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Lolwot · 00:48 07 Jul 2022
Fantastic and impossible legends are born because people like to augment amazing stories so that they can be even more amazing. While so many of these incredible tales are complete fabricati… Read More
Lolwot · 00:48 07 Jul 2022
Ever get those pesky midnight cravings for something salty, sweet, or fatty? But who wants to drag themselves out of bed and trudge over to the nearest fast food joint to get their fix? Well… Read More
Lolwot · 00:37 07 Jul 2022
One things for sure; the internet is a fascinating place. It seems no matter what you need you chances are it’s for sale somewhere on the internet. Whether it’s a tapeworm, finge… Read More
Entre O Bem E O Maur… · 13:32 06 Jul 2022
 Qual o melhor comentário para essa notícia?- As pessoas faziam fila indiana para receber a dose- É o fim da picada- A culpa não é minha, é Del… Read More
Lolwot · 12:26 06 Jul 2022
The world is certainly filled with bizarre and random deaths, but it is also filled with stories of remarkable survivors. The following list comprises a handful of people who beat death when… Read More
Head Rambles | The R… · 12:16 06 Jul 2022
Today is a special little day for my family. I wrote about Grandson the Elder on this day last year. It’s hard to believe that it’s a year. In some ways it seems like a long time… Read More
Lolwot · 00:22 06 Jul 2022
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Dead men tell no tales. Separate the men from the boys. A good man is hard to find. The world seems to have no end of idioms about men and what it is… Read More
Lolwot · 00:14 06 Jul 2022
Hoarder shows on television are popular because many of the people watching them can relate to that need to have things in their home. Most of you know when to stop, when to throw something… Read More
Craziness At The Post Office
The Daily Droid · 20:40 05 Jul 2022
I went to our little South Freeport post office to pick up a package that had been delivered there. The guy ahead of me was hoping to mail a package, but apparently it was not to be. Our reg… Read More
Entre O Bem E O Maur… · 20:31 05 Jul 2022
Qual o melhor comentário?- É propaganda da LufTRANSA- AeroPORNO- Viracópulos- Alguém tem PISTA de quem foi?- Foi no Espaço KIDS Bengala- Foi uma Azul-eira… Read More
Entre O Bem E O Maur… · 20:28 05 Jul 2022
De uns meses pra cá, minha filha entrou numas de fazer vídeos e subir no You Tube. Os vídeos vão para a minha página, onde já tem alguns conte&uacut… Read More
Entre O Bem E O Maur… · 20:27 05 Jul 2022
 Minha filha, saindo da escola:- Papai, hoje aprendi sobre a família gato na aula de inglês. - Que legal. Quem tem na família?- O papai gato, a mamãe gato- Ma… Read More
Sohbet · 07:21 04 Jul 2022
Kocaeli sohbet odaları içerisinde, Kocaeli ilimizden, chat kanallarına giriş yapmış olan kullanıcılar ile etkileşime geçebilir, arkada&#… Read More
Summery Things
The Plastic Mancunia… · 15:36 03 Jul 2022
Welcome to South Manchester where the weather is warm and cloudy with sunny intervals. I’ve actually just been abroad for the first time since 2019. Mrs PM and I travelled to Estepona… Read More
The Frictionary · 15:18 03 Jul 2022
 Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:9046. Anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity. (Thomas Merton)9047. Marriage is two people solving problems that they wouldn't have… Read More
DERPY DARPA · 21:30 01 Jul 2022
I'm a by-product of plant-eating robots and mechanical elephants. k  5/7 do not recommend. ✓ 8 weird DARPA projects that make science fiction seem like real life… Read More
Cheers, The Billing Team
A Few Clowns Short · 20:53 01 Jul 2022
If you have any questions about this invoice, (some not toll free prefixed number) Toll-Free for help.Just got an email from "the billing team" at a software company that I thought might not… Read More