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My experience living at 1 bedroom apartment and 2 big dogs in Long Island.

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Real Estate in Long Island NY

I always dreamed about finding homes for rent in Long Island but unfortunately they are expensive as a first class ticket to Hawaii. After searching for a few months I finally found a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in this location but I own two dogs!

The building allows pets but the problem is the space, not just for them but also for me! How can I deal with these two huge dogs and myself (This was kind of “Me, myself and Irene!”) and I had to find the way to solve it.

I love animals and thinking about giving my dogs away, its  not an option at all! Fortunately Real Estate in Long Island NY changed and most apartments for rent are allow pets , so when I moved I thought about the best way of making their life as happy as possible and fortunately I did!

So I will now give you 5 ideas of how to deal with these kinds  of situations as there are millions of people who own big animals and live in small places, so take a note!

  1. Train your dog in and out home-

One of the possibilities is to train your dog and practice with him some simpel  activities which does not require much space.

Give orders and make him be in constant activity moving in the same place! That added  a toy where he can play catch and fetch is the perfect combination!

So remember your dog can still get tired living in a small place!

  1. Take your dog for a walk trough Long Island cool landscapes-

Exercise is important, especially for big dogs who need to waste energy.

If you live near a park take him out and perhaps you can take advantage and exercise together! Using a bike is also an excellent idea, ride while your dog runs beside you! He will be  so exhausted when he finishes,  he would only want to get home and sleep!

So enjoy nature, loose calories and make your dog as happy as he can be!

  1. Eliminate dog smell from your apartment specially from bedroom-

This is something very common and owners usually get used to it and doesn´t realize it´s a problem until someone walks in and makes a disgusting face and tells you the truth (What a dog smell!).

Ok so how can we eliminate it? Bath your dog ( just ONCE a month is fine) with a special shampoo, make sure you totally dry him with a towel and comb its hair to prevent them form falling. Also it would be better if you do not allow them to get on the coaches or beds and it is very important to feed them with food of good quality.

Following these simple rules you will surely prevent your dogs from smelling bad.

  1. Prevent peeing indoors!

This must be the most difficult point and the most stressing. If your dogs are not yet obedient so as not to pee at your apartment take this into account: Don´t use chlorine or ammoniac for cleaning because that smell attracts dogs to pee.

Choose an area of your apartment where they can momentarily pee until they learn not to do so and put some newspapers on top of it. Change it once in a while and after they pee show them what they´ve done saying “No!” (without punishing) and take them out for a walk, that way they will know the place to pee is outside and not at home! Rewards are also a good strategy if they do  things correctly!

  1. Don´t let them bight (or even eat) your apartment´s furniture!

This is a problem, especially if you own puppies, they naturally eat and break everything! So how can you deal with this stuff? The choice you have to prevent this from happening is to turn your home into a “puppy-friendly” home, this means, try not to leave things at their fingertips, also until they become adults decorate your home with few ornaments and whenever they bite the chair´s or sofa´s legs, teach them no to do so, scolding them until they learn, but never, ever hit them!

So as you can see it is easy to own dogs while living at a small place, with love and dedication everything´s possible so just take into account these tips and prepare your home to receive your next Great Dane!

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My experience living at 1 bedroom apartment and 2 big dogs in Long Island.


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