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The Forgotten Fairy Tale

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7 February 2018

Once upon a time, there lived a dead man. His name was feared by everybody including himself, for they all were hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic, and also because they were lazy. They found it exhausting to call him by the inexplicably long name that he had and instead settled the matter by calling him by his initials. But the unfortunate village men had no fortune in sight as they found that his initials spelled out an obscene word, which was so derogatory and obnoxious that even referring to it using metaphors, often caused paralysis of the speaker’s limbs. That man, whom we will call as the man, was tired of being tired of his being, and instead decided to live a happy life, by altering his name to Man, a word, which we will capitalise henceforth.

Man was a man of many manly interests. From inventing discoveries to discovering inventions, from teaching values to valuing teachings, his contributions to the society was countless. One night he dreamt about a Fairy who had gave him a wish and told him a story describing how useful his Boon can be. When he woke up in the next morning, he was rejoiced to realise that he was the recipient of a boon from a fairy. But he could not remember what the boon really was. He often feared that the boon might be a bane of forgetfulness. He tried day in and night out but could not recollect what special ability, was he a possessor of? He wondered whether it was a blessing in camouflage instead of a more appreciable and publicly accepted blessing in disguise.

Ultimately, he gave up. He sat down with a bottle of beer and hot wings from KFC and switched on the LED TV with his remote. It was then that it struck him. Clearly, he was no longer living in ‘once upon a time’ but was firmly rooted in the modern times! It did not take him long to understand that his boon was that of immortality. Finally aware of his power, he got the evil intention of misusing it. He jumped out of his home, onto the road and within seconds was run over by a car.

Next day the newspapers bore a strange headline, namely, “Schizophrenic Patient Commits Suicide”.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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The Forgotten Fairy Tale


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