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Seven Rules Of A Well-Groomed Woman

The modern world requires efforts from the fair sex, unknown to cave women. Each young lady tries to somehow emphasize her merits and hide flaws from prying eyes. What are the modern rules of a well-groomed woman?

Rule 1: clean Hair is the key to success
Dirty hair was held in high esteem only in the 18th century, when towers of hair, feathers and dried butterflies were considered a fashion trend. Such ecosystems lasted for several months and did not require practically any maintenance, except that the dust was blown off them with a fan. Now dandruff, matted curls, stuck together hairs are considered bad manners. If grandmothers tell you that washing your hair every day is bad, and your hair gets fat every morning, then this can hardly be considered a good rule. Also, try not to overdo hairspray, especially with evening hairstyles, otherwise the effect of wet hair will look like a swallow's nest.

Rule 2: don't be a mime
A face is a person's business card, and caring for him takes time, effort and money. First, keep track of the amount of makeup. The evocative blue shadows and red lips at the same time will only frighten the opposite sex and cause bewilderment among the rest of humanity. The tone should also not be very dark, otherwise the difference between the neck and the face will make you a clown (so do not forget to powder your neck when using foundation). Secondly, less facial expressions. The less you wrinkle your forehead when you dye your eyelashes, the better you will look in the future.Try to massage your face to get rid of expression lines. Thirdly, do not forget to regularly cleanse the skin in order to avoid the appearance of all sorts of rashes. By following these rules, you will be able to show off flawless skin and flawless makeup and follow the rules of the modern well-groomed woman.

Rule 3: down with rainbow nail polish
Clean, well-groomed hands will only be a plus for any girl. It's not just about extended nails. They still need to be built up beautifully. Long claws are not in favor with men, and besides, it is simply uncomfortable in real life. Therefore, if you still wash the dishes at least occasionally, then do not be like wild predatory animals and make a beautiful manicure that would not interfere with either your personal life or at work. Remember, rhinestones on the nails will suit only the most daring, and the green color of the nail polish will only suit the youngest. In addition to nail care (it would also be nice to make baths to strengthen the nail plate), do not forget about hand skin care, because everyone is pleased to stroke the delicate hands of a beauty.

Rule 4: get rid of tiger skins in your wardrobe
If you want to reach heights and not just move to the second floor of the food market, but become its owner, then never even in your wildest dreams wear a leopard print! Even with well-groomed hands and feet from the ears, she will make a monster out of you. In addition to it, wear a floral print neatly. Although he has not gone out of fashion for several seasons, everything does not always go smoothly with him in the wardrobe either. For some, such clothes will be very forgiving. Therefore, a flower dress can be worn for going to the store for bread, and a flower dress for a ball. In addition, you should not buy all promotional items - what is at a discount does not mean that it suits you. It's better to have a few really good things than a closet full of things that can't be put on in decent places.

Rule 5: wear heels
Unfortunately, not everyone can lengthen their legs. More precisely, everyone can, but not everyone wants. Therefore, try to wear heels up to at least 5 cm to visually look like Irina Shayk. If you can't boast of straight ankles, then don't focus on them. This does not mean that you should hide your vehicles behind floor-length skirts and wide legs. Choose the optimal length of your clothes and good, comfortable shoes for every day. Do you remember that tiger tights are not a hit of your season? So add there more tights with rhinestones, sequins, lurex, wild colors, stretched knees and holes. Throw it all away, forget it and never remember.

Rule 6: choose the right perfume
The trail of perfume that follows you from home to your workplace is capable of fainting people standing next to you. Perfume is a great thing that can give confidence and attract a man. But if you are a lover of sweet aromas, then try to pour them on yourself as little as possible. Remember that you are living in a community. The rules of a well-groomed woman suggest a light and pleasant aroma emanating from her.

Rule 7: be confident and smile
A beautiful smile can conquer all men and give a good mood to friends and family. However, remember that teeth should shine like diamonds, but be straight and clean. Fresh breath is also an equally important factor.

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Seven Rules Of A Well-Groomed Woman


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