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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 115

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Rosa, Raul´s mate, wonders into Jason´s backyard.

She´s looking for food.

Jason, Francis´s human, comes out of his house into the yard.

As he moves with a broom and a bag in his hands, he spots a big rat wondering around.

He moves with the broom towards Rosa.

Francis, the cat, comes out of the house.

He yawns and drags his “paws” towards Jason whom he sees immediately.

Cat: Jason I need…

He comes to a sudden halt when he spots Rosa, shoved into a corner, incredibly afraid.

Cat (cont.): Oh no!

Francis rushes to Rosa´s aid.

Jason stops when he overhears Francis´s  “meows”.

Cat: Jason stop!

Francis gets in front of Rosa, facing Jason.

Jason (surprised): What´re you doing?
Cat: Go away. There´s no rat. It´s just a dream.

Rosa: what´re you doing?
Cat: Shut up…

Jason: Francis, is this rat your friend?
Cat: yes, now go away.
Jason: You truly are a crazy cat.
Cat: I´ll take that as a compliment.

Jason gives up chasing Rosa and turns his back to his cat and his rodent friend.

Rosa is still in shock from her encounter with Jason.

Francis lowers his head to Rosa´s level.

Jason (from a distance): crazy cat…

Cat: are you okay?

Rosa swallows in dry.

Cat (cont): I´m sorry for Jason. I promise he´s a nice guy.
Rosa: … not your fault.

Raul comes into the backyard and immediately spots Francis in front of Rosa.

He nearly has a heart attack when he spots his beloved backed into a corner and Francis´s face right in front of her.

He rushes to Rosa´s aid.

He jumps high into the air and lands on Francis´s back.

Raul: Leave my wife alone you brute!
Cat (surprised): what?
Raul: leave her alone! I can´t believe I trusted you!

Francis shakes Raul off of him

Raul rushes to Rosa and hugs her tight.

Rosa: Raul relax.
Raul (looks at Rosa): what?
Cat: are you crazy?

Raul is left speechless.

He opens his mouth to speak but closes it.
He looks back and forth from Francis to Rosa.

Raul: what am I missing?
Rosa: Raul, Francis helped me.
Raul: Oh, okay. What?

Francis looks pissed.

Rosa: Francis´s human found me and came at me with a broom. Francis came to my rescue.
Raul (surprised/”oops”): Oh…

He looks at Francis, who is highly annoyed.

Raul nears Francis, slowly.

Raul: so… I think…
Cat: yes?
Raul: Francis, I´m sorry.

Francis turns his back to his rodent friend, and starts to walk away.

Cat: next time you come near me, I´ll bite you.
Raul: I thought you were a vegetarian.
Cat: yeah, just keep believing that.

Francis starts to walk away.

Rosa: I think your friend´s mad at you.
Raul: yeah…
Rosa: But, now I get what you were always saying about him.

Raul: and what exactly was that?
Rosa: he´s nice.
Raul: yeah, I guess I forgot about that for a second.

Rosa: he´s a cool cat. He´ll forgive you.
Raul: I hope so.
Rosa: He truly is a fake cat.

Raul: Rosa!
Rosa: what? It´s true
Raul: just because it´s true doesn´t mean we should say it out loud.

They both break out laughing.

Raul/Rosa: Ha! Ha! Ha!

A few meters away, inside the house Francis feels a cold chill run through his spine.

Cat: what the…?

The end!

2018_ Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 115


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