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A few minutes before the 406th year after Galileo discovered the first satellites of Jupiter. Io, Europa and Ganymede. It was customary for me during this time of the year to Stay Awake, wait for the clock strikes 12:00am, and make sure that I will be the first one to greet you. For years I was doing this. Even I have decided to stop it for the second year now, my brain is still making me stay awake. The urge to pick up the phone is quite overwhelming so I decided give in and type something. Something that I would like to tell you sincerely. Even though everything's shitty right now, I still wish you the best. But then, its true what they say, you know: "The person who makes you happiest, is the person who can hurt you the most." And just that, exhaustion kicks in.

At the eve of 421 years after King Henri IV of France declares war on Spain, I'm here. Will you send me a greeting? After what just happened to us, most likely not. Nothing else better to do than watch How I Met Your Mother. Again. Whenever the ugly depression visits me, I resort to watching this. I choose random episodes to at least bring in some laughter to my system which has been really tired now for months. But this series that makes me laugh my ass out, after watching it tons of times, is starting to get bland. Maybe I've been depressed too many times and watched it everytime and it just became dull. But this show has its funny way of reminding me things. And at this moment, the episode I randomly played...

Robin: Hey, guys.
Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: How do you do that? You are like a bomb-sniffing dog, except with poop. You are a poop-sniffing dog.
Marshall: I think that's just called a dog.
Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: Fine. I called Don again.
Flashback Robin: Hey, Don! It's Robin again. Look, I am sorry for all the calls. It's just, I saw you on the news, and it made me a little crazy for a minute. I guess I wasn't as over our breakup as I thought. But I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am going to kill you.
No No, I'm not.
I am happy for you.
And that Asian slut on your Facebook page.
She's dead, too.
Lily: I thought you deleted his number.
Robin: I did, but it turns out, I memorized it. You can't delete contacts from your brain, Lily.
Lily: Well, you have to try. If you ever want to have closure...
Robin: ...I am never going to have closure. Okay? Closure doesn't exist. Okay, one day, Don and I are moving in together, and the next thing I know, he's on a plane to Chicago. It just ended. And no matter how much I try to forget that it happened, it will have never not happened. Don and I will always be a loose end.
We'll always be...
Ted: ...unfinished.
Gaudi, to his credit, never gave up on his dream, but that's not usually how it goes.
I mean, usually, it isn't a speeding bus that keeps the brown, pointy, weird church from getting built.
Most of the time, it's just too difficult or too expensive, or too scary.
It's only once you've stopped that you realize how hard it is to start again.
So you force yourself not to want it.
But it's always there.
And until you finish it, it will always be...

Makes me smile and go: "Huh! Finished with that!"

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