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Shame on you, Canada!!

If you google WHY the Syrian Refugees are coming to Canada, you simply won’t get an answer.  Perhaps this is a wake up call that I am too self absorbed for my own good, because I wasn’t aware there was anyone in Syria that needed rescuing.  Shame on me?  Maybe awareness should be part of a resolution heading into 2016….

Anyway - I happened to be stuck at Pearson the night the refugees arrived, and I was totally shocked at the sight of their descendance into the airport. Have movies not taught us anything?  Refugees are wartorn, sad, poverty stricken with dirt on their face!  They aren’t carrying ipads and dress well! This is an outrage!

“They’re mostly professional, middle to upper class people” the Airport Lady told me.  “It’s not like we are taking in ten thousand homeless”.  My response? “Then why are they here?”  Refugees don’t wear Prada!!  Unfortunately for me, the airport lady was only up to date on the class and status of the refugees, but could not provide the 411 reasoning as to WHY they were here all well equipped and non-movie-esque.

SO of course, when google can’t provide, you turn to facebook for the answers, which I did - but all I found was Trudeau propaganda and hate from the citizens of our fair country.  WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? 

So much anger!  But why? What do you have to be angry about? To the THOUSANDS of Canadians who opened their homes and wallets to the refugees I ask you - when was the last time you invited a Homeless Person to spend the night?  When was the last time you searched your home for goodies and then personally handed them to a homeless person and say “here - take this.”??? Shame on you for not helping our homeless in this manner long before the arrival of our Syrian friends.  And to those who have donated nothing in a boycott to the refugees landing here stating that we should look after our OWN homeless first - GET OFF YOUR ASS and go feed one.  Take the jacket of your back and hand it over.  Take your leftovers to a homeless person and offer them up! And if you AREN’T planning on doing this then get lost.  Get a life.  Your excuses are tiring.

To those that state that these refugees will steal our jobs I ask - what jobs?  They will apply for open positions like you and I would.  They will probably apply for positions you aren’t qualified for are too uneducated to hold. By saying your ‘job’ will be stolen ONLY says that you are NOT confident enough in your position and skill set to allow any more competition into our country.  Do you not understand that more people means more economic prowess, more money, and more stability?  They will shop at your stores, spend  money at your businesses, open their own businesses, create jobs themselves and contribute to our fledgling province?  It’s more than those who decide that welfare is a career choice are contributing.  [sidenote - Why aren’t you angry at them?]

Shame on you Canada for speaking more than doing, for ignorantly posting, and for making ANYONE feel unwelcome in our country.  It isn’t who we are.  It isn’t what we’re built on, and it isn’t effin’ Canadian.

So why are they here?  I have no clue.  My self-absorbedness has forced me to trust in Justin Trudeau, and rest easy that he knows what he is doing.  Apparently my movie knowledge of refugees hasn’t prepared me for this situation.  So what can I do?  I can go on about my day, contribute what I can, bring food to my homeless, and to invite the children of the refugees over for a playdate in order to help out ‘the new kid’ at school.  

And shame on you for thinking that you are better than anything other than that.

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Shame on you, Canada!!


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