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Otherwise... · 12:45 20 Apr 2018
The new Tripura CM, Biplab Deb, is in the news. I haven’t gone through the news reports but only the headlines where he claims that the internet & satellites were already there in… Read More
Did You Know It? · 02:12 20 Apr 2018
While most people enjoy a sexual relationship in order to reproduce, there are several other benefits and interesting facts about the display of affection between two people. It’s an a… Read More
Ms. S · 19:49 18 Apr 2018
At the playground, she stood up for her friend. There was no fight. the other kid just wanted to play. At home, she stood up for her toy. She did not wish to share. At night, she stood up fo… Read More
Wife Nags Husband To Death
At Home Mom Probs · 16:08 17 Apr 2018
Sources confirmed the untimely death of local husband and father Brandon Chavez this past weekend. The cause of death is thought to be excessive nagging. The victim’s father told sourc… Read More
For Whom The Bell Tolls
No, Seriously... · 02:38 17 Apr 2018
My Mom has a bell that sits on a table in her family room. Last month my daughter was playing with it and my husband started saying “bring me my chair!” My daughter, of course, l… Read More
Getting Warmer ...
The Plastic Mancunia… · 19:09 16 Apr 2018
We live in an amazing period in human history, a time when huge leaps in technology and science have provided the human race with advances that could not even be imagined several hundred yea… Read More
Araujo Piscinas
Entre O Bem E O Maur… · 17:08 16 Apr 2018
Hoje, após ao almoço, passei em casa para resolver umas coisas e me deparei com uma cena muito fofa: um senhorzinho, por volta de uns 80 anos, saindo com um carro personalizado… Read More
Hebemus Librum!
Pensando Fuerte Y Cl… · 15:42 16 Apr 2018
En algún momento había que dar el salto y pasar de lo que fue un blog, aun libro impreso. Algunos dirán que es un retroceso, un paso atrás en la escala evolutiva… Read More
The Frictionary · 15:21 15 Apr 2018
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6846. Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt. (Robertson Davies)6847. That you have scarsdoes not meanyou are healed. (Positively Wyrde)6848… Read More
Thewritingdeputy | A… · 14:04 15 Apr 2018
I’m going to jail—federal prison to be exact. I got a call from the IRS the other day. The very stern and serious guy on the phone said they had issued a warrant for my arrest f… Read More
Beauty Bae · 05:00 15 Apr 2018
I’d like to see you try to find someone who’d love you more than I could/did, try. I prayed we’d sort out our differences. I vowed to support, honor, cherish, encourage and… Read More
Fanikatun Creative H… · 01:28 14 Apr 2018
UNQEX.COM is Malaysia’s first regulatory friendly cryptocurrency exchange. With vast amount of combined experience, collaboration with established partners with proven track records in… Read More