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Ariana Madix’s Skin Care Line: What We Know Betches

When I think of Ariana Madix, one of my favorite shed representatives on Vanderpump Rules( in the sense that I consistently detest her the least ), I think of many things: sketch comedy, an amazing tos, a concoction journal. One thing I don’t consequently think of when I think of Ariana?” Drop your skin care routine .” Don’t get me wrong, Ariana has huge skin( everyone on Vanderpump Rules appears to in front of the camera, at the least ), but it’s never something I certainly took note of. Which is why I was stunned and a little muddled when I learned about Ariana Madix’s skin maintenance string, Facelixer( tm ). The redundant mark badge was her stylization , not mine. Betches has reached out to Bravo for statement and will inform if we receive a response.

I found out about Ariana Madix’s skin caution position on Instagram on Sunday. Actually, to be totally transparent, I see I saw someone upright about it on a VPR Facebook fan group I’m in, and then I went to this Instagram to find out for myself. We don’t know a whole lot about Facelixer( tm ), other than the fact that it has a pretty terrible epithet. Is it enunciated” face elixir “?” Face licks-er “? Either acces, it’s pretty generic. We also know that Ariana Madix’s skin caution string boasts itself as vegan, cruelty-free, and plant-based. So like, every new skin maintenance wire coming out now. Announce me crazy, but if I exactly needed to rub some results or whatever on my face to improve my surface, I wouldn’t need to be buying scalp help products in the first place.


We don’t know what types of concoctions Ariana Madix’s scalp attention boundary will have, but the website, moods,” We’d like to think our makes are made of spell, but that’s the sorcery of sort !” Uhh … okay. Specific! It also says,” Redefine a Girls Night In! Pair fun cocktails to join your cares. Trade and Try, Sip and Buy !” What? What the f* ck does that even mean? Is Ariana’s cocktail book happening all along?

Ariana is starting her scalp upkeep pipeline with Katie Cazorla, an actress and from what I am able to gather , not an aesthetician. So who the hell drawing the skills necessary ?? The website describes this dynamic duo as follows:” Ariana and Katie are no strangers to the stage, screen or surface care aisle. These self-described’ skin care addicts’ kindnes good-for-nothing more then trying every masque, cream and serum out there. That experiment paired with the need to look their best know concern[ sic] what life throws at them, has led them to create a line that they certainly believe in. Cheers !”

So like, first and foremost, Ariana and Katie didn’t hire a proof book, as confirmed by” know is important that life discards at them .” I’m getting a sense, from happens like “cheers!” and” pair fun concoctions to accord your therapies”, that all these skin care commodities will have concoction themed names. I hope I’m wrong.

Other than that, items are scarce about Ariana Madix’s skin attend line. So far, the Instagram is just a grid of some blue rip-off of the Starbucks mermaid, and the top three photos have the same caption:” Hard at work to create the very best to you. From our hearts and knowledge immediately to you !” Guys. Can you hire a copywriter? Or at least an intern? I’ll volunteer. My frequency is very affordable.

View this upright on Instagram

Hard at work to bring the very best to you. From our hearts and sentiment instantly to you !

The are three photos in their Instagram grid indicate the line will be drooping in sink 2018, which is literally now, so where is it? I actually would check this out, to be clear. I do want Ariana to succeed. I’m just hoping that Ariana and Katie framed more exertion and funding into formulating their makes than they did into their copywriting and commerce. That’s all I’m saying.

Images: Shutterstock, facelixir/ Instagram; Giphy

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Ariana Madix’s Skin Care Line: What We Know Betches


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