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Why Is Champion 1500 Watt Generator The Most Trending Thing Now?

Champion 1500 Watt Generator Review

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Champion 1500 watt Generator a quality, light and affordable generator that deliver 1200 W of continuous power designed for use with a single plug for a 10 amperes rating of power. Below is a candid review that seeks to bring out the actual picture, and also compare it with other generators of similar specifications. The main purpose is to explore the features, pros and cons, comments customers and thereafter come up with a knowledgeable conclusion about champion generator 42436.

Key features and benefits of Champion 1500 Watt Generator

  • Power Output - Champion 1200 W portable generator is powered by gasoline, has an 80 cc Overhead Valve Engine (OHV) engine with cast iron sleeves to make it durable. Revolution per minute is (RPM) is 3600, a figure that tends to be typical for a generator of its size. The engine has a low oil shut-off sensor designed to protect the engine. Crankshaft oil’s capacity is 0.42 qts and utilizes SAE 10W-30. Trust champion 1500 watt generator to deliver 1200 W of electric power with a 1500 Watts surge.
  • Safety features - This 1500 watt portable generator provides oil guard, circuit breaker and spark arrestors. The low oil level shut off mechanism stops the engine whenever there is an inadequate oil supply. The spark arrestor feature prevents sparks from leaving through the exhaust. The circuit breaker, on the other hand, guards the engine against overloading. The generator has a bolt, slightly below the circuit breaker that acts as a grounding terminal. All these features render champion portable generator not only efficient but also safe.
  • Dimensions - Champion portable generator 1500 is 17.7 inches in Length by 14.8 inches High by 14.0 inches in width. It is exactly the size of ordinary ice cooler while at the same time weighs 56 lbs making it extremely light. These dimensions put this portable generator in line with other higher priced generators in the market. After adding the gas, its weight increases by a mere 8 to 9 lbs. such weight, champion 1500 is easily movable with a small number of folks and manageable for a single strong person.
  • Ease of use - This generator is very easy to use a feature that makes it a worthy investment. In just a small number of pulls, a user is able to have power supplied to their appliances. The generator is able to power most appliances. Note, though that a generator of its size cannot power all appliances at the same time. Should an emergency occur when you have it while such a size of generator is the only source of power, a user has to rotate through various devices to power them one at a time.

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Champion 1500 Watt Generator Feature

Pros and Cons of Using This Product


  • Portability - Champion 1200w generator is light, small and most importantly portable. Weighing in at a mere 56 lbs, this CARB compliant generator is relatively light compared to all its competitors. It features a 1.45 Gal fuel tank that delivers 10 running hours at half load. This generator’s model 42436 generators output dependable power enough for an ordinary home and for emergencies.
  • Warranty - 80cc champion generator comes with a warranty that covers its model 42436 generator with an impressive two-year limited warranty. To utilize this warranty, you must register the warranty with the generators within ten days of buying the generator. The warranty sufficiently covers the original buyer for replacement of parts should they be found defective as a result of material or even faulty workmanship.
  • Low noise levels - Besides champion 1500 watt generator’s compact size and portability, it is quieter compared to others of similar dimensions and specifications. It has a noise level of 65 dB for a neighbor who is 23 feet away. Note that such a noise level is lower than background noise and enables users to talk with each other in the vicinity of the generator while it is running.
  • High quality- The manufacturer of this generator is none other than Champion Power Equipment, a USA owned and operated company specializing in portable generators among other appliances. This company has its manufacturing firm in China and is known the world over to be committed to the manufacturer of high-quality products and outstanding customer service.


  • Frequent oil change - The generator set, to start with, needs refilling from time to time. It is usually done after every 100 hours or after a single session as directed by the care and maintenance schedule. Some brands need oil change after every 20 to 50 hours. Note that the first oil exchange for its model 42436 generators must be done using it for 5 hours.
  • Single outlet - A second outlet is the one improvement that seems to be long overdue to the design of champion 1500w generator. While having a single outlet makes sense since it discourages overuse, there are instances when the generator is used to power several appliances at a time and powering them directly would be much more convenient as opposed to powering through a series of interconnected cables.

Consumer Comments

This 1500 watt Champion generator achieved a notable rating overall with nearly 90 percent of customers predominantly expressing their contentment as a result of its fuel efficiency and ability to start easily. The following are particular aspects that appealed to some of the customers.

High performance coupled with excellent construction design appealed to one user the most. She was suppressed to realize that even after running it for five hours; it would still have low noise levels that she was able to maintain a conversation with other persons. She was also quick to remind all and sundry that there is still a huge sum of money to save when one opts to buy this reliable generator.

Another happy user admitted that even after being an industrial generator for decades, he found this high quality 1500 watt generator a necessity for work. He pointed out the fact that the generator is constructed from quality materials, cast iron sleeves and overhead valves besides the machine being machine aluminum as opposed to stamped steel. As if that is not enough, the generator has a double rubber mount to ensure zero vibrations.

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A champion 1500 watt generator run smoothly, quiet, light and sufficiently compact hence can fit in the booth of a car. It can supply 1200 W of continuous power and surge as high as 1500 W, making it the best champion for use in a RV, camping site or anywhere a little electric power is required. It can also serve as a backup power in homes during times of emergencies running the essentials enabling its user to remain indoors.

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Why Is Champion 1500 Watt Generator The Most Trending Thing Now?


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