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The Resemblance Between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala

Folkes before understanding similarities between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala let’s talk in short about Mandala. What is Mandala? A Mandala in Sanskrit known as Mandala, basically a circle. It symbolizes spiritual and ritual token in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In case if we talk generally it is a diagram, geometric pattern or chart that represents a system of thought symbolically. It is a mark of wholeness, continuity, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life.

In-fact, many nationalities and communities like Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Native American Indians use Mandalas to assist with meditation and healing. To be more precise the mandala is present in all aspects of life, the Sun, the Moon, the earth and more evidently the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities.

Explication of Human Mandala and Printed Mandala

Now let me express about Human Mandala first. Human Mandala is nothing but a geometric pattern of joining together as a human network of affectionate intentions. Basically, it is created as a sacred geometric art with human bodies. Now coming to Printed Mandala.

One can easily create his own printed mandala carrying meaning for the person who is creating it. Designing your own mandalas can be both innovativeness and salubrious. It can be use for decoration purpose for example as a wall hanging painting that bear resemblance with human circular grid or Human Mandala. So let’s notice some of the similarities.

Prepossessing Connection

Let me put the prepossessing connection between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala is of beauty that is of great appeal. In-fact the variance in shape and pattern formations bring with them resolute artistic value. That explains why many designs like mandala wall hanging tapestry have found their way in many homes. Many homeowners buy mandala tapestry for the sole purpose of decorating and beautify either their home or office ambience. For printed mandala, divergent patterns are mingled to come up with distinctive and appealing formations.

The same swing is apparent in a human mandala pattern. Many people have come to concede and acknowledge the beauty that comes with this form of a mandala. It is a simple fact that human beings can come together to form different patterns in the absence of any design tool is without doubt emphatic. By keeping in mind the above points one can say that the artistic value associated with human mandala closely relates to the beauty linked to the printed mandalas.

Both are assist with Meditation

As stated earlier, mediation can be done through human mandala and printed mandala. Each and every circle has a center. So both mandala designs human and printed has energetic and powerful technique where centering is the main aim. Thus, creating a circle of energy. For example open your eyes and rotate them in a clockwise direction. This will centered your energies.

The symbolic representation of human and printed mandalas believed to help individuals focus inward because unlike any other geometric patters it has no hard edges or angles. And that is how both facilitates meditation and is used as trans-formative tool to assist with healing.

So it is incorrect to say that it has only been used to help people nail down their worries. This forms the foundation of roots thus a design of tree of life tapestry. In case you choose to design a mandala with color it will tap into your creativity without any need for artistic expertise. The exercise of coloring can sooth and nourish you. So, coloring mandalas is a great way to start using mandalas in your everyday life. The envision of some of these colored mandala designs has been used during meditations, especially for long hours.

Both are holy

Mandala means sacred or a holy circle. Both human and printed mandalas appear in the form of flowers, sun, moon etc. which appears in nature. To be honest with you both appear in architecture and are powerful tokens in culture throughout the world history. Infact Tibetan Buddhist monks and other communities all use mandalas as a way of evolving spiritual energy.

Moreover, before the natural selection of mandala art into decor and fashion, printed mandala designs were for divinity. The Hindus and native American Indians tried to put together the complexity and energy association of the universe in the forms of mandalas. For your information up to date, varied printed mandala designs are for the creation of sacred spaces and are only associated with spirituality.

The best example of creation of sacred spaces is Bohemian Wall Tapestry. The same is noticeable with the human mandala. The human mandala project particularly explains the holy nature of this practice when it comes to its pattern. Its creativity is such that a different state of mind and allows us to elevate quickly into Alpha waves. At Alpha wave point, it’s easier to learn new materials, change old habits. Let’s describe in other words, it’s an perfect state of mind to change situations involving our body.

When we read on holy topics we actually teach our mind and body a new consciousness. For example, in curing diabetes we have to teach our body to re-activate the pancreas (which is responsible for releasing the right amount of insulin to the body). If we practice anything new while gazing at a mandala, we see immediate results.

The final words: Making designs through human mandala and printed mandalas is type of a therapy. Both are very powerful combination for practitioners and users.It can actually color their fears away or color their inner strength. Infact they both suggest that the human patterns in circle and coloring the mandalas take you through practicing a meditation. Let me tell you that it brings out the artist within because printed mandalas is not like drawing a portrait, one does not need any unique qualifications and it’s possible for everyone to buy if not drawing it. I will like to close by saying that Mandalas can be design by individuals to mark their journeys through life. It can can also tell a story of where an individual has been.

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The Resemblance Between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala


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