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The Best Advice and Tips For Beginners in Clash Royale

If you haven't read my past posts on Clash Royale then here they are:

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Please check them out to have some background knowledge in you are new to Clash Royale, but if not.. the read on!!


After playing Clash Royale for a long period of time, I have collected some great advice and gained some experience from the game. I hope you try them out and become better than you are now. Here are 10 basic Clash Royale strategies, tips and advice:
  1. Always spend your gold and gems wisely. Gems are hard to attain, meanwhile gold can be commonly used, but save it to upgrade only the cards that you will use. From my experience, I used to upgrade anything that I could, in the end a lot of it was useless and a waste of gold.
  1. Open the most time consuming chest first before you go to sleep, or leave the game for a long period of time. This way when you return to the game, you will have no time wasted in opening chests.
  2. Keep your deck balanced and have a variety of Troops. Always have a well balanced and thought out deck, an equal amount of heavy, ranged, single target and splash damage troops. It wouldn't make sense to have a deck full of slow, but damage soaking heavy troops, because the opponent could destroy you by swarming.

  1. A little goes a long way. The best legendary or epic card may not be the best card in your deck. If you think that using all the best cards will make you do well, than think again. Simple, common and cheap cards can be very useful such as the Goblin Barrel.
  2. Use skeletons strategically. Skeletons are weak and easy to destroy, but when used with the right troops, it can cause a devastating blow. Skeleton armies are great when used with"tank" troops. A great combination is the skeleton army surrounding and protecting the hog rider.

  1. Wait for the opponent to attack first. Don't attack before your opponent even if your elixir is full, this way, too will be able to see what the enemy deploys and counter it accordingly. You will most likely wipe out the enemy's push (if countered properly) and attack with a push of your own. This leads to the next piece of advice.
  2. Never rush your attacks or spam cheap troops. Even the smallest troops should be placed with strategy. If your opponent does not respond to your attack, they are most likely waiting for elixir. Once they gain enough elixir for a certain troop, they may be able to destroy all the troops with a powerful counterattack.
  3. Gain knowledge of your own through videos of gameplay. Sometimes you have to see others do it before you do. Watching experienced players will trying out new decks and strategies can help you.
  4. Test out decks in the training arena before you use them in battle. You never want to find the disadvantages of your deck in the middle of a battle. Practice using new decks to learn its perks and weaknesses.
  5. Brew your own combination of spells and troops. Sometimes a single spell could change the whole game into your favour. A great spell and troop combination is the freeze spell with the goblin barrel. Even using the arrows on a skeleton army or minion horde could save you from losing trophies.

I hope these tips, advice and strategies helped you out in your Clash Royale gameplay! Visit the Clash Royale Wiki for more CR. Come back next time for more posts on this great game!!! Until next time on Oh Ya Fun Station!!

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The Best Advice and Tips For Beginners in Clash Royale


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