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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 30

The Pen finds Francis, the cat, hiding under a chair.

Pen: Kitty, what are you doing?
Cat: Shhh! Can´t you see I´m hiding.

Pen: what´s going on?
Cat: I´m hiding…
Pen: I can see that! Who are hiding from?

Cat: Amelia!
Pen: She´s here?
Cat: I don´t know, but Missy came over to have dinner with Jason. I think she might have brought Amelia with her.

Pen: And you´re hiding because…?

Cat: Did you forget? Last time she was here she wanted to kill me!
Pen: Oh Francis, just give her some magic milk.
Cat: Yeah! Because that worked out so well last time I did it.
Pen: I thought you liked crazy, fiery Amelia.

Cat: I do! But “morning after” Amelia is a whole other thing!
Pen: Psycho “I´m going to kill you” other thing?

Cat: Yeah!
Pen: How about I help you out?
Cat: How?
Pen: I´ll make sure she drinks the magic milk; she gets all hot and bothered, then you show up.

Cat: Then what?
Pen: You very nicely allow her to have her way with you. You know what I mean.
Cat (smiling like an idiot): Yes, I do.


Cat: But that´s not the problem.
Pen (loosing “its” patience): Then what is?
Cat: After!
Pen: After?
Cat: yes, after. After the magic milk effect wears of, she comes back to reality and realizes she still hates me.

Pen: didn´t she fall asleep right after last time?
Cat: so?
Pen: So, just leave. Do I have to be the one to think of everything?
Cat: And go where? This is my house!

Pen: Just hide until she leaves.
Cat: Oh… That´s a good idea!
Pen: I know, right?

Francis, the cat, is thrilled with his new plan.
Smiling like an idiot, lets his guard down and is unaware of the presence nearing him.

Cat: That is in fact a very good idea!
Amelia: Who are you talking to?

The fur on Francis stands up like he has just been electrocuted.
He turns to face Amelia.

She looks fierce.

Cat: Hello Amelia…
Amelia: we need to talk!
Cat: Sure, of course.

Francis looks around them to make sure he has an escape route if necessary.

Cat: you´re not going to try and kill me are you?
Amelia: No!
Cat (relieved): Oh, thank God!
Amelia: Francis?

Cat: yes, dear.
Amelia: I´m pregnant!
Cat: Say what now?

To be continued…

2016_Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 30


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