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2021-05-10 08:30
Today has the same scramble as the redmi 10-second sale at Flipkart. Those were marketing ploy to increases sales. Currently, this 10-second availability for vaccine slots needs… Read More
2019-03-18 13:15
It is a text based games. So one is expected to do a lot of reading, imagination to be really hooked to the game. If you are OK with the time and lack of graphics, create an account. No poin… Read More
2019-02-19 12:55
Gone are the days, were bunch of students would gather over a tea point and discuss really radical & controversial topics. In College, we used to encourage radical speakers to debate abo… Read More
2019-01-28 12:10
As the old saying goes: “Watch your thoughts as they lead to attitudes Watch your attitudes as they lead to words Watch your words as they lead to actions Watch your actions as they le… Read More
2018-07-09 03:38
In my view, Bullet Train Project for India is basically an elitist project, which conforms to the Indian ethos that 10% elites have a fundamental right to enjoy 90% subsidies. That is why, u… Read More
2018-05-26 07:44
How many times have you broken your head with an IVR spending 115 minutes with a menu just begging for a real human to pick up the complaint. Humans are getting fast replaced with scripts an… Read More
2018-01-17 04:50
“Please pay attention, Tara! I can explain it for you, but I can’t understand it for you,” said my English teacher, Priyanka ma’am. ‘Another boring lecture,&rsq&hell…Read More
2017-12-28 10:08
In democracy taxes is not the extortion by autocrats to maintain their lifestyle but a pooling by citizens for collective good of the nation. Take a look at your tax filing, there is a Krish… Read More
2017-12-09 05:30
Preparation time 20-30 minutes Brewing time 2 weeks+ Equipment: 3 Liter mason jar with a tight screw lid/plug A blow off tube (1m) or airlock A grommet gasket or plug with 7-8mm inner diamet… Read More
2017-11-22 12:56
Commercial Wheat malt is often made from cracked HRSW Hard Red Spring Wheat which is another way of saying wheat fit for lifestock consumption. Indian Whiskey is often made from molasses. He… Read More
2017-11-15 07:54
A UK member of Parliament to Disraeli: “Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.” “That depends, Sir,” said Disraeli, “whether I… Read More
2017-11-03 17:14
Here is a link to a 30 min instructional video on the basic homebrew kit and advice for beginners. do drop by and ask questions if you need any more information.Filed under: Musings Read More
2017-10-30 21:47
During my homebrew experiments, I was faced with the epic question of using Indian Barley or imported barley. Using 6 row barley malt or 2 row malt etc. Here is some literature that I could… Read More
2017-09-29 01:51
At first glance I dismissed his rants as a burned out veteran trying to come back to the spotlight even if it means jeopardizing the son’s career. However on second read, some of the p… Read More
2017-09-20 12:34
An Indian mind cannot think of anything simple. It is in his culture to over-complicate trivial issues, graft manuscripts detailing out the rules, scenarios and procedures detailing out a mi… Read More
2017-09-07 00:56
Hindu’s never accepted any reforms in its religious practices. Setting minimum marriage age, banning Sati or Dowry, widow remarriage was met with stiff resistance from various Hindu or… Read More
2017-08-31 01:10
Recently I am hearing a lot of of articles on promotion of generic medicines & capping the profits in healthcare. However is it really making an impact? In my opinion, the reasons why ge… Read More
2017-08-24 12:35
How does a country North Korea able to hold the entire world ransom? This belligerent state is in open hostility with three of the world’s super powers USA, Japan & South Korea. Ev… Read More
2017-08-16 04:17
Every person has a blind spot. Traits, attributes, biases, habits or even filler words/speeches or stories which others notice but we fail to give adequate attention to. An anonymous messeng… Read More
2017-07-26 05:18
Humans are wired to seek company & attention. Kids develop better & healthier when showered with attention. Adults are happier when they have company. A mere human touch is often eno… Read More
2017-07-22 05:39
In the era of progressive taxation system, it is always advisable to distribute the income across multiple legal entities. A new pan card can save approximately 1.6Lkhs every year in taxes… Read More
2017-07-18 06:28
A friend of mine is expecting her first kid and I happened to be around when she witnessed the first movement of the unborn baby. She was filled with pure euphoria of motherhood and wanted t… Read More
2017-07-14 14:03
S&P 500 has as the name suggest 500 stocks. It makes it pretty difficult for a retail investor to create a portfolio, unless they have 10s of millions of dollars. As a result investors h… Read More
2017-07-10 11:46
Real estate to me is a lifestyle consumption good and not an investment category. Hence my opinions on home loans also differ a lot. Please note that this article is directed for white colla… Read More
2017-06-23 08:43
Sometimes I wonder that we Indians have a strange way of evaluation, we judge not by his/her performance, but how his grand daughter in law or great grandson perform. More over, A person who… Read More
2017-06-21 08:17
Mineral water was in fashion a decade ago, today De-mineralized RO water is in fashion. I can understand the need of people who live near the sea, asking for desalinated water for drinking… Read More
2017-06-12 04:49
GST was a great opportunity for the government to make the tax code of India more lucid, simple & progressive. Why does Indian government have to tinker every business through a 1000 dif… Read More
2017-06-07 06:04
I am unable to comprehend why a tourist magazine subsidized by Indian tax payers spend crores of money publishing detailed photogenic travelogue of international destinations and not cover d… Read More
2017-06-03 16:04
Human touch is not always humane. Here are a few tips for anybody travelling/transiting via Srinagar airport: Set aside at least 90 extra minutes to navigate through the maze of security pro… Read More
2017-05-30 13:45
If you want to kill an industry or market, flood it with fakes and make it impossible for the customers to differentiate. The fakes will drive down the price that the customers are willing t… Read More
2017-05-08 14:49
You don’t need to attend a medical school to understand the importance of diet for a recovering patient. The cocktail of medicines, the discomfort after surgery & actual illness al… Read More
2017-05-05 15:08
I recently realized that consumers are at a significant advantage for their online transactions in the 2-3 week period from the generation of previous month statement to the payment due date… Read More
2017-04-18 18:24
This is the final part of the four part series on chariots. Humans learned horse-riding before they build their first cart or the wheel. Cavalry has always been in existence and was very eff… Read More
2017-04-12 18:20
Although depicted mostly in mythology and as ornate super luxurious vehicles of the kings and generals, theses were a lot more than ostentatious vehicles for the rich, mighty & divine. T… Read More
2017-04-11 18:18
Lord Rama did not use a chariot in the famous mythical battle against Ravana in Lanka. He shot his arrows while sitting on the back of Hanuman even though Lord Indira offered him his ride. C… Read More
Lèse-majestéto: Air India
2017-04-09 07:51
What we stupid mango folks fail to realize is that by Air India’s inability to provide a business class seat at the time & route of his choosing, is an act of Lèse-majest&ea&hell…Read More
2017-04-03 10:03
If you kill a tiger, rhino, elephant, lion or any other endangered species in India, one can expect jail term of minimum 3 years and maximum 7 years.  Yet killing of cow will cost you 1… Read More
2017-03-25 08:42
Typically, we procrastinate checking our credit scores until we are actually in front of the loan officer. The assumption that a steady salary credit, good account balance and no loans trans… Read More
2017-03-24 06:08
Are you helping her because she is your friend or because walking away will make you feel guilty? How often your depressed friend ever used words like suicide, divorce etc. when you are not… Read More
2017-03-19 03:56
For selection of Adityanath as UP CM, Congratulations to all of us. Modi has once again shown his brilliance in selecting ‘Right persons for Right jobs’ All three Northern State… Read More
2017-03-14 07:51
Look at the Forbes list of 50 richest Indians and ask yourself three questions: Are they rich because of government connects, concessions in licenses, political/mafia connects? What is the s… Read More
2017-03-09 07:12
US treasury under its presidential $1 coin act – 2005 allowed individuals to buy $1 coins through credit cards. The scheme a federal government measure to increase circulation of small… Read More
2017-03-02 09:09
I am planning to revisit Kumar Parvat, the highest peak of south India after 8 years and here is the list I am planning to carry: Backpack: I have seen people carrying laptop bags, school ba… Read More
2017-02-27 06:59
 “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” – Native American saying C… Read More
Food Wastage Meter
2017-02-20 05:48
Human beings have a fascination towards numbers. Factories in 80s used to create a small healthy competition between shifts by publishing the production stats on a simple dashboard. Today TC… Read More
Idea Vodafone Merger May Not Happen
2017-02-13 13:39
If market rumors are believed, this is a wonderful proposal in the otherwise boring telecom space: Synergy through consolidation of marketing cost, operations & office space. Unlocking… Read More
Why Invest In Bank FD?
2017-02-09 10:09
On the loan interest income that is charged to a borrower, bank eats up 35%, income tax department 22%, inflation 42% and you get a measly 1.7% share (or 0.15% on the capital invested) Do In… Read More
2017-01-30 12:47
Thoughts prior to entering: This course demands 10 days (actually 11 days if you count the half day for on boarding and another half for de-briefing) of noble silence (no communication of an… Read More
2017-01-18 05:02
Often serious messages can be communicated through a light hearted story and this movie is one such attempt. I recently watched a 2009 release movie “well done abba” a satirical… Read More
2017-01-17 13:44
As per the prospectus, (kim-cpse-etf-ffo-form)The 5% subsidy is without any lock-in. Also in today’s paper EPFO has been mandated to subscribe to 50% of the total fund offering i.e. 2… Read More
CPSE ETF Fund Subsidy
2017-01-14 15:43
My first reaction was: “What a joke, public sector companies are now planning to make profit.” On a serious note, I am unable to understand why government is providing a 300cr s… Read More
2017-01-10 08:55
There is not even a shred of democracy or transparency in the political parties today and yet they claim to uphold the secular & democratic values of the country. How can we trust the po… Read More
2017-01-03 02:25
Why should the prime minister need to single out residents of high rise apartment & car owners in his new year speech? I was so disturbed that I waited to hear the congress analysis on t… Read More
2016-12-21 07:24
I tried to apply theory of Economic Order Quantity on the ATM cash limit imposed by the Prime Minister. Q is the 2,500/- that ATM are advised to dole out. D: monthly consumption of cash K: c… Read More
2016-12-19 02:24
Let us talk about the latest amnesty scheme, the second one in 2016 which is ratified by the parliament. A thanedar asks a thief what is he carrying. “Open it and show me.” Chor… Read More
Indian Constitution: Equality & Freedom
2016-12-13 05:32
Year end for me is a time for introspection. This year, I thought of reviewing the validity of the basic principals of Indian constitution. Attached is the picture of Preamble of Indian Con… Read More
2016-12-02 14:14
Hindu claims that 11 Lakh crore (~80%) of the demonetized currency notes are already deposited over the past 3 weeks and only 3lakh crore of old notes are in circulation with another 4 weeks… Read More
Petrol Bunks Daily Sale & 2.5Lakh
2016-12-01 07:04
As per 2015-16 statistics total petroleum consumption in India is 183 million metric tonnes. We are talking about 493 million kgs per day. At the density of .745kg/liter which is of diesel (… Read More
2016-11-29 08:19
I need to earn 170/- to take home 115.5% (after 32% income tax). Additionally, I need to pay 15.5% service tax before I can purchase services/goods worth 100/-. So I need to work 70% harder… Read More
2016-11-21 18:17
I had earlier asserted that the Modi’s demonetization was nothing but an elaborate eyewash. This follow on post is to highlight the cost of the scheme: Cost of currency printing: India… Read More
2016-11-15 10:38
Burning a house down is not a cure for rodent infestation. Similarly demonetizing is not a cure for black money. Modi has repeatedly and publicly announced that deposits upto 2.5Lakhs per ci… Read More
2016-10-07 09:49
For over 100 years, Aerospace is the crucible for all next generation technologies. From material science to Electronics, from sheet metal to composites, RADAR & communication technologi… Read More
2016-10-01 04:56
I am Ankur, initiated into this practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for the past one year. Today I am here to share with you my impressions as a BSG (Bharat Soka Gakkai) member a… Read More
2016-09-25 05:09
You have been bitten and this book is a race against time. If you loose, you become a werewolf. Also like the previous book you are solving multiple cases simultaneously. Also if you play it… Read More
Indus Water Treaty 1960
2016-09-23 10:02
Tamil Naidu and Karnataka, the two states within India have difficulty in amicably sharing water and resort to violence every year. Almost all cities/regions in India have scarcity of water… Read More
2016-09-22 12:44
This time, you are solving not one but two cases simultaneously. Your best friend (an ex cop) daughter was forcibly taken away after the single assailant cut open the scalp of the father. th… Read More
2016-09-20 12:44
The 4 part volume book seems not so much connected at first, but it is about a almost broke detective (ex. cop) who is chasing supernatural creatures in the 30s world of America. The remarks… Read More
2016-08-16 08:42
Indira Gandhi did not declare emergency on 25th June 1975 because country was at war (it happened for a 13 day period from 3-16th December 1971). She declared emergency because she was found… Read More
2016-08-05 11:35
Ever wondered why there are no monochrome (black ink only) inkjet printers? You cannot print a simple B&W document from a printer if the color cartridge is empty/missing? Most inkjet pri… Read More
2016-07-29 08:28
The road from Silk Board (near koramanagala) to Electronic city is a 14 lane road. Probably the biggest capacity in India. It consists of a 6 lane main road, a 4 lane elevated toll-road and… Read More
2016-07-13 10:11
I expect upgrade to be newer, faster, better versions of the existing models. Traditionally they had additional functionality, increased utility, yielded higher productivity and had better a… Read More
2016-07-06 07:18
If you were to choose between owning a 2 bedroom house/flat in a decent locality (fully paid, no EMI/loans) and a 2 year MBA which one would you choose? If you are wondering why I am asking… Read More
2016-06-13 06:31
In olden times when the earnings were low and basic necessities were expensive managing finances were easy. Everybody pooled all their money and still there was not enough to keep everyone w… Read More
2016-05-30 13:36
Are IIMs in the business of hoarding creamiest of the creams for two years and then selling to the highest bidder? The letter of IIM–A director to Flipkart is similar to one that a pet… Read More
2016-05-10 04:43
In India, food was cooked on dried dung cakes. The slow heat resulted in the Suous-vide like heavenly flavors for the pre-plastic bag cooking era. It was practical choice because the alterna… Read More
2016-03-30 05:29
What do you do when the lady that sits in the next cubicle, is crying uncontrollably at her seat while talking over the phone.  As a human being often it is important to walk over and a… Read More
2016-03-22 10:22
As a rule of thumb dual life leads to a lot of stress. It comes from a deep rooted desire of not being free in the real world. In some cases one might argue that certain situations were forc… Read More
2016-03-07 09:43
Updating my earlier piece where I had asserted that Indian legal system is designed to break the backbone of the salaried and subsidize the rich. Hail Modi ! Now The Rakshash Modi has come u… Read More
2016-02-08 09:36
Should you trust a guy who lied to you just to get into your pants? My friend, who has had more than a fair share of bad relationships, thinks “YES!” Her logic, a little convolut… Read More
2016-02-08 09:36
Should you trust a guy who lied to you just to get into your pants? My friend, who has had more than a fair share of bad relationships, thinks “YES!” Her logic, a little convolut… Read More
2015-12-22 09:08
Yearend is time for some important planning decisions and one of them is leave encashment. Some employers put a cap on number of leaves an employee can carry forward to the next year. Any ex… Read More
2015-11-26 13:58
Today’s politicians, like cockroaches, have antennas. They send out feelers to gauge the public opinion and often apologetically take a U-turn to go with the wind and maximize their pr… Read More
2015-11-22 13:10
In 2011 AVIC Chinese SOE (State owned entity) that manufacturers fighter aircrafts for Chinese government bought Cirrus, which manufactures aircraft components for US Defense forces. However… Read More
2015-11-16 12:28
Let me put it this way: 1. The RBI has fixed the gold price to be 2,668.4/- per gm. while MCX gold price currently is 2,567/- per gram. That is a 3.7% premium (or loss to the investors) Esse… Read More

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