be Accepted In Court?
2021-09-03 11:31
The DVR in the car, of course, is not installed in order to shoot blogs about the life of the driver. Basically, it is needed in order to record the actions preceding an accident or any vi… Read More
Prices For “nice” Numbers In Russia
2021-09-03 10:51
To show his position and status, the car owner “trumps” not only with an expensive and pretentious car, but also with “beautiful” numbers. Special combinations of l… Read More
Review Of Suzuki Vitara S
2021-09-03 10:20
I got Vitara just three months ago. I go to work every day in a crossover, I managed to get out into nature several times, so my impressions of the car are when operating in urban mode. I… Read More
Mazda 6 2.5 Turbo 2021
2021-09-03 08:23
You can buy a new Mazda 6 2.5 Turbo 2021 in Russia only in one – the most expensive Executive + configuration, the recommended price of such a model on the official dealer’s web… Read More
Announced Prices And Start Date Of Sales
2021-09-03 05:39
In mid-November, AvtoVAZ officially announced a new Lada Vesta CVT equipped with a variator from the Japanese company Jatco. Moreover, this transmission has become available for the entire… Read More
Mercedes-amg Gls 63 S 2020
2021-09-03 00:08
The premiere of the “charged” crossover Mercedes-AMG 63 GLS 2020 in a new body was the Los Angeles Auto Show two thousand nineteen. Such an SUV can be distinguished from the re… Read More
That’s What It Means To Do For Yourself
2021-09-02 12:58
Some time ago, a married couple from the city of Sibay (Republic of Bashkortostan) had a used IZH-2717 produced in 2004 at their disposal. They were fired up with the idea of ​​… Read More

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