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What Marketing people are missing?

Why focusing on the middle Class that losing blood every single day.  The way it goes you will be either working class (don’t matter what profession you have) or upper class (it is all about how much you make.)

The class system is changing with immigration. Wake up. There are different classes now. If you want to promote or sell your products, these days you have to be able to read the streets. Open your eyes. Look around you. Who is spending money? Who is following trends? What are their budgets? Or their responsibilities? Or priorities in life? Or dreams.? Stop ignoring immigrants and their buying power. Go to oxford street next Christmas and see who is shopping. Who buys the latest iPhone? Why do you think that apple invested to Beats? Be a leader, not a follower. Starts focusing on ethnic marketing. Target people who were not born in this country. They want to be recognised. They want to be part of it. They want attention. Waiting with their hard earn cash ready to spend for the brands who pays attention to them. Who make them feel like they are part of the society.
First advertising.
Casting one black person or a lady with a headscarf on your ad campaign is not gonna work. It's pretentious. It's easy to see that its fake. Looks ridiculous. Pushes people away.  Cost business. Hurst your brand.
Look at the streets. Take an example how people live. All races, all ages, all colors. This country is the prime example of how to live in peace. All together. Focus on it. Mix it up. Be real. Every culture has its own unique attributes. We all know what they are. Don’t be scared, don’t try to be politically correct. It is not stereotyping. It is not racism. It is being real. Be Strong. Show people that your brand has a character. A strong one but also has its flaws. That’s being real.
Public Relations,
First of all, make your mind up. Decide. Create a division that only deals with ethnic clientele. Find people who come from the communities. Speaks their language. Understand their lives, likes, dislikes etc. Get an amateur if you need but make sure he comes from where you are going.
Study your target customers. Not a silly survey or research. Get an opinion from the streets. Workplaces. Families, Communities. Get the real info. Not the silly numbers that data companies gives you.
Engaged with them. Don’t defend your brand, support your brand. If you have enough support then when things go wrong they will defend you. Invest in positive. If they like you they will stand by your side. See the brand as a family. Strong feelings v logical thinking. Focus on feelings. Be good. Don’t avoid confrontation. Explain your actions. Stand by them. Strong brands receive respect.

Don’t be greedy. Learn to share as a brand. Don’t publicise all your good deeds. Let people to big you up. Be patient. Word a month is the way. People living fast these days. Information is poring down. Too much of it. Even thou everything is avail on your phones you still ask which barbershop to go to your friend. No need to google. Let people be a human-google for you. Spread the word.

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