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Every Golfers Dream is to Cure the Yips - “The Magic Putter”

Putter anchoring is now illegal.- more

Welcome to the world of the “Magic Putter“. My name is Tim Holman. The Magic putter has been designed to provide the golf world a higher quality switch putter. It is a great right-handed putter and it is also a great left-handed putter. It has been designed to be twice as versatile as any single sided putter.

The Magic putter is an extremely high quality, heel and toe weighted, switch putter. All Magic putters are made in America.

 The Magic putter has been designed to provide maximum forgiveness on all off center putts. The heavier 385 gram head and the counter balanced handle provide tremendous balance and stability throughout the stroke. The Magic putter feels great and rolls the ball beautifully.

Heavier swing weighted Magic putters are available by special order.

The Magic putter is twice the fun.

 Your Magic putter is a legal 15th club in your bag: One of the great advantages of all Magic Putters is the unique option of being able to putt either right or left-handed. Conventional single-sided putters dictate where you must stand on every putt. With the Magic Putter you will always have 2 choices. Even players that choose to use the Magic Putter primarily right-handed will gain the numerous benefits of the left-handed option.

The practical advantages of a having a left-handed option in your bag are numerous. Left-handed putting gives you a completely different angle of attack, not only on the greens but anywhere on the the course. The left-handed option can be used to play out of many trouble situations, where playing right-handed may be difficult or down right impossible. Another great advantage of becoming a solid left-handed putter is that it takes pressure off of your right-handed putting stroke. The Magic putter gives you the left-handed option that you can go to if you are struggling with your right-handed putting. Learning to putt left-handed is much easier than most people think.  

       The secret is opening your mind to the possibilities... that's when the fun begins.

The Magic putters left-handed option can also help to cure the yips.

The yips rarely transfer from your right-handed putting stroke to your left-handed putting stroke. The human brain views right and left-handed putting as two completely different endeavors, which they are. They are similar in many ways, but when you change the direction of the putting stroke, you use the muscles of the hands and arms in a completely different manner. It is just like a backhand in tennis uses the muscles of the hands and arms differently than a forehand.

 One of the many surprises we learned teaching left-handed putting was that many right-handed golfers actually end up with much better left-handed putting strokes...  I believe many right-handed golfers would be much better putters if they switched to putting left-handed, especially on the left to right putts.
 The Magic putter provides every golfer the opportunity to be an ambidextrous master putter.



In 1985 Brian Stack and I wrote the Stack-Holman Theory of Switch Putting. Five years later in 1990, we wrote the Art and Science of Switch Putting, with the foreword written by our first PGA Tour switch putter Roger Maltbie. In 1992 we gave a switch putting clinic to the Stanford golf team. A couple months later,  Notah Begay asked us to teach him how to switch putt. A little over a year later Notah led the Stanford golf team to the 1994 NCAA championship and set the NCAA championship record of 10 under par 62. He made 9 birdie putts of 10 ft. or longer. He also shot  a 13 under par 59 for the Nike [] Tour record. His switch putting helped him to win 4 PGA tour events in an eleven month span in 2000-2001.

Switch putting has been proven by multiple golfers at every level of the game of golf, up to and including the PGA tour. Switch putting is no longer just an obscure academic concept. Switch putting has been proven to be an extremely effective and fun method of putting.

"Nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come" -  Victor Hugo


Which Magic putter is the one for you?

 The main difference between our original 2013 model and our 2015 model is that there is a furrow in the middle of the bottom of our 2013 Magic putter. By removing the part of the putter that causes most putters to hang up when putting from the fringe or longer grass, the 2013 Magic putter is less likely to catch up in the grass. We have rounded the leading edges on the heel and toe. There are no sharp edges at the bottom of the Magic putter to grab the grass. The Magic putter is much more consistent and forgiving when putting from off the green. This feature has helped many players with chipping difficulties. Removing mass from the bottom center also slightly raises the center of gravity. This helps to distribute slightly more weight toward the heel and toe. Silver stainless steel 2013 model [pictured below]

 Our 2015 model has a traditional flat bottom. [pictured below] Both models are available in black or silver stainless steel. You are also given a choice of a single sweet spot line or dual sight lines on the top of the Magic putter. The dual sight lines have been proven to be especially helpful to players with alignment issues. [Pictured above left on the cover of our brochure]

The clean elegant look and the incredibly well balanced design help make the Magic Putter one of the easiest putters to line up.  






















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Every Golfers Dream is to Cure the Yips - “The Magic Putter”


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