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6 Cheaper and Cleaner Bachelor Party Ideas That Are Just as Fun

A man’s bachelor party is the climax of his unmarried state. It’s an opportunity for him to have great amusement with brothers and comrades as they burn the midnight oil. Indeed, what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas.

The Hangover film, which is the epitome of most Bachelor and bachelorette parties – booze, strippers, lap dancers, drugs, etc., vividly depict how it goes in the American setting. Below are some revealing statistics about such ostentatious parties:

  • 25% of men and 20% of women who were invited in Vegas celebrations admitted that in some capacity, the bride or groom-to-be was involved in a particular sexual activity (Source: PopSugar)
  • 1 in 3 grooms-to-be does something that is considered to be an act of cheating at their bachelor parties (Source: Men’s Health)
  • For every Vegas visitor, there’s a 35% chance that that person will be attending a bachelor(ette) party (Source: Statistic Brain)

Well, what’s the drawback of lavish parties for the groom-to-be?

First, it’s temptation. You’re likely to cheat when you have wide access to sexual invitations. Another major drawback is that it’s expensive. It seems customary for grooms-to-be to spend thousands of bucks for that single night.

If you’re someone who values faithfulness, and puts a premium on sound financial decisions, below are Bachelor Party Ideas for you, with less (almost none) guilt factor.

#1: The Classic Sports and Video Game Night

When’s the last time that you and your brothers played hoops, or perhaps baseball? Invite the gang to tie their shoelaces once more to rekindle that good, old feeling of camaraderie and bond. After sweating and having fun, you can answer for the chicken wings delivery from Buffalo Joe’s and energy sports drinks, right?

Estimated cost: $90-$95 for chicken wings package that can serve 24 people, $8.00 to refuel 12 players

After playing, you can even bring that NBA, NFL, or MLB love to your home or local arcade rooms by video gaming (e.g., PS4, Xbox, etc.) What a combination!

Estimated cost, $0 (if you own one at home), $5-$10 per hour for an arcade room

 #2: The Roast-Advice Circle

Now this is a Bachelor Party activity that won’t cost a dime, except for the laughter and ridicule you’ll surely get from your guests.

Your buddies just need to form a circle (on chairs or sitting on the floor), with you on the center. Now each one of them will share their funniest or most embarrassing memory of you. (e.g., when you soiled your pants on 5th grade, or when the neighbor’s dog bit your bottom and left a nasty blemish).

The light atmosphere will then be a bit serious when each of your friends relay their genuine life advices for you as you embark on the married life. Be sure to wipe away those manly tears, if any!

Estimated cost: Your image

#3: Bear Toast and Barbecue Grill in the Backyard

If you’re an avid fan of The Fast and The Furious series, you know what I’m talking about. The La Familia concept will surely be felt by everyone while toasting those beer bottles on top of table filled with grilled meats and vegetables, wishing for your marriage’s success.

Have guests bring a particular drink or side dish to the table to have a wide variety of munchers. Make sure that your good, old backyard grilling set is in good operating condition too.

Estimated cost: $37.50-$40 for 24 medium-sized beer bottles, $2.8-$3 for every 0.5 kg of ground beef, $4 for every 0.5 kg of boneless pork

#4: Rent a Beach House with Your Squad

Okay. For this one, it may not be ideal for you to answer the whole expense, so encourage everyone to save as early and chip in.

Nothing can be more reinvigorating than waking up on a lovely, sunny beach day with ample food, drinks, and games you packed with your friends ahead of the trip. It’s a time to get that much-needed sun graze and nature love, before you exchange vows with your soon-to-be wife.

In Destin, Florida, there’s an estimated 1,688 properties around, so if you’re resilient enough in finding the best deal, you can bargain and shove down the rental fee.

Estimated cost: Not so cheap but totally worth it

#5:  Wherever the Road Takes You

In terms of surprise factor, kidnapping the groom-to-be for an unprecedented road trip is one of the best. The less prepared you are, the more fun and thrill it brings. Your best buddies just have to be bright enough to plot this surprise.

Since majority of your party will be inside of one of your friend’s vehicle, don’t forget to bring passports and identification cards, just in case you invade the Canadian or Mexican border. Stack up on light beers, pizzas, and other on-the-go food too.

You can visit places you guys have never been as a squad, like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, or Lake Tahoe in the Californian Border. You can also visit your college or high school town to reminisce such great mementos.

Make sure that your music player is packed by your squad’s favorite and memorable songs, while taking pictures every now and then.

Estimated cost: Probably free (if it’s a surprise), or not

#6: The Classic Bachelor Breakfast

You’ll likely to be frowned upon by your friends if you take them to Susan’s or Matt’s Big Breakfast, not because the pancake isn’t great, but because it’s just odd to have a bachelor party on a Friday morning!

But actually, there’s a lot of upside to this setting:

  • You and your friends have greater energy reserves in the morning for more meaningful conversations.
  • You get to enjoy each other’s presence in a welcoming restaurant ambiance.
  • Not everyone has the guts to say ‘no’ to apple pies in the morning.

Also, it’s a great sign of fine aging on your side – no booze, no sexual vices – just good conversations and breakfast with your crew.

Estimated cost: $100-$150 for 10-15 breakfast invitees.

See? You don’t necessarily have to give in to temptations just to have fun! What you just need are the presence, love, and support from genuine friends who stayed with you through the good and bad. Just don’t forget to ask their gifts before they leave.

Happy marriage!

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6 Cheaper and Cleaner Bachelor Party Ideas That Are Just as Fun


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