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Ahead of the Sport-Fishing Enthusiast Clinic 2.0 which will be held at the Empangan Air Kuning, Shah Alam or also known as Taman Botani Negara, Flyfishing Center, I decided to revisit the place and recap on the fishing technique and bait. It has been 2 years since last visit here.

Empangan Air Kuning is one of the most natural looking fishing pond that is available within the city center of Shah Alam. It used to be a hectic process to enter Taman Botani Negara but now they have simplified the process and we are good to go in no time.  Today, Andrew Griffin joined me after our last trip back in May to finish our Magazine content in Port Dickson.

We are 1 month away to bid farewell for 2015 fishing season and it has been a great ride with some of the best fishing spot in Malaysia and fished with great anglers across 16 countries. As for today, it will be a basic fishing outing with the usage of bait and some lure fishing. We started the day early to unpack and gear up to begin our fishing and we opted to use the boat to add a different feel to our fishing and a great morning exercise to row our way to our fishing spot. Home to Giant Pacu, Empangan Air Kuning will surely be one of the best for some great fishing experience.


Start your day early and enjoy nature :)


Scientific research suggest that Green can be psychologically soothing and you add fishing to it.. Perfect!

Apart from the exquisite natural looking fishing pond with great ambiance, we were strolling around the lake looking for the fish but non actually went for our bait. There were no surface activity at all. No Pacu or Toman surfaces for air which created a negative perception and questions. Has this place gone from one of the best fishing pond to one of the worst? for 2 hours we kept on looking but still no luck. It was all to quite and I decided to move to the smaller pond to try our luck there.

Andrew though want us to keep on trying until we get a bite. We then decided to give one more go head up towards the end of the lake and begin our fishing again. It was cold and dark in the morning, as time goes by, sun came out and I guess the sun light warmed the water and fish started to feed.

As we were drifting, we cast out our bait and patiently waited for the fish to hammer our bait. As the temperature of the water is on the rise and inner temperature of the angler follows to rise too, finally a fish is humble enough to on Andrew’s rod! His Shimano Biomaster were spilling lines but it was a small size Pacu and everything us under control. It put up a great fight and fishing on a boat add the fun even more.


Fish On! Andrew keeps the line tight as I control the boat.


Finally our first Pacu of the day landed!

Although they are small but still feisty! After landed his first fish, he continue to roll with another successive 4 strikes and landed another 2 out of 4. One fish just kept on going, went into the underwater structure and swim out of it.. cutting the 10lb line with ease. The Pacu here is cunning and intelligent. Even the next two strikes the same thing happen and Andrew’s can’t put the pressure as he was on light tackle.

I was still waiting for my first bite and improvise my rig to make it suitable to deceive the intelligent Pacu. From 40lb leader I switched to 20lb.. still not fish were biting. I decided to make a simpler rig without any shock leaders. Mainline + Bearing Swivel + Leader (FC) still no luck. AG suggest a braided leader instead of Fluoro Carbon.. and to my surprise it worked! I was getting more attention from the fish then before thus the conclusion could have been the leader.


AG on fire today.. 4 successive strikes on his Pacu rig which is an ace in this Pond!


After few minutes of intense battle.. finally he bags it!


Probably is a different Variation of Pacu, which known as the Black Pacu that makes it stronger then the red belly Pacu..

After switching the leader from FC to normal braid, finally Pacu hit my bait and it was fun to finally land one Haha! After countless attempt, finally I’ve pinpoint the best possible spot that have high Pacu concentration.

I kept sending my bait at the designated area and I was on to my next fish. This time feels a bit stronger and taken a different swim path rather heading straight to the snag. It jumps out of the water a few times, showing its big size belly and black coloration. It wasn’t massive but AG reckons it was biggest size of the day ever seen.

The fish a decisive turn, launching itself into the nearby underwater structure. It was impossible to pull it out as the umbrella shaped structure was a perfect cover in attempt to break the line. I want this fish thus I tried several steps in pulling it out from the snag. And suddenly..


Still waiting for the fish to take my bait :)


Safe landed my Pacu, and release the hook properly for safe release :)


My first Pacu in 2015.. Wow hahaha

As I was pulling the fish out, I can feel it moves out inch by inch and all the sudden, PRAKK!! Damn the rod broke! It was all so sudden and the fish finally escaped by biting through the line. It should have broken the main line first then the rod, but I guess S**T happens and it was my mistake to maxed out the rod too much. What a bummer!

AG handed me his other rod, and as I completed the rig and cast it out again, it was not long when the fish took it a swim straight the snag and I lost it again. Haha. I pass the rod back to AG and called it a day! Its a shame to loss probably a massive Pacu today, but like I always say, you can’t always win so this time I was beaten TKO by that fish.. But I will be back for sure with a heavier setting :D.

Look forward to meet us and the team at the Sports Fishing Enthusiast Clinic, We have great class to showcase lure casting skills and Garmin echo sounder demo plus lure gift from Megabass! Register now and thank you for reading guys :)

SFE 2.4

Arrive here in one piece and came back in two.. arghhhh


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