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My Personal Golf Fitness Case Study – One Month Update

It is the first week in February and I am now one month into my self case study, therefore it is time for my first retest week.

First things I need to report a change to my original program, I switched to a Conjugate Method Based Program.  Without getting too deep into what that is, there are many good explanations out there on the internet, I will say that it is basically a 4 day a week program with one upper and one lower strength day and one upper and one lower speed day.  The goal of this program is to improve my main 4 lifts: Bench, OH press, Squat and Deadlift. My accessory work within the program is more “golf specific” for a lack of better words.

With that being said to sum up my first month it has felt great to get back under the bar and get back in the gym. My plan was to do super speed training on my off days but with the cold and rainy weather we have been having I haven’t been very consistent with that, only getting to it about once a week. I haven’t missed a resistance workout and have added some sprint training at the end of those as well. As far as my golf game goes I have only played two rounds in the last month but have been able to get at least two practice sessions a week in.


Below are my original measurements from 12/25-12/31/17

  • K vest: Transitional sequence Hips, club torso arms, Pelvic bend at address 7 deg. WNL 12-27 deg, Upper body turn at impact 17 degrees WNL 26-34 degrees, upper body bend at top of backswing 3 degrees extended WNL 2-15 degrees forward bent,
  • Driver Swing Speed: 101 mph
  • 7 iron swing speed 88 mph
  • Waist around belly button measurement: 37 inches
  • Body weight 185 lbs.
  • Standing Long Jump: 70 inches
  • Squat 3 rep max: 185 x 3
  • Deadlift 3 rep max: 275 x 3
  • OH press 3 rep max: 120 x 3
  • Bench press 3 rep max: 165 x 3
  • Pull ups max set: 6 reps
  • Handicap 10.5

First Follow up Measurements Week of 2/5-2/9/18

  • K vest: Did not retest and will most likely not retest until the 3 month mark
  • Driver Swing Speed: Retest at 3 month
  • 7 iron swing speed: Retest at 3 month
  • Waist around belly button measurement: 36.5 inches
  • Body weight 182 lbs.
  • Standing Long Jump: 72.5 inches
  • Squat 3 rep max: 195 x 3
  • Deadlift 3 rep max: 300 x 3
  • OH press 3 rep max: 125 x 3
  • Bench press 3 rep max: 185 x 3
  • Pull ups max set: 8 reps
  • Handicap 11.3


Below is a recap of what my 3 month goals are:

  • Improved K vest numbers:  proper transition sequence hips torso arms club, pelvic bend WNL at address, WNL upper body turn and side bend at impact. Decreased backbend at top of backswing
  • Driver Swing Speed: 106 mph
  • 7 iron swing speed: 90 mph
  • Body weight: 175
  • Waist around belly button: 33 inches
  • Squat 3 rep max: 225 x 3
  • Deadlift 3 rep max: 315 x 3
  • Bench Press: 205 x 3
  • OH press 3 rep max: 135 x 3
  • Max set pullups: 10 repetitions
  • Standing long jump: 74 inches
  • Handicap: 8

Final Summary of First Month

While I did see improvements in strength in all of my main lifts I would have liked to see my squat numbers go up a little more.  I did see my pullups and long jump improve as well. While my handicap did drop I have only put two rounds toward it and had a few before I started all which weren’t great scoring rounds. I am not too concerned with my handicap numbers until I start playing more.  Lastly looking at my weight and measurements I would have liked to have seen a bigger drop in my waist measurement than what I did get.  I am still dialing in my nutrition overall and will use the excuse of Mardi Gras and the constant access to king cakes. Sweets are my weakness and there is plenty of access to them this time of year.  I look forward to the next month continuing with my same program, adding in some more superspeed training and hopefully playing more golf.


John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI

Cover Image via Flickr

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My Personal Golf Fitness Case Study – One Month Update


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