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8 Best Hitch Bike Rack for Carry 4 Bikes (Reviewed Mar, 2020)

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Hitch mount Bike rack is one of the most popular types of bike racks that can be used in any type of vehicle except for some RVs, 5th wheel campers, trailers or similar type vehicles. Hitch mount bike racks are considered the most perfect bike racks for transporting your bikes from one place to another. They can be seen in three different styles based on how they mount your bicycles. Hanging-Style hitch mount bike rack, tray/platform style hitch mount bike rack and vertical-style hitch mount bike rack – are the three types of hitch mount bike racks available in the market. Most of these hitch mount bike racks can accommodate 1¼” and 2” hitch receivers.

There can be astronomical numbers of hitch mount bike racks for 4 bikes available in the market. Because of this huge selection, it is normal to suffer from impotence. That is why we have presented you with this article with a list of some of the best hitch-mount bike racks.

We’ve selected Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE4 as our overall best choice.

Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider
Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider

Our Overall Best Choice

A heavy-duty fold-able bike rack. The patented anti-wobble system makes it popular among outdoor travelers who do not always choose the smooth roads for travelling. Safe and secured. This rack can fit bikes having 60” wheel with 3” tire. But you can adjust this rack up to 72” wheel using kits that are available with this rack. This rack is tilt-able, so access to the hatch or trunk of your car is easy.

  • Type: Hitch Mount (Tray)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Weight Capacity: 50 x 4 = 200 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 2”

We have dedicated Küat NV 2.0 as our premium choice. Although this rack comes as a 2-bike rack at the time of purchase, this rack lets you attach an extension so that you will be able to carry 4 bikes with this rack.

Küat NV 2.0
Küat NV 2.0

Our Premium Choice

The Küat NV 2.0 is available in two different forms to accommodate 2” and 1.25” hitch receivers. With many amazing features such as Trail Doc, Integrated Locks, Adjustable Tire Cradles, Patent Design and other features; this rack will be a complete package for people with all types of demands. This rack will suit most types of vehicles and has an incredible bike load capacity for various types of bikes.

  • Type: Hitch Mount (Tray)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2 (Can be increased to 4 using an add-on). Here is the add-on.
  • Weight Capacity: 60 x 2 = 120 lbs / 40 x 4 = 160 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 1¼” / 2”

8 Best Hitch Bike Racks You can Buy Today for Carrying 4 Bikes

We have divided our selection based on the additional extension that can be attached to the bike rack to increase the loading capacity of the total number of bikes. We have chosen 6 bike racks that are able to load 4 bikes without any extension and we have chosen 2 bike racks that need an extension to carry 4 bikes as they come in 2-bike versions. We just couldn’t ignore them for being exceptionally good at quality and features. Our selection includes the following bikes:

Bike RackBike CapacityReview
Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)It carries 4 bikes.Read the review
Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101SIt carries 4 bikes.Read the review
BV (BV-HR)It carries 4 bikes.Read the review
Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE4It carries 4 bikes.Read the review
Yakima SwingDaddyIt carries 4 bikes.Read the review
Yakima HangoverIt carries 4 bikes.Read the review
Küat NV 2.0Extension is necessary to carry 4 bikes.Read the review
Thule T2 Pro XTExtension is necessary to carry 4 bikes.Read the review

But if you don’t have spare time to read the whole post to find out which one is the most suitable for you and reading the whole post will be hard for you to compare then we have made a comparison table that will help you to compare among the racks.

RacksPreviewNo. of Bike Load Capacity
Total Weight Capacity (lbs)Hitch SizeStyleDimensions (inch)Weight (lbs)Foldable ArmsRear LiftgateLock Feature
Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)Allen Sports Deluxe Locking Quick Release 4-Bike Carrier for 2' Hitch, Model 542QR41401¼” / 2”Hitch Mount (Hanging)26 x 14 x 3.522YesYesYes
Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101STyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack Fits Both 1-1/4'' and 2'' Hitch Receiver | with Hitch Pin Lock & Cable Lock | Soft Cushion Protector3 / 41321¼” / 2”Hitch Mount (Hanging)83 x 10 x 620YesYesYes
BV (BV-HR)BV HR 4-Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier for Car Truck SUV2 / 41401¼” / 2”Hitch Mount (Tray)36 x 27 x 10.638.6YesYesNo
Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE4Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)42002"Hitch Mount (Tray)27 x 10 x 3681YesYesNo
Yakima SwingDaddyYAKIMA - SwingDaddy Swing-Away Hitch Bike Rack, 4 Bike Capacity41602" Hitch Mount (Hanging)38 x 13 x 4347.8YesYesYes
Yakima HangoverYAKIMA - Hangover 6, Vertical Hitch 6-Bike Rack for Suspension Fork Bikes4 / 61502"Hitch Mount (Vertical-Style)22 x 69.5 x 6073NoNoYes
Küat NV 2.0Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack2 (Can be increased to 4)1601¼” / 2”Hitch Mount (Tray)36 x 23 x 1152NoYesYes
Thule T2 Pro XTThule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack2 (Can be increased to 4)1201¼” / 2”Hitch Mount (Tray)54 x 15 x 4352YesYesYes

Type 1: Hitch Bike Racks for 4 Bikes without Any Extension

1. Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)

Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)
Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)
  • Type: Hitch Mount (Hanging)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 22
  • Dimensions (inch): 26 x 14 x 3.5
  • Weight Capacity: 35 x 4 = 140 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 1¼” / 2”

Features & Considerations
  • Tilting Feature: You can keep the mainmast out of the way by tilting it down when you need to open the rear hatch
  • Locking Option: At the bottom of the main mast there is a key slot that locks the rack to the vehicle.
  • Folding Feature: Keep the arms folded down when you are not loading your bikes.
  • With the help of its patented designed cradles, you can tie down your bikes one by one.
  • Bike Compatibility: Cycles with miscellaneous frame designs will suit this rack.
  • Easy to Install: Without using any tool you can easily assemble this rack.
  • Connects with the hitch receiver very tightly that keeps the bikes free from swinging.
  • You will get a limited lifetime warranty when you buy this rack from an authorized dealer.
Some Weaknesses
  • This rack is unable to fit trailers, so don’t buy this rack for a trailer.
  • The arms of this rack may not fit a bike that has a frame size lower than 17.5 inches.
  • When the quick-release pin that holds the shank gets rusty, then it can break.
  • This rack includes a third-rated locking mechanism.
  • Won’t accommodate class-I hitch receivers.
  • Miserable customer service.

The Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR) will present you with a perfect tour with your friends or maybe family members, the kind of tour that you have always dreamed of. This rack is able to carry 4 bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 140 lbs, so be sure each bike is equal or less than 35 lbs. However, there are three other variants of the Allen Sports Deluxe series, they are –

  • 522QR: Offers the same features as the 542QR, but loads only 2 bikes.
  • 532QR: Same as the 542QR that can load 3 bikes.
  • 552QR: This particular version has a greater number of bike load capability. This rack can carry 5 bikes at a time with similar features as the 542QR.
Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR), Allen Sports Deluxe, Allen Sports 542QR

Allen Sports Deluxe (542QR)

The company’s founder Dick Allen started back in 1967 to make the name ‘Allen Sports’ as a renowned brand. Today, this company is one of the paramount companies that make great bicycle-related products owning 4 warehouses, 6 factories in several countries and serving customers from some of the developed countries if the world.

If the installation process is a little challenging for you then this video from ‘Allen Sports’ might help –

2. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101S

Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101S
Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101S
  • Type: Hitch Mount (Hanging)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 3 / 4
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 20
  • Dimensions (inch): 83 x 10 x 6
  • Weight Capacity: 33 x 4 = 132 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 1¼” / 2”

Features & Considerations
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) instruction: Install the rack easily by yourself with its DIY instruction manual.
  • Folding Capability: Fold the arms down when the rack is not being used.
  • Tilt-Down Feature: The tilt down option assists you to open the rear hatch easily and includes a safety pin that helps the rack to get back to the same position.
  • Locking Option: A cable lock, a hitch lock, and security straps will be provided with the rack.
  • Your Bike-frames remain free from scratches crossing over any type of uneven roads.
  • The rack remains intact and the E-Coating won’t let it get rusty over time.
  • ‘TYGER’ offers a No-Hassle limited lifetime warranty.
Some Weaknesses
  • If you lost the key that comes with the lock, you won’t be able to buy it again or retrieve it from the company.
  • This rack won’t adjust vehicles with spare tires at their backs, a hitch extender will be required.
  • Vehicles longer than 18 feet will not be able to accommodate this rack. For example – Toyota Tacoma.
  • Any type of RV, a trailer or a camper is not acceptable for this rack.
  • The bolts that hold the shank may vibrate out crossing a bumpy road, this will damage the rack along with your bikes.

The Tyger Auto (TG-RK3B101S) is one of the best hitch-mount bike racks you will find in the market under a lower price. This rack is available in two variants with a 3 or 4 bike-loading capability. You will also get an additional cable lock and a hitch lock with this rack and they are good locks that you can rely on to protect your bikes and your bike rack from theft.

This rack has a maximum weight load capacity of 132 lbs where each bike should weigh 33 lbs. We have already mentioned some of the weaknesses of this rack, then again you will need a TYGER adaptor bar (TG-RK1B108B) if you want to carry bikes without top frame bars such as women’s bikes or some sort of mountain bikes.

Tyger Auto (TG-RK3B101S), Tyger Auto, TG-RK3B101S

Tyger Auto

3. BV (BV-HR)

  • Type: Hitch Mount (Tray)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2 / 4
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 38.6
  • Dimensions (inch): 36 x 27 x 10.6
  • Weight Capacity: 35 x 4 = 140 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 1¼” / 2”

Features & Considerations
  • 2-way Anti wobble Design: Eliminates any kind of jerk between the hitch and the receiver with its patented 2-way anti-wobble design.
  • 3-Point Connection System: This feature allows you to install this rack within a limited time.
  • Tilting Feature: Its tilt-back design allows you to access the rear gate without detaching it.
  • Folding Feature: Convert it into a concise form by folding it when you don’t want to use it.
  • Safety Reflector: This will ensure a trip at night.
  • The design of the tray and the wheel-loops will secure your bikes at a considerable height and won’t permit any contact between your car and bike.
  • Keeps your bikes stable for its platform and safe for its soft padded arms.
  • One year warranty will be offered.
Some Weaknesses
  • This rack won’t hold a fat tire bike, tire-width should not cross 3 inches.
  • The arm-pads will shrivel over time and tear up.
  • The bikes might keep bouncing over extreme bumps and jolts.
  • Relatively heavy that makes it hard to carry around.

This rack is the cheaper option for you when you are looking for a tray-style hitch-mount bike rack. You can feel safe during the entire journey when your bikes are mounted on this rack. With solid construction and a versatile platform, this rack vows to secure your bikes under extreme conditions.
The model (BV-HR) is able to carry 4 bikes where each bike weighs close to 35 lbs, which makes the total weight load capacity of this bike rack 140 lbs. The motto of ‘BV’ that made this bike rack is to provide 100% satisfaction to the customers.

BV-HR. BV Rack


4. Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE4

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE4
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE4
  • Type: Hitch Mount (Tray)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 81
  • Dimensions (inch): 27 x 10 x 36
  • Weight Capacity: 50 x 4 = 200 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 2”

Features & Considerations
  • Adaptable Wheelbase: Wheel holders can be adjusted to support bikes that have a maximum of 60” wheelbase and 3” tires.
  • Keyed Alike Locking Hitch Pin: Along with an 8” security cable and locking frame hooks, a locking hitch pin is included.
  • No-Wobble Hitch System: Don’t need to use any tools to reduce the slack between the receiver and the rack.
  • Folding Capability: When it is not being used, you can fold it flat against the car.
  • Tilt-Down Feature: You can tilt it down for convenient cargo access.
  • Hollywood Racks offer a limited lifetime warranty for this rack.
Some Weaknesses
  • This rack was not built to be used on any trailer, fifth wheel or towed vehicle.
  • Heavier than most other tray-style hitch racks.
  • At the bottom of this rack, there are holes for mounting screws that may become rusty when exposed to water.
  • Many of the holes won’t allow the pins to go all the way into the locking position.
  • Sometimes the adjustable wheel holders are hard to slide.
  • Instructions for assembly are horrible.

Where each bike remains 9.5” far from each other and the total length of the tray from the receiver is 43” that ensures sufficient space for 4 bikes and to keep the bikes away from the vehicle’s body. This rack is only able to fit vehicles with 2” hitch receivers and will not fit 1.25” hitch receivers.

Hollywood Racks HR1400, Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE4, Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE4, Hollywood Racks SE4

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE4

You can easily fit cycles with 60” wheelbases and 3” tires. But if your bike’s wheelbase is more than 60”, then a 72” long wheelbase kit is available for this rack. This rack has an outstanding weight load capacity – with a maximum weight load capacity of 200 lbs, this rack can carry up to 4 bikes where each bike weighs almost 50 lbs.

This following video from ‘Hollywood Racks’ demonstrate how to install this rack and its features

5. Yakima SwingDaddy

Yakima SwingDaddy
Yakima SwingDaddy
  • Type: Hitch Mount (Hanging)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 47.8
  • Dimensions (inch): 38 x 13 x 43
  • Weight Capacity: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 2”

Features & Considerations
  • SwingAway™ Technology: Even when the rack is fully loaded with bikes, it lets you access the rear hatch or trunk by swinging away.
  • Sliding SwitchBlade™: This anti-sway cradles ensure no contact between 2 bikes and help to load bikes easily.
  • TriggerFinger™ Folding Technology: This feature lets you fold down its arms just by pressing a button.
  • Integrated LockDown Feature: Lock the bikes to the carrier with security cables that are included with this rack.
  • Hitch Locking Option: You will also get a hitch lock to secure the rack to your vehicle.
  • Easy Installation: Smooth and effortless installation with integrated Speedknob where you don’t need to use any tool.
  • Zero-Hassle ZipStrips: Protect your bikes with hassle-free strips that will prevent your bikes from bouncing.
  • Premium build quality with metallic powder coating.
  • Integrated Bottle Opener: Enjoy a cold drink or beer anytime, anywhere as Yakima’s integrated bottle opener will make it very easy to open up bottle caps.
  • A limited lifetime warranty will be provided with this rack.
Some Weaknesses
  • Some people have faced difficulties in closing the swingarm.
  • Lacks in durability while all 4 bikes on a bumpy road.
  • Unable to accommodate modern mountain bikes with full suspension.
  • While removing the rack from the hitch, the wedge assembly may fall apart.
  • If you have a vehicle where the rear hatch swings out to the side i.e Lexus GX 460 (2014-2018) or Toyota RAV4 (2006-2012), then buying this rack will be a waste of your money.
  • Need to buy an additional tool for mounting bikes with low top tubes.

The Yakima SwingDaddy is integrated with all the important features that you need for safe and secure transportation of your bikes. This rack is the ultimate rack when you are planning to take a family tour along with your bikes, as this bike rack ensures ample space for the whole family’s bike. This rack’s maximum weight load capacity is 160 lbs where each bike is around 40 lbs, but it is recommended that the total weight should not exceed 150 lbs. If you want to carry bikes that have lower top tubes like women’s bikes, city bikes, kid’s bikes and some sort of road bikes; then you need to buy the Yakima Top Tube Adapter.

Yakima SwingDaddy, Yakima

Yakima SwingDaddy

This rack is one of the most secure bike racks that you can find in the market as this bike rack has integrated hitch lock as well as integrated bike lock cables. You can also add an extra layer of security with the SKS Handcuff bike locks that are sold separately.

Check out this Yakima’s official video which was made for this rack so you don’t face any difficulties while installing it.

6. Yakima Hangover

Yakima HangOver
Yakima HangOver
  • Type: Hitch Mount (Vertical-Style)
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4 / 6
  • Rack Weight (lbs): 73
  • Dimensions (inch): 22 x 69.5 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 37.5 x 4 = 150 lbs
  • Adaptable Hitch Receiver: 2″

Features & Considerations
  • Within a limited space, your bikes will remain in a vertical orientation that enhances a greater balance of the rear wheels of your car.
  • Foot-Operated Tilt Mechanism: The rear access becomes easier than ever, all you have to do is to press a foot pedal and the rack will tilt down.
  • Rotating Wheel Cups: You can rotate the wheel cups to adjust various wheelbases.
  • Locking Option: Keep the rack protected with a hitch lock that is included.
  • Build Material: The rack is made of solid steel.
  • Lock-Loops: By enabling you to add extra locks, the lock-loops reinforces the overall security.
  • For better stability, the upper horizontal mast will support your bikes with their fork crowns.
  • The soft padding on the upper mast will protect the fork’s structure.
  • The two horizontal masts keep your bikes at such a height for getting a better ground clearance.
  • The adjustable angles of the horizontal masts will ensure no collision between your bike and car.
  • Integrated Bottle Opener: With Yakima’s signature bottle opener enjoy a cold drink or a beer any time you want.
  • A limited lifetime warranty will be provided.
Some Weaknesses
  • One of the big weaknesses of this rack is – it only supports 2” hitch receivers.
  • Only mountain bikes or similar type bikes with suspension-forks can be carried with this rack.
  • Supports fat bikes that have suspension-forks.
  • At the beginning of the installation of this rack, you can face some difficulties.
  • This rack is quite heavier than most usual hitch bike racks.
  • It might be an overpriced rack for some people.

The ‘Yakima Hangover’ 4-bike hitch mount rack can be too pricey for many people, but your money will be worth it and I am sure you will not regret it if you are going to buy or already purchased this rack. From the expert’s perspective, this rack is the most versatile rack that is able to load bike vertically and it is the first-ever vertical-style hitch mount bike rack from ‘Yakima’.

Although this rack offers a tilting feature, but it is not functional when your bikes are loaded. If you want to tilt down this rack while your bikes are mounted on this, then you have to spend a bit more money and buy the BackSwing. And you should also know that this rack is only for the vehicles that contain 2” x 2” hitch receivers and it is suggested that the tongue rating of the hitch should be 113 kg or above.

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8 Best Hitch Bike Rack for Carry 4 Bikes (Reviewed Mar, 2020)


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