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Tick Tock

When I was a new-ish mother, I attended a Tupperware party.  This is before I caught on to the whole thing, women trying to make parties out of guilt and plastic.  If anyone needs plastic shit, they go to Target.  They don't go to a party.  We all know that now, but I was still figuring it out, trying to fit in with the other moms, and woo-hoo, I got invited to a party!

The first thing we did was to go around the room and say what our Favorite Piece of tupperware was.  I didn't listen to the other answers because I was busy trying not to panic.  Favorite tupperware?  Really?  Is that a thing?  I don't even have a favorite color or movie.  (I did have a favorite Monkey, though:  Peter.)  

When it came to me, I made something up. I said I really liked these plastic salt and pepper shakers that we took on picnics when I was a kid.  They were white towers shaped like the space needle and embossed with a gold "S" and "P" that flaked off over the years.  I really didn't like them at all, but I did like picnics, so I felt like my answer was true-ish.

We progressed around the circle, each person recounting their favorite juice pitcher bowl with a snap-on lid, until we got to one woman who said, "I don't have a favorite piece of tupperware."  And I immediately thought GRRRR!  WHY DIDN'T I SAY THAT? 

So, this brings me to my point.  I think.

I asked Ms. Jennio three random questions in order to plan her trip, because she's my second customer for the Fake Travel Agency, and I've been a little awestruck by one of her answers:   

What is your greatest extravagance?
Time. I spend time on people and interests like there's no limit to it. But - eek, Betsy, there IS. Time is runneth-ing away from me. And from everyone.

I've just been thinking about that for days now.  It was just such a surprising and lovely answer that I haven't even been able to do or think about much else.  Except for make a dumb zoetrope with the Patterson Video that didn't really turn out.  (Zoetropes are best viewed FAST, and Bigfoot, of course, moves slowly.  Possibly due to the big feet.)  

I looked into how various famous people answered that question (because it's from Vanity Fair's version of the Proust Questionnaire.) PS, I have learned how to pronounce Proust.)
Arthur Miller:  New York restaurants
Walter Matthau:  sweaters
Jack Lemon: cars
Dustin Hoffman:  disposable glasses
Joan Fontaine: a car just for her dogs

I can't even wrap this up in an interesting way.  Time.  Can you believe it?  Greatest extravagence = time.  I so wish I had thought of that.  It might be my New Year's resolution extravagence.

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Tick Tock


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