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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 97

Francis is in his living room, on the floor In front of the TV.

His favorite show is about to start.

He´s anxious as last week´s episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The Pen comes along.

Francis sees “it” coming and before the Pen can utter a peep, Francis raises his paw.

Cat (anticipating an insult from the Pen): No! Not now stick!
Pen: I haven´t said anything…

Cat: and I´m telling you not to start.
Pen: start what?
Cat: don´t know don´t care.

Pen: what in the freck is the matter with you?
Cat: My show is about to begin and I don´t want any interruptions!

Pen: crazy cat, what are you barking?
Cat: I´m a cat, I don´t bark!
Pen: Fine! Bitching it is.

Cat: Monica is going to find out that Peter is cheating on her and Sarah is going to lose her case in court.

Pen (dumbstruck): what?
Cat: My favorite show.
Pen: You truly are a weird cat.

Cat: shut up! It´s starting…

Francis nears the TV and sits down.

Pen: Francis…

It´s useless. Francis is so enthralled by his show, he completely ignores the Pen.

Pen (cont./annoyed): Francis!

The cat looks at the Pen.

Cat (dead serious): shut up!
Pen: But…
Cat (interrupting): If I miss so much as a minute of my soap, I´m burying you in the yard again.

Pen: Ha…
Cat (interrupting): two streets down.

Pen: geez!
Cat (eyes open wide): Go away!
Pen: fine…

The Pen “glides away”, leaving Francis to enjoy his program.

Pen: crazy cat!

The Pen looks back at Francis who is staring right at it, angry.

Pen: yikes!

The Pen is finally gone and Francis resumes watching his show.

Cat (opens his eyes wide in shock): Miguel! Oh my God! I did not see that coming.

The Pen peeks from the corner.

Pen: drunken cat!

Francis immediately looks at where the Pen was but sees nothing.

He raises his brows in suspicion.

Cat: Huh!

Looks back at the TV.

Cat: Oh my god! NO! No way. I never would have guessed it had been Robin.

From outside the room, the Pen “shakes its head” in disbelief.

Pen: what in the world…

Cat: No way! Oh My God!

Pen: he´s like a drunken housewife.

The Pen leaves.

Pen: no point in trying to mess with Francis today. That stupid soap just ruined my chances of being entertained today.

Starts to “walk” away.

Pen (cont.): Agh crap!

The Pen is highly annoyed.

Cat (from the other room): Oh My God!
Pen (turns back): Shut up!

Cat: Ha! Ha! Ha!

The end!

2017_Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 97


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