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The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

Kickstarter is well-known for getting some of the very best products and ideas off the ground. Back in 2012, Pebble Time got its start by raising over $20,000,000 for its state-of-the-art smartwatch. The Coolest Cooler was another invention that raised over $13,000,000 on the Entrepreneur website. Even Mystery Science Theater 3000 used Kickstarter to reboot the cult series. Sidenote: MST3K is brilliant and you should watch all of them.

But what role has Kickstarter played in the world of golf?

Turns out, there have been some incredibly successful ideas that were born via Kickstarter. And some great ideas in the making on the site.

First, here are some great products that have been fully funded and have either officially hit the market or are just about to.

#1 Chippo – The Glorious Lovechild of Golf and Cornhole

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That’s right, the viral hit that took “bags” and made it better by incorporating golf got its start on Kickstarter. It raised over $200,000 during its campaign, well over the initial $12,000 pledge the inventors were looking for.

I’ve played this during a group golf trip this year and it absolutely lives up to the hype.

I am the self-proclaimed king of the bounce shot. Come at me!

#2 Tittle X With E6 Golf Simulator

For those of us in climates that don’t lend themselves to year-round golf, simulators are one of the very few options we have to keep our swings intact during the offseason. Tittle X and E6 have combined powers to bring one of the most compact swing analyzers to the market as well as the ability to play some of the most famous golf courses in the world.

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This was yet another project that received more support than its initial ask, getting over $140,000 in pledges while having a $30,000 goal. They have also recently released a swing training aid that incorporates their technology.

#3 Palm Golf Company

The most recent golf Kickstarter to get fully funded is a new golf glove company out of Huntington Beach, California.

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Besides a refreshed design of the traditional golf club, Palm Golf is also attempting to change the way we order our golf gloves with what they call “The Glove Club”. Essentially, it’s designed to work the same way the shaving clubs work, with a bit of a twist. The shaving clubs automatically send you new razors and what-not on a defined schedule. The Glove Club will do that for you, but will also allow you to order a glove “on-demand” rather than on a schedule.

There’s what was out there, but what’s out there now in the world of Kickstarter for Golf?

#4 The SelfieGolf SelfieSpinner

Brought to you by the folks that gave us the simplest way to record our own swings, the SelfieSpinner is a clever little all-in-one golf accessory.

It’s a divot tool, a ball marker, a “fate” decider, a line stencil, a club holder, oh, and a fidget spinner.

For those of you that scoff at the idea of a fidget spinner, I ask, how often do you find yourself waiting on the tee box, or for the green to clear, or for your turn to putt? There tends to be a lot of waiting on the golf course and the fidget spinner part of this all-in-one device could become the most valuable.

If you’re interested in funding the SelfieSpinner, $40 will get you one plus a SelfieGolf phone holster. Not to mention, if fully funded, they’ll be shipped to you in time for the holidays this December.

#5 Mars Open: Tabletop Golf

Mars Open is golf, tabletop, and the old-school paper football flicking game combined. It won’t make you better at golf, but it will give you something to do when the course isn’t open or you’re snowed in, or the kids want to play a game and you’re obsessed with golf.

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The point of the game is to flick your golf “ball” card over obstacles and toward the crater hole box. As in golf, you want to land your ball in the box in the fewest strokes possible. Once you’ve holed-out, reassemble the obstacles into the next hole and tee-off again.

If you want in on this project, there’s still time. For less than $30 you can get your hands on the first shipped games by next summer.

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The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About


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