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5 Upcoming Movies That Look Good And Crazy

It’s hard to keep up with every upcoming Movie. The 27 superhero movies being released after 2018 alone are enough to duty anyone’s scrutiny encompas to its restraint, and since their collective ad fund is larger than the GDP of most commonwealths, you don’t even have to go out of your style to learn about them. So to help you stay in touch with contemporary culture, peculiarly the fractions that involve Nicolas Cage manipulating a chainsaw, we’ve picked out five upcoming movies that could be worth your prized time.


The Ranger Is A Park Safety PSA Altered Into A Horror Movie

You know those hokey old-fashioned low-budget after-school specials in which Smokey Bear told you that merely you are able prevent forest attacks — which was technically true, if only in the sense that you had no purpose of ever stepping paw in a grove? Well, what if you watched a cluster of those in a row while having a bad acid expedition? The administrator and co-writer of The Ranger acknowledged to being inspired by the former, and all we can do is assume that the latter was concerned as well.

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Hood River Entertainment Wes Anderson’s Saw

The premise is that a knot of punk kids on the run from the police decide to lay low in a national park while doing a ton of drugs — a intention we fully endorse, because that’s likewise how we devote our summers. But one of them has a secret dark past, and all of them find themselves pee-pee off “an unhinged park guard with an axe to grind.” It’s a safe bet that the axe isn’t metaphorical.

Hood River Entertainment Is this movie 3D or really shot with an horrifying lens? You decide!

So if you miss the working day when adolescents were slaughtered in woodlands, unlike all these sleepy Millennial horror scapegoats who get haunted by paranormal pleasure without having to even leave their own residences, or if you miss what could be a very close we’ll ever get to an adaptation of our R-rated Yogi Bear fanfiction, this could be one for you.


Animal World Is A Chinese Movie About A Clown Fighting Monsters That Co-Stars Michael Douglas

Do you adore stylish action movies about cool ninjas pushing beings, but find yourself wishing that the ninjas were also dressed as ass? Then China has inexplicably made a movie for you.

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Enlight Pictures TWIST: The clown isn’t the evil monster.

Plot items are scarce, but it appears to be about some kind of confidential civilization that campaigns monsters in metro automobiles, and one of their fighters garments as the love child of Ronald McDonald and Naruto. Also, Michael Douglas is in it as the maybe evil apparent head of the possible confidential culture that is possibly feeing some kind of monster-killing contest.

Enlight Pictures “You guys retain The Game ? Check it out, it actually doesn’t get the approval it deserves.”

It all looks like a script writes to a youthful Juggalo, right down to the slow-mo stunts that are toy so straight they fluctuating back around to comedy. The one thing we’ve unquestionably heard until now is that this inspects so ridiculous that we have to see it, if simply so we can get a stronger predicted for purposes of determining whether Douglas is being held hostage or is just trying to draw some quick yacht coin. Either acces, if you check it out, you’ll be able to tell people that you were into Asian clown martial arts sci-fi before everyone started rending it off.

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In Mandy , Nicolas Cage Uses A Chainsaw To Fight Cultist Bikers

Nicolas Cage is a involved actor whose filmography withstands description, at the least until humanity comes up with a more stylish sort of communication than mere words. In his latest imaginative practice/ effort to pay off his extraordinary pay, Cage toy a logger who lives a simple, secluded live with the adore of his life, an master appointed Mandy. But then a failed folk singer rotated cult leader precipitates in love with Mandy and kidnaps her with the assistance of an esoteric biker gang. When Mandy accepts him, he ignites her alive in front of Nicolas Cage. If you know anything about Nicolas Cage movies, you would understand that this is a mistake.

XYZ Films He’s mostly remaking Fostering Arizona , only as the villain this time.

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What follows is a Nicolas Cage revenge rampage that seems to equal his greatest frenzies to date. He arms himself with a crossbow and a nonsensical monstrous axe, and according to the movie’s sign, he also goes into a chainsaw combat that’s illuminate like a lightsaber confrontation. Meanwhile, the biker cultists are exerting medicines to give themselves staggering strengths. Now is a good time to remind you that Nicolas Cage acquired an Oscar for his sensitive and nuanced recital in Leaving Las Vegas .

XYZ Films Though that was also around the time we saw M. Night Shyamalan was the next Hitchcock, so maybe “weve all” drunk.

There’s a lot that could be said about Mandy , but whether or not it’s for you could be summarized up entirely by your reaction to the following mention: “At one point Cage simply runs a bottle of liquor on his curves and down his throat while screaming.” Do with that knowledge what you will.

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Important : b> Please note that this movie has nothing to do with Mom And Dad , wherein Cage represents a father in a world-wide where a mysterious video transmission enforces all mothers to obsessively try to murder their own children. That is an entirely different 2018 movie in which Cage swings a chainsaw. Thank you.


In Moose , Fred Durst Directs John Travolta In A Movie About Stalking

Limp Bizkit screaming adult Fred Durst and John Travolta go together like peanut butter and asteroids — seemingly never, unless in the digress of a psychopath. But since the stability of Durst, notorious admirer of nookie and getting prohibited from Ukraine, has always seemed a little doubtful, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised “that hes” somehow addressing John Travolta.

Variety You can stare at those statements all you demand, but they’re not abruptly going to start being logical.

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The Queen Has Her Own Private( Creepy) Pet Cemetery

This dream( of a very specific kind of person) crew is working on a movie in which Travolta represents a humanity who’s stalking and trying to destroy the living standards of an activity star. The write was co-written by Durst and inspired by a devotee who stalked him, and we’re admittedly struggling to think of a scoundrel more terrifying than one based on a man who looked at the pantheon of notorieties and decided that Fred Durst was the one value preoccupying over. It is not yet clear why the movie is called Moose , although we’re supporting out said he hoped that the stalker is a literal moose was put forward by Travolta.

“There surely is no dearth of astounding Fred Durst narrations to tell, but this one in particular is unequivocally cinematic in how it plays out, ” speaks a press release that are able to one day be reexamined as proof that aliens are trying to communicate with us while not quite comprehending human thoughts and thinks. “John’s range as relevant actors will once again be shown off as he steps into a courage that Fred is far too familiar with — making this pairing so exciting, ” it continues. While we are indeed extremely evoked about this film, it may not be for the reasons they hope. The liberation ends in “We couldn’t be happier, ” because sometimes the greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

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To be fair, this isn’t exclusively out of the blue, as Durst, whose greatest slams were just about smashing material and encouraging his ex-girlfriend to shove a cookie up her ass, previously directed two movies a decade ago. And naturally, the latter are, uh, a coming-of-age drama and a feel-good movie about the first daughter to gambling quarterback in a children’s football tournament.

Anchor Bay Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Casting Travolta( apparently ?) objective his flash of passing males rocking afros.

Oh, and he also guided an eHarmony business. What is your occupation, Fred ?


Profile Is The Mostly True Story Of A Journalist Who Catfished ISIS, As Told Via Skype By The Director Of The Ben-Hur Remake

No, you’re not having a rekindle, that header will make sense once we explain it. In 2015, a French writer created a fake Facebook profile and constituted linked with a high-ranking ISIS recruiter to investigate the methods they use to lure lonely, disaffected girls to their cause.

Bazelevs Company Fun fact: Even brutal murderers use emojis in conversation.

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Her story is bonkers, and there’s a lot of interesting ideas to explore regarding how people are attracted into extreme situations, so it’s not surprising that her work is being given the movie care. What is startling is that the movie takes region entirely on computer screens, that it invents conflicted feelings over “real nostalgic feelings”( the real journalist called the ISIS guy she talked to “someone without humanity, “ which would imply that she did not harbor a hidden are looking forward to bone him ), and that it’s directed against Timur Bekmambetov, whose recently completed efforts include Ben-Hur But With That Cool Boardwalk Empire Guy and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter . Bekmambetov was also individual producers of Unfriended , i> a film about a eerie Skype conversation, so maybe he has an preoccupation with films about quirky shit going down online?

Depending on which early recollect you read, Profile is either brilliant( and more effective on your laptop than in a theater) or gimmicky and borderline offensive. Judge for yourself the next time you’re in the mood to recognize the world’s most clumsy flirting.

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5 Upcoming Movies That Look Good And Crazy


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