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Pulau Jarak, Perak – 8 JAN 2016

The word luck by definition varies by the philosophical, religious, mystical, or emotional context of the one interpreting it and according to the classic Noah Webster’s dictionary, luck is “a purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favourably or unfavourably for an individual, group or cause”. Luck is a factor to be considered in fishing and has shaped every fishing outing outcome to any anglers around the world. We were lucky indeed to own additional date as early in January, by snatching the date that was booked by GPM group. Chris was throwing an idea of another Jarak trip and what a coincidence GPM group members snoozed the trip and I step forward to claim the date.

Fishyology Banner 1.1

Getting people on-board the trip was quite easy. Salihin, Izzuddin, Najmi was the initial member that were listed in January trip. Scott decided on the same day to join the expedition and Chris confirmed a week later. Fadzly Rani and Najmi’s relative Jack completed the first 8 members of the trip. I knew I have to keep at least another seat open for Andrew or Azrul because they have wanted to go on this trip earlier.

It was destined that Azrul to take the final slot as Andrew had some massive office work to reconcile in January. There you go, 9 members yet again ready for another journey on board the mighty chaser. Preparation was on schedule, equipment all check securing live bait was the trickiest part. Mr Chia from Bagan Tengkorak save me time to obtain 100 live mantis prawns for our Goldie Snapper from the depth of Jarak water.

10.00am, we grab all the supplies and equipment and stocked the belly of the mighty Chaser. It was good to see Ah Ho again, the captain of this famous fishing boat and Ijat the friendliest and hardworking deckie that will make sure everything is in place and the food was always awesome in this trip. We set sail about 10.30am, the first few hours was still a bit awkward for most of the guys Haha.

The toughest part was to get them all feel comfortable with one another, Izzuddin started the day with some assist hook tying 101 and it is a good move to get the mood going. It was not like the first time I went for this trip, we were fired up the moment when we saw Bagan Datoh signboard. Scott was honking and flashing lights back in Jun 2015 haha. I took us 4 hours to reach Jarak waters. Ample time to setup all the rods and some even take short nap before the games begin.

Jarak 5

Pack your bags and ready to go!!

Jarak 1

Izzuddin and Azrul, mid way from Bagan Datoh to Pulau Sembilan

Jarak 2

Izzuddin showcasing several ways of tying Single and Double assist hook

As soon as we hit the first spot, we are all ready to send down our heavy metal jig. All come in different sizes and profile. I started off with a pink slow jig and as soon as the boat stops, we send down our best jigs to fool the pelagic species that roam on the bottom of the sea. However, it was us that being fooled by the fish haha. The first few hours were just hard working, right hand workout session jigging 150g-250g metal jig. With the weight of the sea crushing the metal jig, trust me, it’s a heavy workout session.

Izzuddin aka The New Jigging Master had a brief moment of Adrenalin rush, thanks to a Cobia that took the jig and surface on the starboard side of the boat while Jigging Master was on the other side. The line brushes the boat hull and SNAP! Barnacles have helped its fellow sea creature to roam free again. Some including me have our jig missing when the jig is on route to the sea floor. The usual suspect is the pesky barracuda but it sounds better when we replace barracuda with tenggiri haha.

Jarak 4

Ahoy mates! Keep em jigging lads!

Jarak 3

Abg Najmi with a beautiful Gerut2! A fine treat after a slow jigging day.

Mr. Najmi finally draws first blood with a nice Gerut2 or I called it Silver Snapper haha. A decent size and good enough for the cool-box. For a moment, bro Najmi felt like a superstar with all the cameras that flashes in front of him. Fadzly was covering an article for Sirip. Jigging Master always kept good copies of photos whenever he goes out fishing and not forgetting me for Fishyology. We wish we could have more fish but “luck” was not on our side. Somehow the fish weren’t biting, so Ah Ho decided to rush to Jarak Island for some popping action.

Jarak 9

Push on.. speeding to Jarak Island for our first popping session!

I took us an hour to reach the island, thanks to “Ah Ho short entourage”. We begin our popping along the Island coastal and underwater pinnacle. Chris favourite Popper that has done the job in Rompin, were the first to be bitten by a Spanish mackerel! I was at the front of the boat saw the surface action but again luck was not on his side as the Spanish mackerel manages to unhook itself from the massive treble hook. That was it.

The final action during the day, only a Gerut2 were landed. We had a similar scenario last year as we had a poor Day 1 but will improve during the night fishing. I was hoping that it will be the same scenario. Once you put down the rod, we can start feel the sore arms and shoulder. Totally used all the energy and we will have a short 1-2 hours of rest before we begin our night session.

Jarak 8

Traditional fishing ship

Jarak 6

The best spot when the boat is moving :)

Shower was a welcome treat after burning yourself during the day. We had a big dinner, thanks to Ijat’s master chef skills. Kari Udang, Masak Lemak Ketam, Fried Chicken are some of the food he cooked. After all the hard work, finally we got a chance for a short rest, rejuvenate ourselves and prepare for our night session. This time I am determine to stay up longer to fish for Goldies or Jenahak. Izzuddin aka “Deepman” his call when at night came out with a proper Bottom Fishing rod and reel. The most important stuff is the sinker. Heavy sinkers will ensure the bait stays at the fishing zone. I only manage to use size 18 sinkers as I do not have bottom fishing setup. Most of the guys were not prepared for such proportion and it was Deepman readiness that pays off and he owned the night!

Jarak 10

Fadzly set the standard high with a nice Golden Snapper! Extremely satisfied face my friend haha.

Jarak 12

Deepman with his first trophy of the night. Jenahak!

The rig for Jenahak is quite simple; the leader has 2 hooks that will be used to hook the head and the tail of the deadly mantis prawn. Apart from all the souped-up equipment that Deepman have, luck was on Fadzly’s side as he landed the first Jenahak of the night! It was a beauty! Just like digging gold from the depth of the sea. Deepman scored a long streak, hauling one Jenahak after another. The ring of his bell can be annoying to some who still haven’t landed the tasty Jarak haha. Azrul was next with his first ever Jenahak! The smallest of the school I guess as the usual size that landed were 3-4kg.

Jarak 13

“My Preciousssssss” says Azrul haha

Jarak 15

One after another.. Deepman scores again!

Jarak 17

Struck Gold again in Pulau Jarak! No 2 for Fadzly

Jarak 16

Ijat.. with a grim background showcasing his trophy!

Jarak 18

At this rate we will be filling up the cool box sooner then expected! haha

Deepman owned the night! Posing glamorously in front of the camera with his prized catch and thanks to the effectiveness of his equipment, he quickly filled the coolerbox with Jenahak. I was checking out on one of his fish, while I heard “Nor, Nor!!” Fish ON! A snapper snatch the bait and it was game on! It fight’s hard and always trying to dive deeper to ditch the hook. Fishies don’t win all the time as this time I have landed my Goldie! It was a great feeling to catch my first fish of 2016.

This is what’s good about Pulau Jarak LOB trip. We can jig and pop during the day and bottom fishing during the night. Bottom fishing can target selected species which is mostly snappers and groupers! So if your not hauling enough during the day then you can always compensate your outing at night!

Ijat and Fadzly soon join in the Snapper hall of fame with both landed 1 Snapper each later that night. I was too tired to stay with up with the boys, so I decided to end the day. It doesn’t take long for my eyes to close down and sleep all the way to morning. Occasionally, would wake up when dragged has been pulled by a  fish and look around to check if someone’s on it, that night everything was covered. 10am to 3am.. That is our first fishing day on board the GT Chaser. The result was definitely better during the night and hopefully we can produce a bit more in Day 2.

Mantis Shrimp adult

Mantis Prawn

Jarak 14

Lovely golden snapper! Arghh better than a gold doubloon!

Jarak 19

A beautiful sight that is being waited by an angler :)

Jarak 20

With a proper bottom fishing setup, you can land more fish.. trust me. One last picture of Day 1 before hit the bed!


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