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The Flying Curse of Flying Cars

The Flying Curse Of Flying Cars

We have lived enough into the future to witness the blessings turn into curses. The fault isn’t ours, although at the back of the mind, we are sanguine that it is indeed us who are responsible. We had been ambitious once and today we realise that the fruit our technology bore wasn’t a sweet apple but rather a sour orange. Yes, we messed up big time. And now is the time when we reason out why?

Cars had started Flying a few years back. Gasoline prices were running low. Engines were providing better torques and it was only a matter of redesigning the aeronautics of our grand old conveyances. A little streamlined here and a little wing there. A tyre replaced with a propeller and an antenna replaced with a rudder. Yep, that’s all we needed. To have our SUVs take off and our sedans start gliding.

Human beings, the intelligent yet innocent children of nature found a new toy to play with. Pilots started to ditch their jobs and retire with a flying car. The airlines started to fall out of business. The demand for gasoline fell and the prices dropped harder than Marshmello’s beats.

Middle class households having spotted the gleam of gold in the iron propellers of the new Teslas poured out their savings for a personal trip to the sky. The rich took this craze to an entirely new height. I mean, they bought cars that could fly even higher.

The poor however kept on watching. For they had not the means to experience the fun. But who knew, that in the ripe old age of 22nd century, our civilisation would still be suffering from instant karma?

You see, the Flying Cars every middle class and rich human being took to the sky were perfect in every sense. But, they had a teeny tiny little problem. The landing gear was not yet adapted into the cars. So none of those dumb machines could land.

Once a family took off, they kept on hovering. The solar panels kept on supplying energy and amazon drones had the food supply covered but the prospect on landing on the ground seemed to be nearly impossible. The sky slowly got filled with millions of flying cars incapable of landing!

It might concern you, why no one spotted this before taking off. Well let me tell you a thing or two ’bout how the human mind works. If we see a new thing, we try it. And desperate negation from every car in the air, proves to be insufficient to stop us. Gradually, only the people who couldn’t afford it, became the only ones left on this planet.

They were truly the kings and queens of the planet. But being compassionate as we are, they could not stand the misery of their fellow mates. They threw longer and longer ropes up into the sky to help the flying crew climb down. As soon as a party did climb down, their fancy car either flew right away into the space or crashed right down up onto the ground. True, the colours of unity were shining everywhere brightly, but half of the flying cars which flew into space, crashed into our satellites and the other half which fell down, massacred the buildings.

It was a true Renaissance indeed. Humans were once again children with no tools but only memories on the lap of mother nature. We were all united. But we had lost every car, building and satellite we had ever built and all this, just because of the goddamned flying curse of the flying cars!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Antarctica Daily

Editor in Chief

This post first appeared on Antarctica Daily | HUMANE HUMOUR, please read the originial post: here

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The Flying Curse of Flying Cars


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