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You don’t sound different, I’ve learned the game

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The Harvey Weinstein debacle seems to have brought out the hypocrites and in-group graspers, call them what you will, virtue signallers seems to be the term de jour. Every time some mentally ill Twat blows himself up, we have profile pictures with opaque flags, prayers and candles. Grief junkies and trend monkeys post “let’s beat cancer” and some Fucking rare disease “awareness” posts that demand you share, or are you one of the minority of cunts who don’t care and just want to watch the world burn. Fuck you, It’s bullying made acceptable, because it’s a good cause. Yeah, it’s a good cause you’d never fucking heard of until someone on your timeline posted it ten seconds ago.

To a lesser extent these social media posts that share a warning or a scam, or a story about some vile twat who committed a crime somewhere, are intended to achieve the same end… the in group, the ones in the know. A quick check on Snopes usually pops the fucking bubble.

I’ll never be one of the friends who has the balls to share this… especially when it’s been co-opted by a far right group to spread racist rhetoric. At this time of year it’s usually a poppy or a picture of a soldier, with a nice and simple strap line like “I support our armed forces” with a fake pro Brexit story of refugees being given mansions… share if you think this is disgusting. These fascist shit bags don’t give a fuck about our armed forces, if they did they would remember the sacrifice they made to bring peace to Europe.

It’s easy to join the crowd, and it’s nice to be the first one to highlight an issue… but fucking hell, we’re turning it into a race to the bottom.

So, when Eminem starts lecturing on being decent, or an ex president responsible for children dying in the Middle East calls someone disgusting, I raise an eyebrow and would hope others do too.

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You don’t sound different, I’ve learned the game


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