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The nurse tracking America’s ‘epidemic’ of murdered women

Dawn Wilcoxs project telling womens legends is filling a chink in their respective countries data on killings

Dawn Wilcox adds more mentions to her roster every day. Sometimes as countless as 50.

From her home in a gentle cul de sac in Plano, Texas, Wilcox lopes Women Count USA– a project reputation victims of what she believes to be America’s unnoticed crisis: femicide.

Wilcox has expended much of the past two years rubbing online news narrations and social media for reports on women and girls killed by beings in the US. She compiles their honours in a publicly held spreadsheet and shares detailed information about their lives and extinctions with roughly 6,000 people on the Women Count USA Facebook page.

It is no big undertaking. By Wilcox’s count, in 2018 it happened to at the least 1,600 women and girls from Alaska to New York, of all scoots, ages and incomes status. They were killed in their bunks and in their gondolas, at work and in yoga class, by their parents, spouses, ex-boyfriends, cousins, lads, neighbors and strangers.

Wilcox’s work is filling a gap in data on femicide, typically defined under the killing of women and girls because of their gender, said Jodie Roure, an expert on violence against women working in the Americas. The federal government roads domestic violence killings, to be allocated to as intimate partner murders, but doesn’t specifically compile data on femicide, Roure said, in part because the US hasn’t adopted a standardized definition for the call as in some Latin American countries.

Without a centralized organisation to gather data on incidents of violence against women and girls, those misdemeanours are underreported, Roure, who is a professor at John Jay College, said.” The data that does exist we know is alarming ,” she included.” Violence against girls is normalized. And because it’s normalized we don’t see it as a crisis .”

The Violence Policy Center, which produces an annual report on female murder victims based on FBI data, repetition Wilcox’s concerns about violence against women in the US. There aren’t adequate resources assigned to reducing it, the VPC legislative head, Kristen Rand, said. Congress gave the landmark 1994 Violence Against Women Act expire during the most recent government shutdown.

But individual stories can help spur action, Rand said, and that is where Women Count USA comes in.” People look at statistics and they too often don’t see what’s behind the statistics- this humanizes the problem ,” Rand said.” Every single one of those people is a human being with a family .”

Using Google alertings, news reports and her free time, Wilcox has taken it upon herself to tell the stories of America’s murdered women.

Dawn Wilcox substantiates femicide in the United States for her campaign, Women Count, from her home in Plano, Texas. Picture: Laura Buckman/ The Guardian
beginning >

On a Saturday afternoon in January, Wilcox is perched over her computer again, the illumination of the screen showing in her glasses as she sounds apart. Since last spring, in between periods at the elementary school where she works as a nurse and nights at home watching movies with her husband, Wilcox has examined for a photo of Alina Duwyenie, an Arizona woman who was killed by her sweetheart. Martin Larney told police he shot Duwyenie because he was upset about what she was wearing .

Duwyenie substantiated particularly difficult to find. Facebook probes and report floors grew good-for-nothing. But on this afternoon, just as the sunlight is capsizing into the scope, she starts get somewhere. Wilcox sees Duwyenie ascribed as an illustrator in a children’s notebook, that leads to the Facebook page of a collaborator of the young woman, and finally, the photo.

Duwyenie is smiling. There are gems under her right eye and fuzz descending over one surface of her face.

” There “youre gonna have to”, I spotted you ,” Wilcox says to the photo of the dark-haired 22 -year-old. Then she lends Duwyenie’s photo to her list.

Finding photos of murdered girls is of particular importance to Wilcox. The faces that even off her index- a half-smile overlaid with a Snapchat filter, apreschooler grinning under a princess treetop, a grey-haired female deeming a kitten- remind witness that these women are more than simply numbers.

Wilcox devotes much of her season “re thinking of” them. While at the convenience store or doctor’s appointments she writes mentions to herself: leads to follow up on, gals to include.

She started the project after the killings of Cecil the lion and Harambe the gorilla. There was such scandalize over the animals’ demises, and while Wilcox is an animal buff, she didn’t understand why there wasn’t the same tier of concern for murdered girls.” Beings are starting applications and they’re marching and I’m like I just heard about three women killed today, what about them ?”

A self-described information junkie, Wilcox, 55, has depleted decades learning about domestic violence, in part because she has been a prey of it. A boyfriend once harboured her captive and mistreated her for hours after she tried to break up with him, Wilcox said. And for years Wilcox was married to a adult who she says controlled what she wore, who she could vote for, and left her fearing for her life.

She tried to leave again and again. She knows why maidens bide, why it’s often the most hazardous when they try to leave and intentions people would ask,” why was he murderous ?” instead of” why did she remain ?”

” Femicide, it’s the end road where all other abuses of women kind of lead. That is why messages material. It starts with dehumanizing lingo ,” Wilcox said.

To Wilcox, the women on her register are the subject of epidemic diseases unseen or neglected, the outcome of societal demeanours that verify women’s lives as the property of men. Pushing back against that intends documenting the victims, the impact of male savagery, and the stories behind the numbers, such as those of Katelin Crocker and Jamie Martin.

Crocker and Martin never knew each other. They lived more than 1,000 miles apart, but the nature of their extinctions made them together on Wilcox’s list.

In the final moments of her life, 19 -year-old Katelin Crocker was compressing up her makeup contingency with all the Kat Von D eyeshadows the young cosmetologist requirement, her mom Johnnah Dixon Crocker said. A coroner would tell her father that although she possibly started to turn at the tone of her boyfriend, Alexander Harmon, cocking a 12 -gauge shotgun, she died before she knew what hit her.

Jamie Martin spent the last minutes of their own lives gazing down the barrel of a grease-gun, according to her sister Jennifer Tice. Stacey Ayotte shot the mother of his two children in the front ground of her home in Tupper Lake, New York, on a cold May morning 18 months after she ceased their long, abusive relationship.The first missile reach her pelvis, “but its” the second largest, burnt six minutes later- the seem of which her baby would hear from half a mile away- that would kill her, Tice said. In Facebook criticisms, friends of Ayotte would ask what propagandized him over the leading edge; some would condemn Martin.

Jamie Martin and her daughter Alexis. Martin was killed in the front garden of her Tupper Lake, New York, residence by the leader of her two children. Picture: Courtesy Jennifer Tice
root >

A 2018 UN report on the gender-related killing of women and girls around the world met they face the greatest chance in their own homes, and that although the majority of slaying victims are souls, brides are much more likely to be killed by those closest to them.

” Violence against gals is so pervasive that it is invisible ,” Wilcox said.” That one nurse in Texas can find 1,600 ladies that have been allegedly murdered by males in the United States in a single year, the hell is overwhelming .”

In the working day after Jamie Martin’s death, her sister, Jennifer Tice, came across a compliment affixed by Wilcox that she said beautifully described her sister, a mom and an artist who worked with people with disabilities.

The posting preceded Tice to the roll, filled with the names of hundreds of other women who were assassinated like Jamie:” I looked at the following chart every single daylight. I approximate to meet my sister’s specify and see how many people are living “peoples lives” I’m living .”

Tracking these deaths is wearying, and readily takes up Wilcox’s every free hour. But she locates is now time to stair away from development projects; she coats- primarily landscapes- watches Tv presents like Leave It to Beaver, devotes go with her family and reads. Although some deeds, like a volume about staging atrocity stages, relation to her research.

Despite the difficult nature of her project, Wilcox is hopeful. A rhyme on her Facebook profile read:” Do not be horrified by the brokenness of the nations of the world … the busted world-wide waits in darkness for the light-colored that is you .”

” I care about all these women. I care they lived and I care that the issue is assassinated but I can also compartmentalize it ,” she says.” You can’t let this ruin you. You can’t be effective if you make it destroy you .”

Wilcox will dedicate herself to Women Count USA full term after retirement. She isn’t weighing this year; instead she will go back and ensure she has the names of every woman killed in 2018. Eventually, she’d like to start working backwards, substantiating all women and girls killed by gentlemen in the last 50 years to remind the nations of the world that they existed, and they mattered.

” Some of these women are killed in front of their children, they’re killed with “their childrens”. These are females being killed while they’re pleading for their lives. Even though I couldn’t do anything to stop it, this is my room of establishing sure they’re not perfectly alone- that I’ll be there to substantiate it .”

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The nurse tracking America’s ‘epidemic’ of murdered women


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