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Founders Caterina Fake and Jyri Engestrm make it official with a new venture fund, Yes VC

Caterina Fake and Jyri Engestrom have much in common beyond the home and family they share. Each has started — and Sold — two companies. Fake famously co-founded the photo-sharing area Flickr, which sold to Yahoo, before co-founding Hunch, which sold to eBay. Engestrom co-founded Jaiku, a portable social network that sold to Google, before co-founding Ditto, a mobile neighbourhood recommendations app now acquired by Groupon.

Each has angel endowed over its first year. Fake wrote early checks to Kickstarter and Etsy, among tens of thousands of others; Engestrom’s many pots include a startup called Applifier that sold to Unity Technology; Moves, specific activities moving app acquired by Facebook; and the popular attire label Betabrand.

More lately, both Fake and Engestrom were also beginning to see more opportunities that seize on what Fake calls the “monumental changes” coming our collective path, including, in part, because of blockchain technologies.

They realise what they needed was a fund.

Enter Yes VC, a new, San Francisco-based pre-seed and seed-stage conglomerate that’s targeting $50 million in uppercase commitments and previously weighs Supercell founder Ilkka Paananen, former Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson and the family office of Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa as limited partners.

To learn more about the fund — which the pair expect to close next month and they’ve already used to back some amusing startups — we talked with Fake yesterday in a conversation that’s gently edited now for portion and clarity.

TC: A decade ago, a recruiter told me he couldn’t talk you intobecoming a VC . strong>

CF: It’s true-life. A lot of the reason I wanted to become an financier and evade working for others is that you get to create the world you want to live in, and the company you want to work for, and I’ve desired that. It’s an integrated part of entrepreneurship that dames has truly embrace.

I’ve too time been really busy. I attached the board of trustees of the Etsy when it was just three founders and I facilitated draft the COO and CTO, Chad Dickerson, who subsequently grew the CEO. Etsy was a big part of what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

But there’s another[ overruling part] in the timing, which is this majestic change going on, and I feel it. My background has always been in online community — afterward renamed “social media.” I was about open culture. I was on the board of Creative Commons. Web 2.0 was primarily about open APIs and the liberating of data in all the regions of the internet. But gradually, everything went locked up[ behind walled garden-varieties, including the right of Facebook ].

TC: And you weren’t interested in the internet as a social force ? strong>

CF: Because of the reasons we’ve eventually determined. Trust has evaporated. Fake news is ubiquitous. Societal vogues have break-dance these down. Steven Johnson had it exactly right in his[ New York Times fragment this past weekend .]

I assembled two cards in the past few years, the Sundance Institute, which is all about independent film, and McSweeney’s, which is about independent publishing. I went back to conventional media[ because I adoration it] and now that I participate the imminent recession of these hegemonic plans, I’m excited to be back in the fray.

TC: Are you going to be investing in media companionships ? strong>

CF: Not definitely. There’s extraordinary growing across a range of old and brand-new industries, including big changes in transportation and the blockchain. It feels like the sunup of web 3.0.

TC: You didn’t want to join someone else’s endeavour conglomerate, but you have been a part of the seed-stage undertaking conglomerate Founder Collective as a partner, chasten ? strong>

CF: Yes. I was effectively one of the original founder-partners there. It’s been a extraordinary group to be involved with from the get-go. It’s such a smart group of beings. I would have in a heartbeat connected those guys, but they couldn’t keep their programme[ with another full-time partner ]. They’d have to raise more money.

If your ambition is to become the next Kleiner or Sequoia, that’s one thing. But that’s not the dream of[ Founder Collective] and it’s not our ambition, either. We want to stay trained. We’re a two-person conglomerate that’s on track to originate 30 speculations. I’m not sure we could treat more capacity than that.

TC: You’ve co-founded this fund with your business, and life, collaborator, Jyri Engestrom. He’s Finnish, which starts me wonder about your geographic focus. Will there be one ? strong>

CF: We’re based in SF but because Jyri is Finnish and has a strong European relationship, he does “ve got a lot” of European slew flood, so we expect that will part of it.

TC: What immensity checks will your firm be writing ? strong>

CF: We’re going to get pre-seed and grain, which is where we started as investors and where we’ve remain. Probably assets will array from $250,000 to$ 1 million, which is very similar to how Founder Collective operates.

TC: You mention you’ve already made some investments . strong>

CF: Well, yes, we’ve did 30 to 40 assets already in “fund zero.”[ Laughs .] We’ve both done one tonne of investing in our jobs. I’ve had two IPOs with Etsy in 2015 and Cloudera in 2016. There have also been a ton of sell marketings in my portfolio. My first financing was Maya’s Mom[ a social network for babies] now acquired by BabyCenter. We’ve invested in TypeKit, sold to Adobe; 1000 recollections, which sold to; DailyBooth, sold to Airbnb; Wavii, sold to Google; Superfeedr, which sold to Medium.

Jyri also wasted the past couple of years as an[ financier in residency] at True Ventures, where one of his investments, the satellite firm ICEYE, simply announced a major new milestone.

TC: Have you made any speculations on behalf of the members of Yes VC ? strong>

CF: We do plan to flatten three or four or our recent investments into the fund, including Spell, founded by Serkan Piantino, who helped form Facebook’s AI research lab, and Orchid, a blockchain VPN.

TC: You’ve clearly find a lot of winning crews. How do you identify them? What are you go looking for when you’re backing someone with not much more than a bare-bones suggestion ? strong>

CF: It’s very much based on founder and on suspicion and other intangibles. Jyri and I both came from humanities backgrounds. We’re not designers. We’re not CS parties. I learnt English Literature.

When you’re this early-stage[ as overseas investors] and all you have is a paradigm[ to debate ], you have to have good insight about the founders. We do look at other aspects: What is the risk of this product or service or mart. But as you know, numerous founders don’t finish up doing what was on their degree floor. They derive. Things change. It’s the toll you pay as overseas investors for is available on early, but that’s too when your instinct[ pays off ].

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Founders Caterina Fake and Jyri Engestrm make it official with a new venture fund, Yes VC


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