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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 74

Francis, the cat, is at home bored out of his mind when he decides to go outside.

In his backyard, he finds Rafael, the bird and Raul, the rat having a heated argument.

They both get quiet when they notice Francis.

Cat: Hey guys, what´s up?
Raul: Hey Francis.
Rafael: Pussycat…

Cat: what´s going on?
Rafael: Nothing. I was just talking to Raul here on how three birds and at least five rats have gone missing in the last couple of days.

Cat: really?

Rafael doesn´t respond, just stares at Francis.

Cat: wait… what? You guys think I have something to do with that?
Rafael: I don´t know. Do you?
Raul: I told him there´s no way you´d harm another living being.

Cat: I wouldn´t.
Rafael: yeah right! Word on the street…
Cat (interrupting): what street? I didn´t hear anything.

Rafael: Agh! Shut up! As I was saying…

Francis just gives Raul a wtf look.

Raul shrugs.

Rafael (cont.): there have been some rumors of creatures…
Cat (interrupting, again): what creatures? Like monsters?
Rafael: please be quiet and let me talk.

Cat: Okay! Geez… you didn´t get your pills this morning, did you?
Rafael: what pills? Will you shut up and let me finish answering your question?
Cat: fine, go ahead.

Rafael sys loudly, in annoyance.

Rafael: as I was saying, some animals from around the neighborhood…

Rafael pauses to make sure Francis doesn´t interrupt him again.

Francis remains silent and puts his hand to his mouth signaling zipping it shut.

Rafael (cont.): … have been going missing and well, we think you did it.

Francis looks at Raul and then back at Rafael, confused.

Cat: I did it?
Rafael: yes.
Cat: did what?

Rafael: killed the missing animals.
Cat (dumbstruck): are you high?
Rafael: Pussycat, rats and birds are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Cat: and what? You think I kidnapped them and stashed them in my basement or something?

Rafael: did you?
Cat: My house doesn´t have a basement.
Rafael: Agh! You´re impossible! I think you ate them.

Cat (turns to Raul): Is he serious?

Raul stays quiet. He doesn´t know what to say or think.

Cat: Really? You think I´m guilty too?
Raul: I don´t know what to think.
Cat: wow… you two are amazing friends.

Rafael: pussyc…
Cat: did you ever think that there could be other cats in the neighborhood?
Rafael: I don´t know, are there?

Cat: how the hell should I know? I´ve seen a few cats come and go, but to you that´s just an excuse. You already think I´m guilty. Missing animals, the cat did it!

Raul: No one is saying you´re guilty Francis…
Cat: Oh no? He seems to think I did it and judging by the look on your face, you think I did it too.

Rafael: wrecked cat, some of my relatives and some of Raul´s friends have gone missing. What do you want us to think?

Cat: I don´t know. But want to know what I thought?
Rafael: what?
Cat: that you were my friends too.

Francis turns his back on Raul and Rafael and walks away.

Raul: told you.
Rafael: told me what?
Raul: he didn´t do it.
Raul: You really think so?

Raul: I´ve said it before Rafael, he´s harmless. And now he´s mad at us.
Rafael: you say it like it’s a bad thing.
Raul: Rafael, Francis is our friend. And just now, by suspecting him, we hurt him.
Rafael: Agh! I know… Then who? Who´s been abducting and very likely killing the missing rats and birds?

Raul: there could be a million reasons that explain the missing animals. Blaming Francis without any proof was a mistake.

Rafael: you trust that cat way too much.
Raul: He saved my butt a couple of times. He could have eaten and or killed me on several occasions and he never did. He´s always been very friendly.

Rafael: yeah, I know.

Rafael flies off and lands right I front of Francis.

Cat (surprised, albeit still angry): what?
Rafael: I´m sorry. I shouldn´t have thought you were the one responsible.
Cat: No, you shouldn´t have.

Rafael: Friends?
Cat: I thought you didn´t trust cats.
Rafael: I don´t.

Cat: I´m a cat.
Rafael: You´re a fake cat.

To be continued…

2017_Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 74


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