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Another Medical Mystery Revealed

In my ongoing commitment to educate my readers about what they can expect to go wrong with every one of their God-given body parts if they live long enough, I offer news concerning my latest ailment that may help somebody, somewhere, saving them from needless worry that they are A, going Blind, or B, have a brain tumor, or C, are going blind because of a brain tumor.

Over the last several months my vision began to suddenly blur at random, for varying lengths of time, then just as suddenly clear up. WTF? More than mystifying it was troubling, especially since I had undergone cataract surgery years ago and was told that cataracts never grow back. So what was causing this new eye problem? Hoping it was as simple as needing a new eyeglass prescription I scheduled an appointment with my go-to ophthalmologist.

The doctor ran his usual tests, but added a new one: After placing a few drops of yellow dye into my eyes, he ran some sort of metal instrument along my lower eyelid from corner to corner. After he did  this in each eye, all the while making sounds like "hmm" and "humph," I asked fearfully if I had a problem. "Yes," he replied, "but it's fixable."

Microwave eye mask for 30 seconds, then apply over closed eyes for 15 minutes twice a day, forever.

Turns out I have meibomian gland dysfuction! I mean why shouldn't I? After all, I've had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) for years, not to mention my labile hypertension which gradually morphed into paroxysmal hypertension, the cause of which remains unknown and the treatment difficult. This meibomian gland thing can also be called chronic dry eyes, which sounds a lot less scary, especially since actress Jennifer Aniston appears in a TV commercial about the condition.

It's all got to do with tiny rows of oil ducts inside your eyelids, and who knew we had those, becoming clogged and preventing the oil from seeping out to lubricate the eyeball with a constant coating of tears. Instead, the oil spurts out of the clogged ducts at random, causing intermittent blurriness and ensuing clarity.

I'll tell you one thing: I am dying to meet God. He (or She or They, but my money is on He) is quite an engineering genius. Anyway, for the fix, see photo above.

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Another Medical Mystery Revealed


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