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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 27

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Francis, the cat, is very happy, albeit a bit nervous. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day and he knows he will be seeing Amelia. He overheard Jason talking to his friend over the phone about some special plans he had made for the night and that Missy would be leaving Amelia at his house with him (Francis).

He knows Jason has a special bottle of his favorite red milk stashed in the cupboard, and he is leaving Francis and Amelia enough food to feed all the cats in the neighborhood.

Still, he´s afraid she´s still mad at him about their last encounter.

The time has come.

Francis starts to walk back and forward.

Pen: What´s the matter Francis?
Cat: What?
Pen: I asked what´s wrong?
Cat: Nothing!
Pen: Then stop walking back and forward, you´re making me dizzy!
Cat: Sorry…

The Pen is surprised but says nothing.

Cat: It´s just…
Pen: What?
Cat: Nothing, forget it.
Pen: Francis?
Cat: Amelia´s coming over, and it´s Valentine’s Day!

Pen: So?
Cat: So, I´d like to give her a special present. I want her to be my Valentine! But last time she saw me, she wanted to kill me!

Pen: How about a dead rat!
Cat: What? Yuk! No! Are you crazy? Why would I do that?
Pen: First of all, I´m not crazy! Second, she´s a cat!

Francis looks at him like an alien just spoke.

Pen: Maybe not!
Cat: No!
Pen: Okay Francis, sorry! For a moment there I forgot who I was talking to.
Cat: If you can´t be useful…

Pen: Okay, okay… How about you give her a nice treat?
Cat: Such as?
Pen: I don´t know! Chocolate maybe?
Cat: Don´t you know chocolate is bad for cats?

Pen: Really?
Cat: Yeah!
Pen: how about you give her some of that magic milk of yours. Jason has a new bottle, I saw!
Cat: Yes, ´cause that worked out so well last time!

Pen: Francis, listen to me! Give her some magic milk, some TLC, and it will the best Valentine´s day ever.
Cat: What the freck is TLC?

Pen: You really are stupid aren´t you?
Cat: Are you helping me or not?
Pen: Tender love and care! Jeez, do I have to teach you everything?
Cat: Oooh, that´s nice!

Pen: I know! Plus, she´s a girl, its Valentine´s Day!
Cat: Thank you!
Pen: You´re welcome.

Cat: see, we can get along!
Pen: Of course we can.

Francis goes away, excited.

Pen: I´ll make sure to say some nice words at your funeral.
Cat: What did you just say?
Pen: Good luck!
Cat: Thanks.

Pen (whispering): you´re going to need it!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 27


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