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“Hey who is this girl, dancing on the stage”, Vikash asked one of his friend looking Arya wholeheartedly.

“Oh she is Arya, Atul’s cousin”, Vikash friend respond him and concentrate on his dinner. But Vikash focus had been just fixed on Arya only. His eyes were wandering all around Arya only.

He came to his home after the marriage party but was mind was pondering about Arya only. He wants to connect with her as soon as possible and he gets slept with the thoughts.

Vikash was in Arya’s thought where as Arya was not knowing about him yet. But Vikash followed her in many places like in market and especially in food stall which was Arya’s favorite place.

Six months passed and Vikash watched Arya in many places but hadn’t talked a single time. One more time he noticed Arya in her family function only.

As Vikash and Arya’s cousin was friend so he noticed Arya many times, but Arya was not aware about it. In fact she keeps herself busy in with her only that she didn’t recognize who is watching her or observing her.

After six months suddenly Vikash thought to try to connect himself with Arya on facebook. He searched her name on facebook.

Arya Singhal

Studied at DAV School

“Hmm nice profile and nice pic too”, Vikash murmured himself and sent the request with a message, “Hello, can we friends”.

Arya looked Vikash friend request but she ignored it and scroll down the cursor to know the updates on her wall.

Vikash felt astonished that why Arya ignored her request. He thought, “She didn’t notice Atul as our mutual friend and, hadn’t looked me in her any family function”.

Vikash was surprise with Arya’s behavior, but what more he can do because Arya has ignored his friend request.

After sometime in one more family function of Arya, Vikash looked her and thought to send the request once again with one more message.

“Hello, can we friends”, he typed and sends the request.

This time Arya observed his profile and also the messages. She looked that Vikash had sent four messages to her with the same line, “hello, can we friends”.

She looked 8 mutual friends of Vikash and her. And this time she clicked the accepted button.

As soon as she accepted the request, Vikash messaged her


But she ignored the message and get logout from her profile.

With this Vikash and Arya became facebook friend at least after two years, from the day when first time Vikash had looked her on Atul’s marriage.

One more time Vikash had tried to talk with Arya on facebook and again she ignored his message.

After this attempt Vikash felt ignorant from Arya’s side and he decided to do not message her anymore.

With this they became facebook friends for 6 months without any single chat. For Arya Vikash had just added like other facebook friend. But she had noticed that Vikash was from her hometown only, and somewhere it was the also reason she disregarded his messages because as Atul also show their mutual friend.

One fine day Arya was surfing net and scrolling up and down her facebook timeline.

“Damn bore yaar, what to do”, Arya was thinking to herself.

“No one is online to whom I can talk”, and suddenly Arya eyes goes to Vikash chat box.

She opened his chat box

“Hello, can we friends”?

“Hello, can we friends”?


“Hello, can we friends”?



Arya looked his messages, “Hmm, let talk to him only as he talked so many times by himself”.

“And what if he is a CHIPKU”, a second thought comes in Arya’s mind.

“Let talk him, and if he will be a CHIPKU than I will ignored his message simple”, with this Arya typed


As soon as Vikash got her message, he was amazed and instantly typed

“Hello , Hows U’

Arya – I am fine wat abt U

Vikash – I am good too

Arya –

Vikash was surprised too much of her sudden message and to know about it he typed

Vikash- as today suddenly message

Arya laughed and typed

Arya – so koi Muhoorat Nikalwana tha Pandit ji se , tmse bat krne k liye

Vikash- no, not at all, I mean I had messaged you earlier but you didn’t reply so I just asked.

Arya – ok J

Vikash- and say wats up

Arya – nothing you say

Vikash – same here

Arya- yes

Vikash- so how’s life

Arya- all well yaar

And the chat goes for last 2 hours with many questions, jokes, and other discussions.

Vikash- well where you live

Arya- is you coming (laughingly)

Vikash- if you hadn’t problem

Arya- why I will have the problem, Ajao

Vikash- aisaaaaaaaaaa

Arya – hmmmm

Vikash- well you are Atul’s cousin

Arya- yes , how you know

Vikash – you hadn’t notice that he is our mutual friend

Arya – yes I that looked

Vikash- and priya is also your cousin sister

Arya- yeah, but she isn’t our mutual friend , and how you know

Vikash- she is mine neighbor and I had seen you in her parents 25th anniversary

Arya- ohh I see

Vikash – and Nikhil was classmate in school

Arya looked the message and thought and laughingly said to herself only, “Mere sare Rishtedar iske kuch na kuch toh hai

And she typed

Arya- so you surrounded by whole terrorism

Vikash with confusion, “terrorism didn’t get you”

And she laughed loudly and typed, “Yeah, I mean you know my all relatives”.

Vikash- so what is the problem

Arya – no problem is der

Vikash- now I am known for you

Arya- hmm, kind of

Vikash – so we can exchange the number

Arya- number for what

Vikash- to know more each other

Arya – what is the problem here

Vikash – no prblm, but

Arya- leave that all

Vikash – okkkkkkkk

Arya -:)

Vikash – and tell

Arya- what tell

Vikash- jo man ho

Arya- kuch man nahi hai.

Vikash- aisa

Now Arya felt bore and tired too as she was chatting him from last two hours

Arya- ok it was nice chat, now have to go bye tc J

Vikash – bye

As Arya had talked Vikash casually and forget about it. But for Vikash it was like other second chance and this time he doesn’t want to miss it. He started to greet Arya every morning with the good morning messages. Arya also replied him back but sometimes his messages also irritate her.

One of the most irritating line of Vikash was “nice pic dear”, in Arya’s every pic.

He doesn’t comment in her any pic but in chat box he always comment her

“hey dear, nice pic”

“nice pic dear”

“nice pic ji”

And this “nice pic” word annoyed Arya more than any other thing.

But Arya respond him well, however she wants to screamed him that does he knows or not any other word, but she felt pity and typed only

“thanku :)”,

Vikash –










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